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How much is your life worth?

Interesting replies can be below !

(Also I don't mind whatever currency you want to use in conversion).

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Metrics of a Matrix <-- look at the language and meaning... 

Metrics is a way of doing things and measuring mostly by numbers.
This is a root problem when everything is motivated or judged or measured in numbers (Matrix has a similar meaning of mathematical numbers in boxes, grids or rows and column). This in itself is an numerical ENCLOSURE.

Here's some more on that related to the film, but the above is the cold reality that humans judged or valued by numbers is one of the first deadly mistakes and all goes downhill after that...


1- Well we became as deadly or as inhuman as the agents, working in the modern day for numbers that are never satisfied and judged / fudged by other people higher up the food chain (living off those lower down).
You might not see it but it's the same old with the new old.

In the eliminating human things is what we do by deal with mainly... how we approach life and ignore the non-numerical (human being's feelings, needs, wants) and treat them like what? Maybe robots?

Some simplified counting of the world is simply not how simple it is and those that force these templates (all governments) they know it and set up shop.

The number on our head is judged by the profit % - otherwise no government really cares and would leave you for dead like they did before or just kill you if you didn't want to work for them or give taxes (they had batons and people back then too).

It is a trick of maths on humans to think only number and money is going to do it for people - actually it's oppression by those that use it because it is working well for them in certain ways and cuts out the other caring sharing planetary stuff. All of that is incompatible / disrespectful to dominating your culture or taking over the planet as many empires still are trying to do through government companies more than visibly killing.

Numbers are a downgraded representation of a human. Totally and fundamentally disrespectful and taking away their inherit individuality.

Numbers try to standardise and bring what has too many too many variations of 1 or many persons valuation and feelings at any given time.

Numbers (and their controllers which are theiving humans don't forget) expect people to swim or die, not matter if some cannot do maths or hate it because of those political behind it and pushing innocent passive aggressive numbers.
An ultimatum to participate in the program or face avenues of jail (another good business if not laws, courts etc etc).

Almost everything is calculated to know where things fall and be caught or put in it's place by the system by paying people to do it's profit making work. This is not a humanitarian affair.

Individuality is sacred as are many things and putting a number on it is itself a big mistake or the gravest mistake.

Standardisation and fitting in tight boxes a type of death people are forced or coerced into (also parents are clueless).


2- And then on top of that (compound damage) is that previous generations tried to turbo the using for calculating for lifestyles which further distanced our own cousins and mother nature like a habitat to an animal being cut off and a false numerical one put in its place.
Just look at a city - nothing growing just crazy minecraft type over-building... it's gone too far.

Even considering if people like concrete block, it's not for everyone and nature is running out and being buried underneath.

I'm assuming people like nature a bit more than concrete since that is where food, material, relaxation and many things comes from.
Rather than the reverse EVERYTHING being concreted and imprted blocks from China or wherever far away burning up fuel to get here.

All is related and has a pay back unless we slow it down and stop it.

Related to food or everything else is this peace of mind - the work is not peaceful now, not towards sharing... agents are everywhere and they too feel they need to stay alive, by securing / killing people.

Respect is not a number always and is variable - people can be happy in poor conditions but not in rich ones.

Valuing things are illegitimately trying to convert people into numbers - ecological systems do not work solely on this basis and have those other unnumbered attributes which are needed and relative to them and to everyone also.
These are almost dismissed / avoided / dis-counted and
non-existent in most equations and therefore our habitat and our selves are devalued.

We have so many LIVING functions to many to measure and not even worth doing (it's for living not always measuring)

Life should be sacred - not just maths at the hands of abusers, leader, liers, politically motivated people etc....

From millions of years of layers of plants and the nutrition / stored energy we can do things together (like we do now) but away from the preying on people mathematically. We need to solve that and realise numbers are not the way and life can preserve itself using it's own self-restoring system as it slowly dies (so more slowly not getting so rammed by mankind hell-bent on generating debt and expecting people to try catching with arbitrary infinite strings of numbers owned by banks selling money itself with sole power to give and restrict).

BOOST IF YOU GET IT ---------------------------

See the word meanings from different angles.

The of a
(Tight numerical control / an increasing numerical enclosure upon mankind)

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Hi everyone, wanted to humanise this a bit so let's talk individually or as a group... 

TEXT is a bad filter for human communication - now you may not always want human voice or video but contact mainly via text is a modern killer for those humans that can't or have had enough of text-based filters.

I offer you a bit of audio conversation with someone totally different / new...

Do get in contact
... even if contact is by text to start with

1 or two human meetings more than 20 text messages and misreading text / 2nd guessing etc)...

I know people rather deal with machine code more than humans but this is exactly the point and root cause of humanity's bad relationship.

SO I encourage you to contact each other properly in something like audio chats and make progress in the human field of audio conversations too.
More than only text, meeting strangers and workmates so that when the work stops your relationship doesn't stop.

Nothing is perfect but always good to try occasionally - because not doing or doing 0 with strangers means we lose practise liking and believing in 'strange' people (which we all our or unique)...
We actually lose our humanity if we don't feel the adrenalin or whatever dangers you might perceive and even pretend to avoid talking to people (who are obviously more like-minded on the Fedi-verse) because there are not many dangers that are not worth passing or converting to pleasant things!.

-Mutual interest...
- Giving back to humanity / community in smaller and larger sense...

However you see it - community or worldwide BUT you have to make the world your own and enjoy it either way with others or just plain have it stolen since they are not your friends!! Even bad people can be your friend (happens all the time).
The humanity comes out best talking about it in friendly ways...
what you love to do needs coming out otherwise it can dies or remain in text-only land which is quite sad!

Example chat is this,:

(just let me know anytime, test it and see if it works)

So hearing people's tone and feeling and respect for things - I'd like to announce and practise this or even just listening is to me respectful and enough (I can listen!) because knowing there is someone respecting and caring is a big thing!

People don't realise the self-injustices are also about falling into text-only filters and not long exploring the world, staying in their own bubble. Problems don't go away that way, but being friends does help problems.

I offer you a bit of audio conversation with someone totally different / new...

Do get in contact
... even if contact is by text to start with...

Mick Lynch, the head of the British railroad worker's union calls on workers of the UK to unite and demand better conditions for all. 🔥

Stealing examples - Bad and Good examples... 

Bad Stealing = Running up debts in the people's name to profit other companies / extract money


Expropriation = Taking a property out of an owner's hands (especially by public authority)

The last sentiment is to take back what is stealing from people, by force... otherwise they will steal and claim we can't
- share the fruits of labour
- pay people equally
- do things without big debts.

TL;DR = money first then community ... 

Real Life conversation and situation recently... (needs revision but anyway for basic elements here including 1 paragraph summary below)

TL;DR Summary = money first then community (well maybe community you will see later after paying).
Probably a bit like buying something you can't test or is just a re-wrap of what isn't that expensive if already setup.
Although I could join the forum and post for free - really I was looking to get stuck in with more audible contact (not just forum posts and do more the 2-way people-growing thing, interactions, practice).

Anonymised somewhat.

This shows the paradox of building on an unethical model (banking, extortionate rent, unsatisfied money/debt etc) which we kind-of accept in the now but in the end know it consumes ALL your work and even your children.
Very rarely can you buy freedom.
Don't want to overdramatise but this is just way it it.
Paying is A LOT far faster than anything free BUT anyway if you try for free AND paid maybe it will work (truth is both measurably do not work because money rules BUT a mixture of paid / unpaid can work OVER TIME to wear down problem (i.e less paying the inflated prices and rent that just wastes people energy completely and isn't even keeping them much alive always busy exhausted tired abusing themselves without sleep etc, not able to contribute to half of life)

So without hating this is what I think we need to bypass to allow people to actually contribute ***waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before money***, As we are also actively seeing money against everything else IT IS POLITICAL even if you don't want it to be. And not paying is also political.

Ok not a rant but in short if you don't see that money is being blown way out of proportion and out the window (as fast as the win blows) and if you think you can maintain silly speeds and catchup or keep get continued donations to survive SORRY but just try paying less rent somehow... and then you can get free work / server space from existing people living lavishly!

Basically hard to say "don't use money" I know so minimise... and don't sell out free software as much as possible (even when you're life was already sold out perhaps). Do a kind of Richard Stallman to build a Free Operating System from people who have jobs and do it in their spare time <---- I could be wrong about this please check.
At least sharing somehow... and somehow money but they have check-mate what can you do?

So if you're really serious about Freedom or FOSS I suggest the Richard Stallman / RMS type way to build the Free XYZ in spare time as Freedom doesn't pay accordingly as a job (unless you wrap Free Software or nest it in some other way and provide a cheap service) and even then I believe it doesn't pay the rent or sysetm shafting us in every which way. Don't try satisfy that.
The system is way to far gone and same as hanging yourself.
Everything is too expensive and anyway people politically don't donate also though because their heart knows that matrix is bad and accordingly want to do things without or let those that have lots of money and profit pay!)

So that's a paradox I can't blame this person or myself but money is basically stronger and more aggressive . To do things in spare time wins it and yeah maybe someone with a server already but not re-inventing an already cheap wheel and even stopping people coming in unpaid.

False hopes of trying to get money is coming to reality (pays 1000s EURO for rent is too much to even want to pay that)... especially from others equally poor or stubborn.

In this case: Asking people to subscribe or becoming a member without actually participating first / knowing what they get - was not what I was looking for.

Basic format of conversation.

(me) "Hi I want to give time to community or anyone with similar feelings and intentions... the people thing is very important"

"Great let me tell you more about what we do...
- We are Free Software advocates,
- We like the idea of A, B, ,C, ,D principles etc
- We are very similar to what you also said

(basically a lot of what I like and agree with in a diagram they showed during their screen share presentation 1 to 1)

We provide software and servers which then you can communicate with others...

(me) That's good but there's also Jitsi Meet...

Jitsi doesn't have these features

(me) yes it does now, not all but more than half you mention and is catching up

Well you want it to be private and fast.... etc

(me) You can install it yourself and it is fast

I guess you're right, Jitsi actually needs less resources and is less complicated... but these features are really needed for community

(me) They are good but still the people interaction is the main thing (audio/video) and Jitsi is catching up with BigBlueButton... so while I think it's good you could do it with existing stuff and this I guess is hard to hear

We want to get movement together and get them interacting etc

(me) fair enough. Do you do you own drive to social change or conversations other than hosting the free software?

Well we like to bring people together and that is mostly what we do

(me) So can I participate or contribute without becoming a member and pay for account?

We want to pay our people fairly and well we have to pay our rent

(me) Indeed which is only increasing and feeding those fat cats but I get what you mean and respect that... just paying is FAR faster than anything else it's quite crazy to pay so much each of us.
And we will still go broke all quicker than we can get members paying for people's sky-rocket rent.

We want to make an ethical movement (some repetition)

(me) Don't want to sound like I'm anti at all but you know banks are the unethical base to everything so I appreciate there isn't one solution but hard to beat that unethical stuff using the same kind of money underneath
I think it's better to do it more free first and then those that can pay...

We want to build an ethical social thing (repetition)

(me) yeah ok so let's agree it's difficult to build ethical on top of really bad stuff... but isn't there some other way to have people contribute without being payers?
Basically someone like me who is all-in-freedom to just start to get to work and use the software without the password that you need to get in or account that can be created almost for free anyway? Isn't it a bit of a pay gate that some could be allowed without paying?

(he repeats a bit) We want to pay our staff fair ethical wages and...

(me) Yes I see the paying is important for you first and to build up... but I'm not sure where it's going --- so how about this in theory - and not against your current model but once you're comfortable, say for example now or if not in the future, you let some people have some accounts free and let people give you communication / feedback / their time freely WHILE you have some others that want to pay,... as personally like you said this is about ethical things and some people really find the mechanism and force of money unethical to the point of not wanting to use it

Well in order to build this community we need to thrive and build up...

(me) ok... just it sound like I get the message and direction so as I see it now, although running a BigBlueButton server takes a bit of work, once it's set up then this could allow people in since account and usage is perhaps well free or minimal and

(We are both trying to be polite about money or paying people ethically and me mentioning the rat race to pay only increases in rent astronomically and that whole game is far more consuming money than any community can raise or wants to spend on.... so doing it free at least will get some work done AT THE SAME TIME as you existing model).

To be continued....

Building solutions for problems that don’t exist today.... Or not needed to be complicated.
All for tomorrows financial benefit.
A sort of backwards design.

If you read this in reverse it reads:

- A sort of backwards design.
- All for tomorrows financial benefit.
- Building solutions for problems that don’t exist today.... Or not needed to be complicated.

How to stop / reduce that order?

Marie Kondo said it's best to live in a house filled with joy. Enjoy your Mastodon!

With over $30 trillion in debt and counting, it’s hard to believe the United States government was ever debt-free.

But it happened once—in 1835—thanks to President Andrew Jackson. He was the first and only president to pay off the national debt completely.

One biographer says the former president viewed debt as a “moral failing,” a sort of “black magic.”

Engagement in community is needed.... NOW!... 

' Engagement ' is needed asap- perhaps not the fake financially measured kind of engagement for social media BUT taking EXACTLY those type of things Capitalism supplies a core for and feeds from (system see you are replying back to users and gives you higher % score) and just do it ourself perhaps with a bit of Mastodon statistics (I wrote more about more-harmless stats before).
Feels like I could orchestra engagement even just on my own (there only a few a people actually active here) but really the many to many ants approach is what's going to do it.

(notice I say ants, not sheep)

If you want help making this idea then let me know - my server seems less fertile in this and I'll be happy to help you steal it and get domination in the people sense (of dominating themselves).

Not engaging each other is definitely not the way. I think engagement can be comments but really is much more than that...

One day everyone has to take their own advice.

Saying something to someone else can merely be to practise and help oneself prepare for their own outcome even though it's genuine advice for others.
That is also the way of self-education.

Welcome to the MATRIX <--- The Word Meaning... 

Noun: matrix (matrices, matrixes)

1. (mathematics) a rectangular array of quantities or expressions set out by rows and columns; treated as a single element and manipulated according to rules

2. (geology) a mass of fine-grained rock in which fossils, crystals, or gems are embedded

3. An enclosure within which something originates or develops

4. The body substance in which tissue cells are embedded

5. The formative tissue at the base of a nail

6. Mould used in the production of phonograph records, type, or other relief surface

Gaming version of how I feel about needing to engage in life (slowly or much more).... 

Gaming version of how I feel about needing to engage in life (slowly or much more) as the not engaging is basically a time-waster / time-lapse of the inevitable power struggle or dominance...

So while going gun-ho is not what I mean or suicide, it's about constant pressure and chipping away at the right things... which I see as ourselves more than structure or well-made Lose-Win where nobody really wins so we have to fight / shoot well amongst ourselves (engage)... else waste time... which is what is happening I believe if you don't talk to me basically without sounding full of myself but really there are little holes in my defence and basically you haven't played 'communication' perhaps to really know! (see my profile and answer partially else jump into chat with me and test the theory and consider it 'done' after - *no hidden alterer motives* other than saying / proving upfront we need to practice and therefore know more what we are doing aside from playing inside losing casinos and at least spend the time wisely with each other for more constructive outcomes)

Anybody want to pretend-pay me for doing work for them and the Freedom related things.

Clever but racist people / clever users even with unwanted things... 

Clever but racist people - which still can win win in many ways in the realm of contact... because if you can get past racist things (not ignore but take the other measured points) then they WIN over those people are

- inexpressive (people who can't from lack of practice or lack of feeling sense in worth constructing any sense from it all.. and more reasons)

- they are measurably clever / more active / more connecting to other things 9even bad included is interesting and perhaps part of human nature with the anime prom or whatever)

- they are not scared (THIS IS ALMOST TOP OF THE LIST where you might have clever but silent people or clever but racist still-quite-correct-on-many-points people)

So while I want to say normal people are better for being less dangerous, actually it turns out over the internet or in real life passive people are perhaps most unuseful (notice I wanted to say useless but I want people to also have the right to do nothing for others in terms of free speech or building the mind even though I feel they might be ignorantly doing so... I think for a while is ok but not politically respecting one's self is a problem).

Will revise this if any major flaws- feel free to help or forever assume I'm not far off many correlating points. And also practising speech in case I'm wrong and happily can be pointed out how :) (....for example someone not talking / try vs. someone racists doing and trying while being quite logical in many other ways)

Do also remember when you see crap THAT IS PEOPLE ->meaning if you really asked people and their misconception you'd realise how far out they are and this is what bring it out has as advantage to silent kind of suffocation or allowance of bad things.

From time to time is does work to give these people and profile time rather than the same-same people (who for example don't even reply )

@bot Investing in something that isn’t a tangible resource or asset you have full ownership of is probably a very, very foolish idea.

Other people enable us to do more or help us learn more than our own limits... 

While at the same time people wouldn't know what to do with peace or the right people if they had all of it or enough.

One long lesson to learn it seems... and being satisfied is probably never enough... including my own learning which I think is measurably one of the best ways (improving the mindset, not just improving tech etc).

What good is communication when selective answering happens with people when it gets to anything important.

When people realise you can't escape politics, then we can begin

Consciousness... like Neo from the Matrix seeing himself as different versions... 

.Do you ever pause to think in between consciously which version you are or if you are doing something that you can consciously change what you're about to do and do it in a different way... Or will what you do just kind of be what is was going to be anyway?!

Interesting right? Try doing a doodle and then thinking, "what would I usually draw next?" and then maybe considering drawing the doodle differently to show you're able to be apply conscious change of that...

guess you have to be happy either way but also changing your normals is interesting or being the better you needs precision consciousness or a lot in one moment.

Parody video of Queen - for fun but honestly a bit of reality I think for what really is a mean business (governing a country and leading the empire)

If you want to be a proper criminal then make sure you're following legal fronts like this racket for the deaths and killings in the background / backend.

Fun but deadly serious (as you can tell by look on queen's face.)...

Just a shitty main island that tried to rule the world the other islands and somehow ruled >50% of the world and perhaps still has hooks in places.... that's tyranny,

Laugh and cry.

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