Time for a Board Meeting of the Jonathan F. Reichert Foundation, an ambitious non-profit working to establish programs and grants for hands-on instructional laboratories in physics, beyond the first year of university jfreichertfoundation.org

In preparation for tomorrow’s celebration of Illinois Wesleyan’s annual “Nerd Shirt Day,” today I am wearing a shirt from the SPIE national organization, featuring a shark with “firkin’ lasers on its head!”

Please share these (4) job announcements at Illinois Wesleyan (a nice, small, undergraduate-only institution). We have (2) tenure-track openings in Physics and (2) tenure-track openings in Chemistry: iwu.edu/human-resources/job-op

Join us! Here's a link to the web page listing current jobs at IWU: iwu.edu/human-resources/job-op

During this academic year, Illinois Wesleyan University is searching for TWO (yes, 2!) tenure-track Physics faculty members, who will begin their appointments in Fall, 2024. Bring a friend! iwu.edu/human-resources/job-op

We are still soliciting applications for the (2) tenure track positions! (The visiting positions for this Fall have now been filled.)

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Who should you nominate, to be recognized for contributions to our community? aapt.org/programs/awards/

Help spread the word! We have approval to search for (2) tenure-line hires, and (2) visiting professors, for the Illinois Wesleyan Physics Department. It's a nice community to join! iwu.edu/human-resources/job-op

Through our Concentration in Optics & Photonics, we’re preparing students to develop this future:

AAPT Early Bird Rate ends in six days! Join us in Sacramento! (P.S., if you'd like take the train, the Amtrak station is a few blocks away from the conference hotels, which are the Sheraton Sacramento or Hyatt Regency Sacramento) aapt.org/Conferences/SM2023/re

I highly recommend this community of physics lab instructors "Beyond the First Year" of university

The extended deadline is TOMORROW (April 21)

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This is going to be an incredible lead-in satellite conference to AAPT-SM23 advlab.org/page-18230

...By April 14 (which is SOON!), please let us know of something useful that you could share with others: aapt.org/Conferences/SM2023/Ca

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If your dissertation have been read by less than 10 people, you either didn't care for people to read it (which is legitimate, but then you shouldn't complain), or something has gone VERY wrong.
While it is rare to read one cover-to-cover, a well written PhD thesis is a great place where to start learning a new topic, or to check some very technical details you don't remember anymore.

In the photo: my personal collection of PhD theses. A few from my group, but most of them are from people in other groups sending me their thesis.
I love receiving PhD theses 🥰

#Academia #PhD #PhDChat

We continue to accept abstracts, for the 20th-anniversary OTOM, but time for doing so is drawing QUITE short. Please upload yours ASAP!

Abstracts for our conference on Optical Trapping & Optical Micromanipulation (part of the SPIE Optics + Photonics Meeting) can still be uploaded at: spie.org/OP23N/conferencedetai

I've been a dues-paying member of the national AAPT for more than thirty years. It has mattered enormously. All of us, together, make a difference aapt.org/Membership/index.cfm

Registration is limited to 150 attendees: note that this is a satellite meeting of AAPT-SM23

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