Ok, lets see how Mastodon goes for photo posts. Here's some brown tree frogs I found out near Mt Field yesterday. Been a while since I've used the macro. :D

@freemo Thanks for explaining how it works (I haven't paid any attention to that yet), and making a good argument for the choices made. :D

@copyme@mastodon.online @freemo

I like the optimisim. I wish you the best of luck, but in my experience, the chance of success at converting trolls is staggeringly small.

Just saw a huge meteor passing south of Hobart and exploding. Viewed from Kangaroo Bluff, visible from Mount Nelson to Droughty Point (and then it exploded). Around 20-30 degrees above the horizon.

I recently did a massive redesign of a 3d printed magnetic stirrer I designed a few years back. Here's a brief writeup showing what changed (and why) and the evolution of the design process. cartesiancreations.com.au/desi

Lovely work. Here's a couple of trials on my CoreXY (Custom 350x350x430). Rotated 45º. I think it's clear which print has had input shaping turned on. :D

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