@freemo Other than manually, is there a mathematical way to calculate the "clues" for the "Einstein" or "5 houses" style puzzle?


Even if you do not agree with my absolute disgust of most modern phone designs, you have to agree that they are not(and were not) designed for any other purpose than suiting and driving pop culture, in particular not designed for taking photos comfortably and reliably in extreme circumstances. The market is driven by people who buy the new shiny, without any consideration of utility. That's the main point of one minor sub-point you decided to focus on.

I don't see any deep rooted disagreement. In case my, perhaps, abrasive manner of writing is draining you emotionally, I apologize.


Vice dot com (a website that sends data back to Google, Facebook, and Segment, even if you don't have a Facebook account) reports that the Zoom iOS app sends data to Facebook even if you don’t have a Facebook account

Just saying:
In most US States and DC, and a whole bunch of countries it is ILLEGAL to be out in public wearing a mask.

Stay home, stay safe, stay alive.


Thoughts on the day...

So it would seem that there is a huge push to get girls/women/ladies/female persons into STEM and programming specifically. There are people working on "scholarships" or "free tickets to cons" and such for them as underrepresented class of persons. I am wondering the actual specific reasons? Is it because we have an actual shortage of programming persons? Or because this class of persons desires to be in programming, but is somehow being shut out? There doesn't necessarily seem to be lack for this class of persons in other STEM fields. Could it also be due to the fact that this class of persons is traditionally paid less than their boy/man/dude/male person counterpart performing the same job as an attempt to lower the cost to businesses employing such? I am curious of the pushes that are being done, because I never trust the motivation given for anything that affects so many aspects of something.

Without turning this into an essay, I want to raise a few more questions?
Does the industry gain anything in the field from diversity itself? Does a programming team benefit from having a person of a specific gender, race, religion, national origin <insert the rest of the eoe protected classes> from the fact that they are in fact a member of that class.
Should the industry and its players change itself, (customs, culture, mores, language, and so on) to allow for such integration, or would the marriage of such new culture to an existing culture naturally change it organically?
Is this done in other industries where they are made up lacking a certain class of person and strong encouragement, support etc. is made to interest, entice, or otherwise bring members of that lacking class into it?

I hope everyone is okay, and practicing social distancing.

Hot damn, Emacs hasn't ceased to amaze me yet. The more you figure out how it works, the more you realize how powerful it is. And I know I'm still just scratching the surface. Today, I'm executing my JS work and viewing/filtering my csv output, all with a few keystrokes inside Emacs. I've barely had to leave Emacs today. Just to do some web searches in Firefox (yes I know about ewww), and to post this status from toot tui.

Oh look ...
a Mastodon client ...
for Emacs...


I hope everyone is doing well. If your job gave you the ability to work from home, use this as an opportunity to show them how much more productive you can be without having to come into an office. Don't prove their fears that people they can't see aren't working. Silver lining might be more remote working positions... :)

So far we have over 500 companies that are either recommending or requiring employees to work from home.

What are the chances that companies will find increased productivity from people able to work from home, and not have to deal with commutes and death by meeting?

Or will people being given liberal work from home policies all of the sudden actually screw-off and not work (the management's fear/prevailing opinion/reason for not having more WFH situations up until now)?

There could be a silver lining, and perhaps companies would see that people would work even though you can't see their "butts in seats". One could hope.. :)

Harvey Weinstien sentenced today 23 years. 3 years for one count of rape, and 20 years for one count of "an illegal sexual act".

I am trying to imagine what an illegal sexual act is, such that it is 7 times worse than rape?

Who's Using with

I took it out and when I went to put it back in, I notice there are 65+ packages that start with Evil* I have put evil back in place. But do I want these others?

I now have #znc connecting with #sasl to #freenode and #oftc. Now to sort out authenticatimg #erc and #revolutionirc to znc with certs.

The North Charlotte Linux User Group #nocharlug now has a website: nocharlug.org and a channel on #freenode: #nocharlug.

@billstclair Hey, got that installed. Works pretty slick. I have a few semi-questions if you have some time.

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