I apologize that I have not posted on here in awhile. I have been frustrated with the mobile apps, both the regular one and IceCubes, because, among other things, they are so slow and cumbersome that search doesn't really work.

I still don't know if that is specific to being on a small server like , though. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to get that information.

It was a minor shock to me when Threads came out how heavily the userbase chanted for a good desktop interface. My usage patterns are the exact opposite-- sitting down at a PC is a brief weekend luxury competing for other usages of time, but my phone is always with me through every wait and break. Threads prioritizing a frictionless phone app was a huge deal for me.

And of course, with their momentum there came the familiar surges of hope that this would finally be the shift in network effects we need to replace Xitter for good.

But as I renewed my self-appointed role of nagging my favorite Xitter accounts to cross-post, I realized I've been a hypocrite. If it's so easy to cross-post for the benefit of non-Nazi sites, shouldn't I practice the same in cross-posting some of my posts from Threads back to Masotodon? So I'm going to backfill some selected posts and see how that goes.

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