I'm listening to Promo - The Betrayal as it just came on. Holy cow.

@thor Do you think that you could review IoT devices for businesses? It would make you a consulting business but it is an area where people are needed. Companies get sold poor quality devices for a lot of money. Reviewing samples for quality, reliability, interoperability and value should be a profitable business and a good service.

Why did I have my training models on my Arch Linux machine? I'm really tired of dealing with Arch, Debian isn't up to my standards and RHEL is underwhelming to me. I guess it's time to go back to Gentoo.

I've heard good things about using niacin and melatonin for helping with the side effects of the Covid vaccines.

Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon is hiring a tenure-track faculty member in the mathematical sciences.


Please boost.

A storm took out my electricity for around 24 hours. It brought back some good memories and made me question what I would do without water. It cut off the water supply for 24 hours too.

I was working on a project and my OS died. I still managed to get through my list of tasks. A productive day is now finished near dawn.

I promised that I would get HSK 1 Certification a few years ago and I don't intend on breaking the promise.

I just started back on my ADHD meds after a 3 week break. It's always shocking to see the difference it makes in my life.

Should I...
A) Brush up on my Chinese (Simplified, I make no pretences).

B) Do something with Mathematics.

C) Do some Reversing so I can make a very little exploit...it's for good.

D) Do indepth research into a problem that I am encountering.

E) Do all the above.

How could C++ offer Memory Safety?
Atlas Shrugged.

I was really depressed for the last two days because I left my ring on the lawn and the crows stole it BC shiny. It's irreplaceable and Akkas gave it to me two years ago so I was devastated. I dredged the pond and used a metal detector all over the lawn but it was gone. But today I cooked the crows bacon in the morning and this afternoon it was returned RIGHT WHERE I LEFT THE BACON!!!!!

Sometimes life takes a strange turn and one is merely strapped in for the ride.

Happy solstice!

(As of about 6 hours ago...)

(Image from wikipedia commons, public domain)

Image not to scale. 🙂

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