English has the bad word "cock" - referring to the male genitalia.

I don't think that has anything to do with chickens.

In Norway and Sweden, the word "kuk" is very similar. It is unmistakably referring to the genitals, and cannot be confused for a bird.

The English language borrows a lot of words from Scandinavia, and I'm fairly convinced this is one of them.

I wonder if willow spiling would work in GA… I think we only have like 2 species besides the coastal one.

I work out at the gym three times a week with my gym buddy. I always dread going there beforehand, but I never regret it afterwards. Why is it like this?

I guess this is for all those out there searching for something…

Northern Lights - St. Vincent


@ncommander I saw a video on YouTube where you dove into PowerPC. Itanium was truly one of the developments of all time.

You do some really cool stuff and are modest about it. I didn't know who you were an hour ago but I hit follow.

I don't know what else to communicate so I will just say cenobites implemented RISC.

What happens if we boot Milk-V Duo S ... Fresh from the box? Beware the Physical Switch for "RISC-V Or Arm"!

Source: github.com/lupyuen/nuttx-sg200

The Internet went nuts for the aurora. I didn't even bother to go outside. I grew up in the Arctic and have seen it many times before.

"What life really is — for the majority of us — is hell."
- David Goggins

"Getting started with is super easy, but if you may find that getting into the details and customizing how it behaves is a challenge"


"While builds on many free and open standards ... Thread is very much neither free nor open"


@thelinuxEXP Hi Nick, important correction for the VPN attack: the attacker does not need administrative rights to the network. Injecting a rogue DHCP server is enough, most networks are not protected (e.g. by defining legal servers). @system76

I just updated all my apps available at #fdroid: #TinyWeatherForecastGermany , #imagepipe and #feinstaubwidget ..

All now have a monochrome app icon layer to support app icon theming on devices with an api level of 33 or higher.

Furthermore, #TinyWeatherForecastGermany got some bugs fixed that were related to the layout of the compact weather widget.

Fingers crossed that #fdroid will build them all successfully.

Time for this week's #Linux and #OpenSource news video!

In this one, #Nvidia plans to use their open source drivers as the default, we have more details about @system76 Cosmic Desktop,a nasty attack vector that can bypass your #VPN without you knowing, plus #Valve contributing to Nvidia drivers now!


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