@lupyuen @freemo It Disassembles and Decompiles cleanly. :3 I didn't expect this to work that well. :blobcatboo:

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@AmpBenzScientist @freemo Nice! I'm starting to read your reverse-engineered code. I'll be writing about my findings

After a 3 month long obsession I have found information that should help me finish what I started. I just need to do some tedious work before I can finish it. I will release my work when I can.

@freemo Have you considered an Aiyara Cluster? They are good for big data (perhaps not much else).

It's beautiful and who can honestly say that altered consciousness is a bad thing?

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The sky was mango and has shifted to a color reminiscent of Passiflora Incarnata which is in bloom here.

Just got excited about an internship with RISC-V and discovered that every position is filled.

@lupyuen Any requests for what I unload Ghidra on for the BL602? Also what code suits your work better? And yes you do get priority code before Pine.

I'm not going to get vaccinated against Covid-19. (I had a Pharmacologist tell me that I couldn't get the vaccine because I had Covid-19 within the past 60 days. I have antibodies and that would increase my risk of a severe reaction to the vaccine. It was 14 months after I got it the first time that I contracted it again. :/ I think my body can do a better job than this vaccine. With that being said, Covid-19 sucks and eventhough the second time was not as bad, I don't want the weird stomach flu that makes it hurt to breathe again.)

@lupyuen I might be able to get some better code uploaded soon. The existing code was uncovered within about a week of work. The past two months have been focused on Ghidra and getting better quality code.

I'm still working on the quality of the code and it's coming along slowly. Perhaps it will be near the weekend before it gets uploaded.

I discovered that the processor I was implementing in Ghidra was already implemented. RV32GC is rv32imafc in Ghidra and it was near the end of implementing the instruction set that I found it in a line of text.

Going to find the instruction sets and try to import them with Sleigh Dev.

So the issue with Gradle has already been fixed and now I have to download and rebuild.

@PawelK Thanks for introducing me to some very impressive people. We seem to have a budding relationship.

Working on Ghidra 10 Dev in the endeavour to make the BL602 work with only open source code. The initial results were better than expected. I have reached the point where it has become apparent that I will now need to work on Ghidra to get better results. I have seen perfect C code for the first time so that is very promising.

@FroehlichMarcel Is your background a subset of the Mandelbrot Set? I was surprised to learn that the Julia Set is a subset of the Mandelbrot Set.

I'm planning on getting back to the BL602 and making my own programs. I will also likely be double checking my code on github to make sure that it compiles correctly.

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