the mechanical hard drives i use for archival in my desktop tower from 2015 feel absolutely ancient sitting next to the tiny silent Mac Mini sitting on my desk.

@freemo From what I understand, there are entire law firms that make their living sending bogus legal threats to people to take down reviews. Most folks don't lawyer up like me... they just fold. And once you delete a seller review on Amazon, it's permanent. You can't re-post or edit. So, these firms sell subscription packages to sellers. "Have a bad review? Let us know, we'll send a scary threat."

It's scum work, but there are apparently plenty of lawyers willing to abuse the law to make money 🤷‍♂️

You have to love it Soros group bails out shooters to shoot in safe spaces for them over and over.

Gun control is population control. It’s basically like they’re hiring people to kill people and remove the ability of people to defend themselves. How else should you take that?

Oh, I gave up working on audio systems for a living years ago. I was just making fun of this streaming service.


In the dark and close up I am superior yea, but i dont have superior dark vision in general.


Fine Specimens by : Bagged & Tagged ... See you at Hackware Singapore! (Thu 7 Dec)

Free Registration:

@AmpBenzScientist It is a universal physical law of the universe.

If we ever meet aliens I garuntee you their wise men are also random aliens peekling alien apples by alien lakes.

Puff the magic dragon: A song about a little kid who smoked weed and as he got older he stopped smoking and his dragon friend commited suicide.

The moral of the story: never stop smoking weed or your murder dragons!


Im all for handing out free guns to the homeless... not sure it will solve any problems but it will certainly piss off the liberals, and that alone is worth it :)

@DrBonesMD @GW


20/10 vision would mean quite horrible near sightedness.

While there is such a thing as objectively bad vision (such as an astigma) when it comes to normal shaped lenses that are out of focus there really is no such thing as "better and worse"... those kids with 20/10 vision would be completely unable to use my computer at the resoution I use.

I use QHD/UHD monitors at full resolution with no zoom. Virtually every normal sighted person says "how can you see that" to which I reply "rather easily".

You can only shift the natural focal point, it is never an improvement it is a tradeoff every time.


All of my most prolific chance encounters have been with old dudes alone by a lake peeling an apple.

One such incident I recall and I still use his knowledge to this day. Never dont not listen to an old dude in the woods, they are wise as fuck :)

if i ask for information about a news event, don't send me a damned opinion piece. let me see what happened. i'll form my own opinion.

Wait, what?

Cygwin can detect my tape drive and put it to /dev/st0?

Now I'm going to read the 9th chapter of tar manual.

After that last solar flare maybe I should look into an underground air-gapped server room.

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