Zastava Yugo, because you can't have hot ladies in an RTX 3080. Everybody needs a Yugo sometime.

The Lada, Scoda and Yugo were completely different cars. Something... something...Capitalism.

Beginning the programming after a long drafting of what would be included into the first build. Python, C, Cpp, Rust and Java will likely be the languages used.

A very unique tool is coming.

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Based on recent experiences in RE, I've come to the conclusion that what's currently available is not sufficient. A project is already underway to bring a more powerful tool into existence. It's still in the early stages of development with no ETA.

Maybe it will go well.

@AmpBenzScientist yes yes, and then go back in time and pour some drain cleaner on baby hitler to save the world... wtf are you even talking about agent 47?! are you gonna share your sexual fantasies with us next?

@freemo @trinsec

New Mastodon user here; I love its concept. I'm still trying to get the hang of its federated stuff

Listening to Voodoo Ray always ignites something inside me.

"In this research, we explore whether is, in fact, being used to
ensure memory safety and avoid concurrency bugs"


Suprisingly I agree with you.

For me the general rule should be that any weapon the US military, national guard, or police force is able to wield on US soil for use against its own citizens should likewise be permitted by the general population.

@namark @trinsec @ademan

I forgot how well my Stick V performs. I plugged it in a computer to get hardware information through the shell. It was pointed at a television and it started to glitch or so I thought. The little camera was detecting 4 faces and following them.

So apparently this place I'm getting breakfast from has an 8$ drink... and it wont even give me delusions of grandeur... I miss the good old days when 8$ would get get you drunk with an 8ball of coke and hookers tit to snort it off to spare. I guess I'll have to settle for this 8$ fermented cabbage kombucha drink instead.

Doctors: We have come a long way, Just one generation ago we were giving cocaine out like it was the cure for everything, even the common cold!

Also doctors: Your kid is having trouble in school huh? Have you tried giving him some meth?

@lupyuen I was worried for a moment that I had only followed in someone else's footsteps. To the best of my knowledge I was the only person who reversed the blobs as far as I did. I'm just glad that my code is similar to the source code. It should make work easier for developers.

@lupyuen I have all the new code in my github as tar.gz files.

I got all but about 6 of the blob object files as C code. The quality is much better but I'm still working on getting a complete code base. I think I can get the errors fixed in a couple of days and have it all up.

@PawelK John seems to be in a downward spiral. I'm rather glad that I didn't meet him.

@lupyuen @freemo It Disassembles and Decompiles cleanly. :3 I didn't expect this to work that well. :blobcatboo:

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