Okay, I thought I came up with some good challenges and a fun freebie to go with them. I seem to be getting some followers, but not a lot of people trying them.

What kinds of things are you all interested in? I can find all sorts of things, many of them are math-y (statistics and things like that), or string management and still others require you be willing to handle things like differential equations.

If you mention what you might like I can either find some or make some up.

@Absinthe give it more time, please? I for one am a new coder. Set the problems in etherpads too is what I recommend.


@nergal I am grasping at straws so all suggestions are welcome. I am not sure what you mean on the "etherpads". Pretty much anyone can use whatever language and development environment they like. Or are you suggesting some kind of pair programming?

FWIW, I would be thrilled to see a new programmer maybe get half-way there and ask for some help. Sometimes walking a solution together can open some doors,

@Absinthe was for pushing the problems out. Instead of mastodon that is more a micro blogging platform than anything.

@nergal give me an example of how.. As it is, I am putting these here on Mastadon, as well at Twitter, and FB. But if there is a better way, help me set it up. But if it is too much trouble to set it up people won't bother.

@Absinthe you also have it on git. Great, if we would adopt the habit of git-email, -push, -pull.

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