My @matrix #Synapse home server is running for more than 1 year and a half on my @PINE64 #Quartz64 board without any issue.
It was initially supposed to be just an experiment, but it worked so well that I continued to use it until now!

Today, I decided to move it to a cloud server to make the maintenance easier, and to solve some issues on my home network (the Matrix traffic seem to overwhelm my poor little router).

Meet me on !

@JF @matrix @PINE64 glad to hear that! do u have any bridges setup on the pine? I used to host a matrix server but it was pretty heavy with few bridges, wanna know whats ur experience

@colgrave @matrix @PINE64 I haven't tried any bridge yet, unfortunately.

But maybe I should? Are those bridges working well for discord and Telegram?


@JF @colgrave @matrix @PINE64 I mean despite being a ToS nightmare to deal with and the spam, Gammie did a really good job. Element has a spam problem in general and the crowd it attracts doesn't like the safe space Discord crybabies.

Considering that he has the services running on something like a co-op server farm in his area, it's really good. Like he's making use of a local business and it's pretty wholesome. It does lag a little bit but that's probably on Discord's end. The kind of thing they would do when they see that they can't mine as much data.

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