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To this extent I'm really interested to know how the age breakdown of people on the #Fediverse. On one hand it would seem to make sense to me that most people here remember the "old internet" before the centralization and they're here to rekindle that flame of independence. On the other hand the youths are generally pretty up on this whole technology thing. I grew up on the internet and since then smartphones have become even more ubiquitous.

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Now that I have moved instances, time for a re-introduction! I am a #LawProf at #McGillUniversity where I teach & research #IntellectualProperty #patents #innovation #trade #GlobalHealth using #transdisciplinary methods (qualitative & quantitative). I have a particular passion for how #OpenScience partnerships contribute to innovation, such as in areas of #MarketFailure like #PandemicPrepareness #AMR, #RareDiseases & #PediatricDieseases

Doing another #introduction!

I'm a #researcher that uses #ethnographic methods to explore human experiences with emerging #technologies, often forms of #AI, like #robots or #VUI. I'm in a sub-field of #psychology that looks at how people #create & #learn & make #artifacts & am also rooted in #film #theory.

To me #AI is a #communication medium & a #storytelling device. I'm interested in the stories people tell about their #emotional relationships with #tech.

#UXR #ethics #SciFi #culture

at this point I entirely belive that discord isn't just passively annoying to people who use it, but actively harmful to the internet

it locked instant messaging into a corporation-owned centralized walled garden worse than skype ever did

it destroyed anything that remained of forums and along with them, commonly needed information being publically and easily accessible

it distorted people's perception of what servers and decentralization are in favor of trusting corporations more than regular people

if this isn't intentionally harmful, I don't know what is

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Let me introduce myself! My name is Ilenna Jones, I am a computational neuroscientist with keen interest on how dendrites contribute to a singular neuron's ability to compute functions and learn tasks. I build biophysical models of neurons in and use principles to investigate how models can learn and compute given their biologically realistic constraints.

I'm looking for postdocs right now! Feel free to connect if you're looking for someone like me!

I'm very interested in helping other students find resources and guidance as they consider science and in general. Feel free to connect if you're looking for advice/perspectives!


Since I've been in Israel I have really wanted to visit the regions considered Palestine still (west bank, that sort of stuff). I have strong political opinions about it all but feel i really need to see both sides first hand and interact to really have a right to feel strongly about it.

Anyway one of the Palestinian workers I hired heard about this and invited to take me and show me around. I cant tell you all how excited I am to get to do that soon.

[Repost with a better understanding of what makes us legible here!]

Hi! I'm Mariel (she/her/señora). I am based in Cambridge, MA and Mexico City. I focus on privacy, surveillance, and social control; tech openness movements, and digital rights. I am a PhD student at the STS program at MIT, affiliate at BKC and Data + Feminism Lab, and have collaborated in the tech nonprofit sector for a decade.

Keywords: #STS #FeministSTS #commodon #mediastudies #philosophy #designjustice

:) #introduction

Of all the files on my hard drive, the most devastating one to lose in a fire would be ~/.bash_history

This should be my last introduction toot! I mentioned my professional focus ( signal analysis) in my last toot. Now, for my other non-research engagements...

I am a who uses tools like and to prototype fun projects. I have my own fleet of 3d printers and support equipment.

As a signal processing engineer, I'm also very interested in (software-defined radio). I'm working on two pet projects right now employing SDR and my maker tools for backyard and satellite signal reception. While not entirely novel end-goals, the work is very engaging and rewarding! I hope to package the results for science outreach in in the near future.

Everyone should expect neuroimaging research toots from me as well as updates on my projects and resources for and engagement in the classroom. I hope to contribute to by sharing my demos, resources, and projects for bringing innovative thinking, science, and engineering into the classroom.

I love and outdoor activities. I'm a novice in (microscope as well as DSLR) and am looking for hints and suggestions for my entry into . Any advice? Let me know! I have a strong love of and , so expect my gushing about fish on occasion. I also have a pet parakeet, so expect some bird antics along the way! It can't all be work and seriousness, after all!

I’ve been really lazy about this, but here’s my #introduction post

My name is Chelsea, but honestly call me pinky irl and I’ll still respond. I have my PhD in IT regarding redefining risk so that it can be calculated in automatically for small businesses. I work in #infosec in particular #dfir (more so the #IR portion) - currently as a mix of a SOC analyst and threat hunter. I also teach!

I love helping the community and volunteer as a staff member for #bsidessatx. As a result if you’re ever looking to get involved, I’ll be happy to point you the right way (but as always, no guarantees). I’ve also previously presented at Defcon Blue Team Village, SANS Blue Team Summit, and Texas Cyber Summit.

Outside of #infosec I spend a majority of my time playing #ffxiv :blobcatmelt: I’ve been considering talking about this more, as I don’t often discuss infosec due to a constant burn out and imposter syndrome.

I’m bisexual/pansexual (happy to identify as either) and a gray asexual which just keeps life interesting :rainbow_flag: :heart_pride: I have currently she/her pronouns, although some days im leaning toward she/they

Open Source Mobile Forensics using Python - OSDFCon

Quick demo on what the LEAPP #DFIR tools do and how they work under the hood. #FOSS #DigitalForensics

Video :
🔗 youtu.be/-VbNreAFL6I

Just got the "long term plan don't ask when available" iCEBreaker V1.99a FPGA dev board prototypes from @gregdavill! Looking very sharp! I am looking forward to getting rid of the FTDI chip! But that will be quite a while as there is a lot of embedded software to write. I need more time... :( #fediverse-exclusive #fpga #embedded #prototype #PCB #opensource #oshpark #purple

Hi all! My first work-account mastodon post! I'm a prof at University of Maryland and researcher at Microsoft Research NYC, working broadly in human-centered AI #hcai #nlproc #ml #dl #hci #machinelearning #nlp. You may know me from @haldaume3 on that other website :).

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