Block me please!

Obviously, I am a very dangerous person. I ask questions to understand those who think differently from myself. I actually use some of the information I have gathered to help establish my opinions about things for which I don't have such already. If something doesn't make sense, I dig deeper to determine what I am seeing.

So yes, if what you believe is so brittle, and simply just uneducated repetition of rhetoric that you read off a pamphlet somewhere, then by all means, don't follow me. Block me. Please block me. But don't tell me about it. I don't need to know. I am not trying to change anyone's mind, or proselytize to some religious following.

I have no problem making friends with those I share differences of opinions. For years I have had many friends with whom I have had diametric opposition. If your world model doesn't allow for such things, then move on. There are plenty of people who want to live in an echo chamber with you.

So what's this common annoying kids party item called in Spanish then?
"Matasuegra" - literally: mother-in-law killer!

@Trumpublican mmhmm, sure. Reasonable Tranny = Nazi, whatever you say. The word Nazi means fuck all in modern times because people like you compare being reasonable to slaughtering Jews. If you ask me, that is very anti-semetic of you. Stop watering down the Halucoust you absolute 2 by 4.

Magdalen and I did not get along when she was alive. At the time we crossed paths online, my views were different, I was still unaware of what's been going on. I'll be looking through her content when I can with my current point of view.
In either case, my sincerest condolences to her family, friends, and fans.

Shame on the "trans" community for celebrating her death. I don't know my opinion of her views at the moment, it's been a long time, but I do know she wasn't out to destroy anyone. Her intent was to protect women's rights. Celebrating her death sends a clear message that reveals the true colors of the "trans" community.

I have always said, no matter one's views, the death of someone who wasn't actively attacking others is off limits. Have some decency, ffs.

Just finished watching Ode to Billy Joe. The language patterns in the verbal sparring between Billy Joe and Bobbie Lee were wonderfully delicious.

Some people asked me to share a lvery difficult yet simple logic puzzle that has stumped my friends. It is also my favorite interview question.

First off some background. The problem is not a trick question, as much as it may seem like one. There is no play on words, no hidden exception. Everything in this problem is exactly how it is presented and the answer doesn't rely on any slight of hand. Take this puzzle at face value.

Also **ALL ANSWERS NEED CONTENT WARNINGS** I do not want you spoiling it for others. This goes for questions and hints too.

Now on to the puzzle:

There is a room with 100 jars with lids on them all in a row. There is also a stack of papers, 100 papers each labeled 1 to 100. The papers are shuffled and one paper placed into each pot randomly.

You and your assistant are in an a joining room. Your assistant is allowed to enter the room, look in all 100 pots, and if they wish they can pick any 2 pots and switch the paper in them. They can only do this one time, they do not have to do this they can choose to also do nothing. At this point they leave the room, without talking to you.

Next, someone tells you a random number from 1 to 100. Your goal is to enter the room and open a pot tht has that number in it. You are allowed to open, at most, 50 of the pots.

Whatever process you use to open those pots must **guarantee** that by the time you open the 50th pot that the number you were given will be found. Obviously your assistant didn't know what the number is at any point.

What rules do you give your assistant, and what rules do you follow, to ensure you are successful?

@MutoShack @inditoot

I remember when I first started in computers the most common question (after can you fix my computer?) was "What is the best language to learn?"

Even as a C/C++ programmer I never felt comfortable suggestion a n00b start on such languages. Delphi/Pascal came to mind but wasn't as readily available.

Finally, I am comfortable making a recommendation. And like all my opinions, these are well reasoned, clearly thought out, and obviously 100% correct, and if you disagree, you are probably wrong about other things too :)

So my current answer is Python.

I am open to opinions and experiences. Discussion anyone?

selfie ec boosts +++ thirst replies only you godless heathens 

@georgia I don't believe that tusky hardblocks gab, just logging in. I use tusky on my phone and I am pretty sure I see posts from gab folks. I don't follow that many of them, but I thought I saw posts from them. I could be wrong, don't listen to a thing I say :)

Consider Subway Tooter as well. I used that for a while. but I liked tusky just fine. And it handles multiple instances. Subway tooter handles multiple instances at the same time without having to swap back and forth.

@Quinn glad I am not dating at this point on my life. Is that really a FB screen? It doesn't look as finished as most of their stuff? I guess you could just take all the meetings, and then query bout body parts or chromosomes to be sure.

@georgia I just looked. I searched for someone I know has a gab address. I can see the account, and I can see the person's toots. There is nothing recent enough to see it in my local feed, and my notifications have been cleared. But I am pretty sure it is fine. I think the only thing Tusky does is rickroll you if you try to use it to log into the gab instance. So unless you have a handle on a gab it shouldn't be a problem.

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