@freemo haven't looked at that one. I just as soon use my vim a little closer to to the bone. I try to keep the plugins to a minimum

@freemo I am pretty sure, there is not much you can do in one that you can't do in the other. Another one to look at is

ErgoEmacs ergoemacs.org/ and

Cream for Vim cream.sourceforge.net/

These kind of 'actually' made modernizing changes

@Absinthe It is non-intrusive on spacemacs and doom-macs. If you know the command you type it so quickly the help at the bottom never shows. If you dont know the command and stop half way through it shows after a few ms delay. So it only shows when its needed and even then doesnt really get in the way

@freemo yeah you can get that in vim. I have it setup to give me the linting and documentation data as I type in vim. I usually have that turned off and only let me know when I save. But, that is all available in both places.

@freemo in general popup help tends to be irritating. But that is me. I have hated it since VB3 or so. :) For most code that I type, I don't need pop-up help anyway. At least not constantly. But you can get popup stuff in vim if you like. And now you can get it asynchronously too.

@Absinthe What i like about vim is the keys are easy to remember, its why i like evil-mode flavors like spacemacs. The popup help as you type in spacemacs and doom-macs though is a clear winning feature for me

@freemo and, if you have to use Eclipse there is a plugin called Vrapper that makes the whole editing experience tolerable.

Another interesting thing is whether Vim people use Vim keys everywhere they can. Like vimperator in the browser, or 'set -o vi'on the bash command line and so forth.

@Absinthe Actually last I checked in 2019 vim was still a pretty strong choice among developers. Checkout the stackoverflow survey it goes into some crazy detail.

@freemo the ability to support African children :)

The biggest "offer' is its ubiquity but as resources become cheaper, I am sure there will start to be more default distros that come with Emacs by default.

I think the bigger deal is more people moving to SCITE or Electron based editors. More of the CUA/SAA than either Vim or Emacs. Or IDE's in general.

@Absinthe yea Spacevim, but its far less popular. I've never done a real deep dive on vim or emacs until lately. So I'm really not sure what Vim would offer me that Emacs + Evil wouldnt.

@freemo and there are also vim versions of the space layer stuff

@freemo I pretty much have Emacs + Evil running org mode all the time, and Vim is used for editing code.

@uint8_t that's because people have found it easier to advance that way, than by being good at their trade.

IT curriculum should include way more ethics and social awareness

@gingerrroot kind of makes spontaneity a think of the past. I just don't interact physically with people. No hugs, limited handshaking, and I only call cashiers "Darlin'" after they have clearly addressed me as 'Hon', 'Sugar', 'Dear', or 'Sweet tea' (or some other version).

Just don't do things. Much safer.

i find it very interesting that consent is mainly discussed within sexual scenarios

but i promise you need consent for any/every interaction online and offline. it’s not just for sex. it’s for hugs, for DMs, for flirting, for following, for collecting personal information too

just like. ask before doing things u giant doinks

@namark related processes help make new pathways in the brain. Thinking about one will help with "the way you think" and should help with the other consequently. At least that is my theory :0

exploiting intellectuals for my mathematical needs 

exploiting intellectuals for my mathematical needs 

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