I will start recruitment soon, but for now, I'm looking for
- a lab manager who will build the new lab with me (namely the central pillar of my Dresden lab)
- a postdoctoral fellow interested in comparing tissue mechanics of organoids across species.
Please reach out to me. 3/

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Hey everyone, I've put together a little wiki page that aggregates links on:
• How to Use Mastodon
• Tools for Leaving Twitter
• Lists of People on Twitter by Interest, Recommendation, or Verification
• Data About Mastodon


Researcher bias:

“Bias can neither be created nor destroyed; it may only be converted from one form to another!”

The “law of the conservation of bias,” as discussed in our recent article on the advantages of exploratory hypothesis testing (Rubin & Donkin, 2022).

Open access: doi.org/10.1080/09515089.2022.


Our group is hosting a Skin Imaging Symposium November 16th at UIC gathering experts from around the world.

Registration is free.

Interested? Here's a sign up link.


So... Any positions working with being advertised on Mastodon? I'm ready to science!

(Well-funded) Universities should run *open* #Fediverse, and currently specifically #Mastodon, instances. They have the resources (knowledge and hardware), they're non-profit, are largely independent, and to do so aligns with their educational mandate. Same for #Wikipedia, IMO.

My I'm a researcher in biomarkers and quantitative imaging, and I'm looking for an online community sharing interesting research in these and other fields. I've never been tenure track, but I'm ok with that.

I'm a fan of . I study from a Reconstructionist lens. And I'm in Indiana.

Signups are closed now on mstdn.social for now! Invites still work ofcourse so if you want your friends over that's still possible :cat_hug_triangle:

But since we've hit server cap limit at the moment it's a better choice to spread the load over other instances :blobcathearts: It's still the Fediverse so it doesn't really matter on what instance you are :fediverse:

It's official... #mastodon has now over 6 million registered accounts.

Congratulations @Gargon and the whole crew working on the code, congratulations to all admins who tirelessly help building this amazing network and congratulations to all new users.

Let's make sure they stay active by supporting them!

Oh and by the way if you want to support Eugen... please consider a donation 👉 patreon.com/mastodon


Can we get a #Scientist or #Science hashtag going to connect? 🙂 In case you're doing science let me know and I'll follow, I try to (re)build my nice, diverse science feed I have on Twitter.

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