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5-7 books to something something about me? Good Lord. Um...

Okay, "A Wrinkle in Time", that's like a free space.

Thaddeus Golas, "A Lazy Man's Guide To Enlightenment".

Robinson, "A Short, Sharp Shock".

Me, "All Reality" (

Ram Dass, "Be Here Now"

I don't know! Maybe Morick (ed) "Challenges to Empiricism".

Ooh how about Abbott's "Flatland"?

"Principia Discordia" of course.

Darn, that's eight already, and I haven't listed "The Wind in the Willows" yet, which should probably have been first.

And lots more!!

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An :
Bachelor's degree in from Princeton, 1981, which makes me ?good at ?discussion?.

(for the US) , in that I think power should be more fairly distributed than it is now,.

Master's in from Pace, 1985ish; professional for like 40 years, mostly for and now for (all opinions strictly my own, of course, not theirs!), mostly on the side. and anything else really, they're just languages. :)

Greatly enjoy , and I've done a number of novels (working on the dozenth in 2022). Have also greatly enjoyed playing with .

I have no visual skills, but lately I've been producing thousands of images using and a few with other text-to-image tools. The future is wild!

So I was standing in line for the special $8.25 ( + $1 card fee) for the to , and suddenly people are calling out "they are open, go go go!" and the lines gradually become a crowd surging over to the gates which are in fact all standing open.

And as I'm passing through the gate the speakers say "AirTrain fees are temporarily waived at this time, please proceed to the gates".

What's up with that, anyway?

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#QuestionOfTheDay: What's a thing from your childhood that you legitimately miss and wish still existed/is as common/etc now and you're sure isn't just nostalgia goggles or being a child at the time?

Please try to keep this to specific things/conventions and not broader concepts or feelings like "hope" or things related to being earlier in linear progression like "a less screwed up climate". (This is just to try to make the responses more interesting and not be all the exact same for everybody)

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It's important to note that GA doesn't have one of those fascistic 'Don't Say Gay' laws, and this is an example of how their existence can have a ripple effect on schools in other states.

"A Batman researcher said ‘gay’ in a talk to schoolkids. When asked to censor himself, he quit"

#fascism #gop #lgbtq

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The special election in NH proved once again that Democrats have the momentum. This was a district that Trump won in 2020. It just went to the Democrat by 12 points, and with one more special election to go in a blue-leaning district, Democrats there could soon bring the state house to parity, putting the long GOP NH house majority to an end!

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Some years ago, a kid became the king of the pirates. He found a legendary treasure, but, not being he brightest person in the world, he had no idea of what to do with the monetary part of said treasure. But his crew did have good ideas. His navigator took the money, founded a technology company and developed better SnailPhones. Her ideas changed the world, and everything began with this blutut Smart SnailPhone. The money they made with this was beyond their dreams…

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Rep. Swalwell *schooled* Jim Jordan

The GOP was threatening to hold Garland in contempt when Swalwell chimed in:

“My colleague just said you should be held in contempt of Congress. And that is quite rich because the guy who is leading the hearing room right now, Mr Jordan, is about 500 days into evading his subpoena—are you serious?”


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This makes me happy: Charges against Winona LaDuke dropped, and not only that, the judge cited the treaties the Indian Tribes signed as a reason!

#landback is indeed happening! 😃

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It's a national embarrassment that a delegation from Australia needs to come to the U.S. to explain to our government that prosecuting publishers threatens press freedom.

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I hope the empty F-35 just keeps going. Flying from town to town, solving murders and helping the downtrodden. Always one step ahead of the government goons hunting it.

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My lovely wife @artistic_norma left me snoring in our bed while she went out to catch some awesome shots of the northern lights last night.

I've lived in northern Wisconsin for 12 years now and I've never managed to see them for myself.

One of these days…

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GREAT NEWS: Several counties in CA have reinstated their mask mandates for healthcare settings. They will be in effect from Nov 1 to Apr 30.

The counties include Alameda, Contra Costa, Sonoma, and San Mateo. Several more Bay Area health depts are also expected to issue mandates.


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fishboy romance levels are 52% and rising

(52%) ■■■■■□□□□□

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Do you like obscure space age model kits? Consider checking out my Etsy shop!

Right now all sales help fund a renewable energy project I've been working on. You get a model, I get to make turbines. It's a win win!

#space #history #etsy #science #3dprinting

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The media love an intra-party civil war, and I get that. But you'd think some reporter might interrogate why McCarthy, who has close to 200 reps who are willing to govern, isn't cutting a deal with Jeffries

The answer is that he's terrified of Trump, the RW media and his base. That's interesting!

#media #gop #gopindisarray

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Newspaper editor is furious and scared about how his journalists are being treated online, especially by the trolls and political brownshirts who increasingly rule at Musk's deadbird site.

But not once does he even consider ending his company's support of the deadbird site.

And looks what's next to his byline -- yes, a link to the rancid place that scares/worries him so much.

Big Journalism seems incapable of connecting the dots...

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