Om-nom-nom! Slime monster devours a building!

I want to post my collection of wallpapers. I trimmed them to fit Pixel6 screen (1080x2200 iirc), if you don’t like that kind of stuff, please filter out tag. I’m going post 1-3 daily until I run out (which gonna be a problem, ‘cos I find daily new samples)

There is no general theme in them, but there is some similarities - I like nice looking pics or attractive females (mostly) in revealing clothes, gonna blur pics if it’s too revealing wink wink

Oh! Gonna make hell-thread, posting all of them in same thread, just for fun :trollface:

a bit , click only if it’s ok to see gorgeous naked neural breast at your place

Show thread

Very nice thread! Are these all from the same engine? Which one(s)?

sorry, got distracted :) I think mostly all of these are Stable Diffusion (well, most of them I borrowed from SD general threads from /g/) with local models and other tricks



not quite clear, who is the emperor f–t? the guy, who doesn’t like tits on their timeline? and stop shift blame, what are you, Russian propaganda? if your timeline full of tits - pick other breed of birds or quit ornithology at all

кстати, а раньше недолюбливал большой зад, но оказалось что я просто встречал только жирные задницы, а вот стал посматривать на натуральные и кажется начать находить их очень даже привлекательными

@AncientGood ну я даже фиг знает.
Я уже стар для этого, мне задницы надо было разглядывать лет 10-15 назад :D

Но да, на картинке вполне норм

Напоминает одну мою краш детства из телевизора 🥰

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