Okay, I thought I came up with some good challenges and a fun freebie to go with them. I seem to be getting some followers, but not a lot of people trying them.

What kinds of things are you all interested in? I can find all sorts of things, many of them are math-y (statistics and things like that), or string management and still others require you be willing to handle things like differential equations.

If you mention what you might like I can either find some or make some up.

@Absinthe give it more time, please? I for one am a new coder. Set the problems in etherpads too is what I recommend.


@nergal I can go super simple like "Create a Program that accepts 2 numbers and returns the Sum" or "Reverse a string" or "Towers of hanoi" things like that. "Dice toss" or "Card Deck Shuffle" ... just looking for what 1. won't be too easy for those with some experience. 2. Won't be too hard for someone new 3. Be interesting enough that people will want to try it.

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