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5-7 books to something something about me? Good Lord. Um...

Okay, "A Wrinkle in Time", that's like a free space.

Thaddeus Golas, "A Lazy Man's Guide To Enlightenment".

Robinson, "A Short, Sharp Shock".

Me, "All Reality" (

Ram Dass, "Be Here Now"

I don't know! Maybe Morick (ed) "Challenges to Empiricism".

Ooh how about Abbott's "Flatland"?

"Principia Discordia" of course.

Darn, that's eight already, and I haven't listed "The Wind in the Willows" yet, which should probably have been first.

And lots more!!

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An :
Bachelor's degree in from Princeton, 1981, which makes me ?good at ?discussion?.

(for the US) , in that I think power should be more fairly distributed than it is now,.

Master's in from Pace, 1985ish; professional for like 40 years, mostly for and now for (all opinions strictly my own, of course, not theirs!), mostly on the side. and anything else really, they're just languages. :)

Greatly enjoy , and I've done a number of novels (working on the dozenth in 2022). Have also greatly enjoyed playing with .

I have no visual skills, but lately I've been producing thousands of images using and a few with other text-to-image tools. The future is wild!

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Apparently one can pin multiple posts? If so, here's the link right into the draft of my 2022 book:

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How an African American woman helped invent GPS. Absolutely fascinating. “GPS Only Exists Because Of Two People: Albert Einstein And Gladys West.”

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“Pretty impressive specs for a journalist’s word processor: operates in the glacial cold or torrid heat, on turbulent flights or during tumultuous sailings. Has a continuous power supply and needs no battery or electrical outlet….”
Marvelous little tribute to a very special Royal typewriter: Lester Bernstein’s.

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AR-15 lapel pin is a perfect symbol for a GOP that’s become a death cult

A #GOP celebration of a mass-killing machine on the #House floor is on-brand for a nihilistic party that prides deadly individualism over problem-solving. #ProLifeMyAss

If @willbunch wrote it, you should read it©️

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@aredridel yeah. So one could conclude that a painful and disruptive transition is the intent. They want to dump you without warning into financial precarity, and they want the remaining employees to see it so they'll fear it for themselves. They want your departure to create chaos and unnecessary work so that the remaining employees will be overburdened.

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I guess now that I have you trapped here, I should do an #intro.

I’m a 40 year old #canadian weird girl / single, #homeschooling mom / 911 operator.

I like basic white girl stuff like #coffee, #travel, #cooking, #reading, #boardgames, & talking about my butt on social media. I have an addiction to #tattoos and #punkrock.

Having an outlet for all the stuff that runs through my noisy, chaotic, little, #ADHD brain makes me happy, so I’m looking forward to settling in here & horrifying you all.

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One of the world’s smallest raptors; the #collaredfalconet (Microhierax caerulescens). We spotted it by chance, and then it was a mad scramble to get our gear out of the car, set up, and to start shooting. The light was fading and this falconet was already appearing anxious; looking left to right, left to right. A few minutes later, it flew off. What a wonderful sighting and thankful to have been able to get a few shots. #falconet #BirdsSeenIn2023 #birding #birdphotography

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We're watching a small group of billionaires decide that society itself is an expendable luxury in the pursuit of more wealth.

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With so many places having done layoffs lately, I wanted to mention the US Digital Service is hiring. It's a wild place to work, but also you get to work on legitimately meaningful projects that affect a lot of people (in 2022, we made it easier for transgender ppl to get passports, helped low-income families buy food, and I got to help identify disadvantage communities for environmental funding). I'm happy to talk about USDS if you're on the fence. #fedihire #fedijobs

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I’m sad to announce that I am leaving @themarkup to pursue other projects, which I will announce soon.

It was an honor and a privilege to found @themarkup five years ago to create an investigative newsroom that integrated engineers and journalists. We showed the world what journalism could be: math literate, computationally superpowered, and human-centered.

On my departure, I thought I would reflect on the ten lessons I learned leading these investigations.

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Reminder for anyone who doesn't know: you can disable boosts for anyone you follow. I know I'm boosting a lot!

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'Lx' is a collection of generative drawings made with an original line drawing algorithm. Lines are drawn to mimic the process of hand drawing and relying on the physical understanding of human visual perception.

Drawings are made with the technique 'aux deux crayons' in the style of the 16th and 17th centuries, with white and black lines that subtlety and chromatically play with the gray 'color of the paper'.

#genart #mastoart #generative #lisbon #tezos #objkt

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One of the many things that makes reading unique among narrative forms is the way you can read one book and suddenly run smack dab into another. You’re reading about a young girl in a school in Mexico in a book by Sandra Cisneros and suddenly you’re in a similar scene in a story by Lucia Berlin you read months before. You don’t even know which one you’re in, because it’s all just words unfurling in your head, pulling up other words, unlocking memories.


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No pity for this woman. She can leave any time she wants, we'll let her go.
A lot of people would work for her salary, if she's miserable we'll be happy to oblige her.
“Becoming a member of Congress has made my life miserable. I made a lot more money before I got here. I’ve lost money since I’ve gotten here,” she groused, adding, “It’s not a life that I think is like something that I enjoy because I don’t enjoy it.”

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“Well, North and South America are separated by an isthmus. And Africa, too.”

Ok, what about Europe and Asia?

“Isn’t there like a big mountain range separating them?”


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For , Mia offers a cheerful "get that thing out of my face or so help me...".

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Carolina Wrens only moved into the Montreal area from the south a bit over ten years ago but can survive (small numbers) remarkable cold providing they can find food which in winter means garden feeders.

#Carolinawren #Birding #Greenbirding #Montreal #Birds

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