@Absinthe I think I’m missing out on some fun every time you post these, then I remember I’ve got a backlog of stuff that needs doing and I suppress the urge to go to the site. Unfinished work must beat procrastination if payments are to be made. Maybe if the site is still up later I’ll go and check it out

@binsrc the site will be there, I think you can even go back as far as 2015 and do those years also. Give it a shot, you will like it.

@binsrc I confirm this, I have solved a couple of puzzles from 2016 just a month ago 🙂 You have all the time! @Absinthe

@Absinthe Wow! I thought you already left for Tahiti, that's great! I was thinking about the Amiga while I was doing this (it had planar graphics instead of chunky) 😁
I finally solved part 2 of day 7 last night! Had to learn some OOP features and really go out of my comfort zone, but it was so worth it! I went to bed at 2 am, really tired but really happy! 😃

@JJFlash i am at the Denver airport, and do have a chrome book with me so perhaps I will do another too

@Absinthe I see! 😃 I'm starting now on Day 9, maybe you can start on it too? 😁

@Absinthe Yeeeeah! Same for me! Went to bed late again, but it's okay! 😁 Had to refactor the VM, and that damned relative mode...! But in the end I solved that in a decent way, I think...
Now to understand Day 10... 😳

@JJFlash I was working so late I had a == instead of = in my relative mode code for 2 hours. I am not 100% happy with the code now. I am passing a lot of things in and out that would be better off in a class or globalized or something. But for now it works. I saw what the next one is, and I am not ready what that is going to take. But I am trying to shift my sleep cycle for the time zone changes so we'll see if I get to do another one or not

@Absinthe = and == is one of the things that Freebasic/Quickbasic doesn't have, the assignment or compare operator is derived from context. I know that == has its advantages in other languages, but I still see it mainly as a nuisance 🙂
If it can be of any inspiration to improve your code, this is mine: github.com/JJFlash-IT/Advent_o
I feel the way I handled the various parameter modes to be a decent compromise; I'm self-taught so I'm not that sure, and I surely don't want to brag 😁

@Absinthe I was working on it on late hours as well, so maybe I understand what you mean... It's the desire to see it working NOW that tricks us into working tired and risking introducing bugs (it also happened to me) 🙂
Today's puzzle is still over my head, I think I'll skip it for now, or maybe I'll spoil it by looking for clues on Reddit, I don't know...
I should be happy that I managed to stay "synced" with the puzzles all these days, in the other editions I did worse...

@JJFlash funny thing, when I do C/C++ or other curly brace languages I usually put the literal on the left of the == so to say

if (0 == var )

But if you do that in Python the linters complain. Of course, that doesn't help with = ...

The new one, confuses me a little with what they are describing, and reading the examples didn't come up with the numbers in my mind that they were saying. I will have to read it more carefully while I am actually awake :)

@Absinthe "if (0 == var )" nice trick to intercept a single = put by mistake! Interesting!
I also learned what a linter is just now 😀 I don't see why it should complain, the order in which one specifies constants and variables in a compare expression shouldn't matter...
Day 10: I also couldn't figure out anything by looking at the examples, especially the one with the capital and lowercase letters... And also: should I use some form of pathfinding or not? 🤷‍♂️

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