This is for python, but could be easily tweaked for any other development system.

Your suggestions and opinions are appreciated.

If you like to do code kata and you like to use Vim, here is a script that will create your 2 starter files (<kataname>.py and test_<kataname>.py)

# kata, a script for starting up a new kata exercise
# Given a name for the kata the script will create 2
# files. One with the same name as the kata with '.py'
# extension added to the end and another named 'test_'
# followed by the kata name and '.py' extension. It will
# be opened in a 3 window layout of Vim with a vertical
# terminal to the left in which you can run 'pytest' or
# 'python -m unittest' or whatever appropriate runner
# you use.
# If these files don't alreay exist they will be created
# with an import , and basic docstrings.

if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
printf "Usage:\n\t $0 <kataname>\n"
exit 0

if [ ! -f "$" ]; then
printf '"""%s module."""\n\n' "$1" > "$"

if [ ! -f "test_$" ]; then
printf '"""Unit tests for %s module."""\n\n\n' "$1" > "test_$"
printf 'import %s\n\n' "$1" >> "test_$"

vim -c ':vert topleft term' -c 'wincmd p' -o "$" "test_$"

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