#Florida is a #fascist, #racist state.

The #CollegeBoard Strips Down Its A.P. Curriculum for #AfricanAmerican Studies

After criticism from Gov. Ron #DeSantis of Florida, the official course looks different: No more #CriticalRaceTheory, and the study of contemporary topics — like #BlackLivesMatter — is optional.


So the College Board legit had The Audacity to tweet this out today, after it came out that they had caved to DeSantis and completely neutered the AP African American History course. #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackMastodon #CollegeBoard #APAAHistory

I am once again asking news , ESPECIALLY paywalled news media, to take more responsibility for your headlines and quit contributing to making the world a worse place.

Instead of: no one wants to work anymore. Try: no one wants to be exploited anymore.

When you’re even passingly familiar with the standards deployed military holds themselves to, even along hostile borders or in combat zones, so many police show themselves to be sorely lacking.

Joyce Vance notes that as Black History Month begins Feb. 1, schools in Hoover, Alabama, are cancelling Black History Month because a parent complained that it included a visit to schools by author Derrick Barnes to discuss his book I Am Every Good Thing. Barnes has won Newbery and Caldecott awards for his children's books featuring Black children.

#racism #BookBans #BlackHistoryMonth


Evergreen reminder that was never enacted into law, isn’t in the constitution anywhere, and isn’t part of the originalist tradition, either. It was literally just made up by the Supreme Court— in the Civil Rights Era. And it only developed into its modern form where the officer has no requirement to be reasonable or even acting in good faith in the EIGHTIES. The modern regime is younger than I am. We can and have functioned fine without it.

The Supreme Court is lighting its reputation on fire.

BREAKING: The Court's "independent" validator has secretly been paid more than $1 million by the Court


Jamison Foster writes,

“Cheetoff, a longtime Republican insider who has secretly been paid at least $1 million by the Supreme Court, is the “independent” expert the Court turned to in order to vouch for an investigation in which the Court gave its Justices special treatment. Yikes.”

#SupremeCourt #integrity #ethics



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