@Absinthe It is non-intrusive on spacemacs and doom-macs. If you know the command you type it so quickly the help at the bottom never shows. If you dont know the command and stop half way through it shows after a few ms delay. So it only shows when its needed and even then doesnt really get in the way

@Absinthe What i like about vim is the keys are easy to remember, its why i like evil-mode flavors like spacemacs. The popup help as you type in spacemacs and doom-macs though is a clear winning feature for me

@Absinthe Actually last I checked in 2019 vim was still a pretty strong choice among developers. Checkout the stackoverflow survey it goes into some crazy detail.

@Absinthe yea Spacevim, but its far less popular. I've never done a real deep dive on vim or emacs until lately. So I'm really not sure what Vim would offer me that Emacs + Evil wouldnt.

IT curriculum should include way more ethics and social awareness

i find it very interesting that consent is mainly discussed within sexual scenarios

but i promise you need consent for any/every interaction online and offline. it’s not just for sex. it’s for hugs, for DMs, for flirting, for following, for collecting personal information too

just like. ask before doing things u giant doinks

exploiting intellectuals for my mathematical needs 

@Absinthe @yohanandiamond @l0wk3y The nicest thing about it is the CSP stuff, I think. It's also ruthlessly simple. Ken Thompson is involved, he has done a lot of the language design and a lot of the compiler.
@Absinthe @yohanandiamond @l0wk3y Oh, you might like rosettacode.org, then. It's full of problems like that, and if you are learning something less common, there will be some algorithms that you can implement pretty easily.

Oh, one thing, @Absinthe what programming language are you using for AoC? I was using Rust.

@Absinthe @p @l0wk3y I started late (on AdventOfCode) and did only one and a half day :P
I had to travel too, Internet was bad and I ended up losing motivation. I'll try to go back to it when I go back home.

@yohanandiamond C++ is, in my experience, not very enjoyable.

:dmr: C is very fun, though. :ken:
@Absinthe @yohanandiamond @l0wk3y That's fun! I think you could save some effort by putting "ones" and "teens" into the same array.
@Absinthe @yohanandiamond @l0wk3y Programming languages. :bwk:

When I do a programming language, I usually go with "Hello, World!", then 99 Bottles of Beer ( http://99-bottles-of-beer.net/abc.html ), then Project Euler #31 ( https://projecteuler.net/problem=31 ).

How popular/effective are straw bans? First thing, I saw a cool solution in Tahiti. They gave you a hollow raw pasta tube. Works way better than the paper ones.

OTOH, I just saw the latest Coca-Cola commercial. After the puffin opens the Cole with his beak the Polar bear gives him a plastic bendy straw. Forget that birds can't use straws because they have no lips. As soon as I saw it, I expected outcry and boycott and offence against coke. Still haven't heard anything.

Turns an analog input signal into a digital equivelant (same frequency but magnitude information is lost)
@radiofreqs @crunchy

@Absinthe I just found out about advent of code this year and it looks neat. I may try some of the challenges if I have the time. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out!

As long as I continue working on the I will not be posting a new

However, I encourage you all to give the a try. You don't have to do them all, though I would recommend doing them in order. You can even go back and do them from previous years.


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