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#Eggwhites can be transformed into a material capable of #filtering #microplastics from #seawater Sehmus Ozden et al, Egg protein derived ultralightweight hybrid monolithic aerogel for #waterpurification, Materials Today (2022). DOI: 10.1016/j.mattod.2022.08.001

@Brad_Rosenheim your poll does not cover all options.

I believe the Hersh article has been thoroughly debunked, almost to the point that I wonder if the US fed him a bunch of BS specifically to discredit the otherwise obvious idea that we were behind it. So no, I don’t think he needs any more ink.

However, I think it’s still an open question who was. I have yet to find anything that convinces me to a degree of reasonable certainty.

The intel report tells us less than you’d think. The perpetrators were pro-Ukrainian almost by definition— but who WERE they? Who knew about them, who was funding them, what information did they have access to. The intel report doesn’t even know what country they were from. Not much to argue about there.

As Rail Profits Soar, Blocked Crossings Force Kids to Crawl Under Trains to Get to School

When crossings are blocked for hours, kids risk their lives to get to school by crawling through trains that could start at any moment.

Ambulances and fire trucks can’t get through. The problem has existed for decades. But it’s getting worse.

#Railroad #Safety #Kids #Rail #School

"'It is a live, on-the-wall anthology that is not duplicated anywhere in the country, as far as we know, where writing is treated as being just as important as any other art form.'" If it goes, thank the Republican 2024 convention?

11,339,168 accounts
+1,348 in the last hour
+26,338 in the last day
+219,314 in the last week

Darrell Night, who exposed Canada police freezing deaths scandal, dies at 56
Cree man helped reveal practice of ‘starlight tours’ in which Saskatoon police drove Indigenous people out of city and abandoned them in sub-zero temperatures. #cdnpoli

Years of legal work & advocacy later, Lyft & Uber drivers are *still* refusing rides to blind customers with service animals and the companies are *still* maintaining it's not really their responsibility—this time the blind rider just happened to be a senior judge in DC, so the Washington Post picked up the story: "A federal judge was refused a Lyft ride with his guide dog. He’s not alone."

#disability #law

@bulwarkonline there’s no need to explain a steady rise with a singular event in the center of it when Occam’s Razor provides such a targeted explanation why those two programs *exclusively* have growing support in the GOP starting before Trump— the right is aging. Boomers are hitting retirement age about now and swelling the ranks of conservatives concerned about their financial security. Thus the gulf between age-qualified programs versus food stamps, student loan relief, etc.

@realcaseyrollins @icedquinn it can’t happen. I hate to be so blunt, but the kinds of people that are still watching Tucker Carlson in 2023… will not accept a host that is Jewish *and* mainstream to deliver their anti-media conspiracy fodder, to say nothing of the more toxic messages. yup, was just seeing that as well. Weird how that lined up.

@freemo per the stories just coming out, they have “agreed to part ways,” and I’m sure the terms were heavily negotiated, but it defies credibility that there was no pressure from Fox to do so.

And this was what Republican FEC commissioners did with every credible complaint filed against Trump. Even in the two dozen instances where the FEC's nonpartisan lawyers found reason to believe a violation occurred

OMG. A bill that’s passed the Tennessee legislature encourages students to report professors teaching “divisive concepts” (i.e., race) & requires universities to publish 3 years of course grades & to see whether divisive concepts “affected learning outcomes”give students’ entering test scores & graduating GPAs, “disaggregating underserved minority students.” In other words, if minority students’ GPAs are above their entering stats, it must be bc of biased profs #HigherEd

WPLN: “Tennessee’s two largest cities, Nashville and Memphis, have been running independent, civilian-led boards to investigate police misconduct allegations... On Thursday, the state legislature voted to abolish the groups.”


A US sheriff has become an instant hero after laying down the law against a group of neo-Nazis terrorising the Jewish community in his local area.

Florida Sheriff Mike Chitwood, from Volusia County, near Orlando, is on a mission to drive far-right extremists out of the area in a series of public take-downs of the Goyim Defence League (GDL) and its sympathisers.
#News #GOP #Politics #USA

“Over 19,000 children have been de facto abducted from the occupied territories and sent to #Russia since last February, according to a #Ukrainian national database. Only 361 children have been brought back to #Ukraine as of April 21.”

The mouse that roared: how a little Australian website stared down Murdoch’s mighty News Corp

Incensed by an opinion piece, Lachlan Murdoch came at Crikey with guns blazing. But in the end he walked away – for the second time in a week

#murdoch #dominion #FoxNews #fascism #news #lies

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