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Bandage that stops bleeding in one minute! An "anti-bleeding" fabric made from shrimp shells is saving thousands of lives in Ukraine. The bandages are coated with chitosan from shrimps that can stem bleeding by forming clots.

#BigTech #Layoffs #Capitalism: "These layoffs have nothing to do with "trimming the fat" or correcting the hiring excesses of the lockdown. They're a project to transfer value from workers, customers and users to shareholders. Google's layoff of 12,000 workers followed fast on the heels of gargantuan stock buyback where the company pissed away enough money to pay those 12,000 salaries…for the next 27 years.

The equation is simple: the more companies invest in maintenance, research, development, moderation, anti-fraud, customer service and all the other essential functions of the business, the less money there is to remit to people who do nothing and own everything."

As you walk down a trail, use a stick to make first contact with potential webs, unless you prefer using your face. Do what feels right.

Ed Pilkington notes that as public confidence in the Supreme Court falls to record lows — 40% now — the Supremes have quite the ethics problem on their hands, but are not addressing it:

"The chief justice, John Roberts, has insisted that the top court has no need to adopt an ethics code because 'every justice seeks to follow high ethical standards'."

#SupremeCourt #ethics

Another amazing thread from BadBalticTakes on an astonishing slice of when a quarter of the populations of , , and formed a continuous 670km human chain, the , denouncing both and ideologies and demanding .

Start here:

Amazing article in Washington Post today - data from a massive survey of trans adults, no political invective, that just lets us talk about our LIVES

Enjoy this gift link

Ok experts, is there a reason there are some accounts I can like but not ret- uh, boost? For example, I convinced a great Twitter follow to start posting on here again but now I can’t promote all his toots anyway, only star them. And I’ve run into it a few times on other accounts, as well. Is it a particular setting or what?

Jonah's wife listening to him explain that he's been inside a whale for 3 days.

Susie Dent © @susie_dent
Word of the day is 'latibulate' (17th century): to hide in a corner in an attempt to escape reality.

a mierac
ok well we're bringing that back obviously

Would like to hear from both within and outside the community about something that upsets me: I hate seeing REEEEEEE as mockery every time I’ve seen it over the years. It comes across like an ugly stereotype, and even at best it’s mocking the target for being overwhelmed by distress over something.

But I haven’t come across anyone else trying to shut that down, the way using the word retard is now unacceptable. Am I overreacting for calling people out over this?

/2 I find myself increasing alienated from a “free speech community” that seems primarily concerned not with those legal and procedural safeguards, but with the notion that when Amy Wax says our country should have fewer people who look like my children, that our predominant concern should be that nobody say anything that might make people feel uncomfortable or self-conscious saying things like that.

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#Debirdify has been suspended by Twitter without warning or explanation. Apparently it violated ‘Twitter rules and policies’, but that is all they told us.

We contacted Twitter support about the situation, but we are not particularly optimistic.

We always knew this could happen; it happened to other services in the past, so we are neither particularly surprised nor sad about it.

In the mean time, Fedifinder still works:

Use it while you still can!

So what’s the prediction?

Minimising energy use is critical for any animal to survive, so given a ship, why wouldn't a bird hitch a ride?

"Birds are often unexpected stowaways on ships around the world. ... The phenomenon has a name: ship-assisted migration. "

But this disconcerting story from Hakai magazine begs a lot of questions about whether there's any species on the planet entirely untouched by our influence. And that gives us a LOT of responsibility.
#birds #migration #ships


You know, I think you are right. The connective adverbs (first, second, third, finally) are a dead give away. The structure feels AI driven too.

Harvard and MIT have a thing called GLTR for AI writing detection:

I have attached photos of your writing and the article run through GLTR.

I know this because I am a high school English teacher. So, the answer to your question is yes. AI generated text is going to be common.

I also included a screenshot from a popular AI detector.

I'm surprised the content failed, because people think Google is starting to rank websites by their AI content with human written content at the top. This website would live or die by it's SEO.

So, welcome to my world. Writing samples, rough drafts, and paper conferences were important before, and existentially vital to the teaching of writing now.


Trump filed a 400+ page motion in Fulton County.

He doesn't want the jury report made public (good luck with that. Georgia law allows for the report to be made public.)

Apparently he wants the prosecutor recused.

Me = 😂

Most defendants want the prosecutor recused.

He starts by calling himself "President Trump."

He did this in the special master case as well. He called himself "president" and the court called him "plaintiff."


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