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A hammer can be used for good and bad.

How to make sure more often people use hammer for good?

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How to get out of a Ponzi scheme?

(How to get out of borrowing from people that are in debt themselves and people find hard to pay back but to live they are tempted to take out another loan from same bad system?

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Zoom alternative... Jitsi Meet...! For Meetings in Audio / Video / Screen-share...! Reconnecting humanity?... 

Indeed everyone knows Zoom but "Jitsi Meet is Zoom" but these advantages are good to know about Jitsi:

- Not using China's Laws
- Faster / simpler / less clutter
- No install / Any browser
- No account / Instant.
- Similar technology in both (Zoom or Jitsi Meet)

Easy for new users; old people, new people, oldschool, newschool... :)

Zoom is developed from China and might be routing calls and details through mainland China so this is a problem as it's subject to China Internet Security Laws ...'s not your usual American app which also I wouldn't trust totally !!! :)

Try it anytime AND if it takes more than 2mins I'll eat my HAT or my MICROPHONE!

No install, No account. Instant.
Browser (App optional, Open Source)

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It's not because good ideas were not good enough that they didn't get implemented.... 

STEM gets blocked consistently (regulated) and while that can have a few good reason, most of it is for bad / controlling / monopolistic aspects..., else hijacked, patented out of reach from people, whatever... oh yeah monetised etc...
Even if there is 1 or 2 good reasons the other 10 reasons and way it's used is bad / self-serving to those above (do you trust the I don't !).

Perhaps like everything it's main gate to why STEM even exists.
My condolences if you just realise you're up again everyone else (Lord Voldermort type people / Big Bad Bosses, Legal Gangster etc)

Newbies often have their hopes and dreams in all sectors, doing things even for free, then when they get there they realise, "oh it's not just about effort, dreams, fairness" it's about raw extraction / devaluation of people.

vs. / Mentality

The more honest you are the less friends you have... 

The more honest you are the less friends you have.

This is ok / some nature some a disorder.
All people need to get better... me included (if people bother to say what happened Because THAT HELPS!).


Less friends is also a reflection of your friends who may not appreciate or take honesty as priority in relationships.

They may also be living / expecting only Disney Land joy or 100 things simply not related to building themselves rather they may compare themselves unnecessarily or take it too far when it's not or n6bdistance more to understand what you mean etc etc- always something, mostly inversely related to them- not just about me.
Not investing time into speaking their heart... This is also an active problem maker if you don't give time to this kind of stuff (or like to only have a distant relationship / a thin shell of community etc.

Actually the types of friends who literally drop you and don't reply 'suddenly'... yeah that type of ignoring sucks... though it can be learning for them... months and years go by... BUT ALWAYS talking solves or covers it... also when they upgrade whilw talking to orhers.
Meeting people is also naturally like intense sometimes and they say 1 thing and that leaves bad taste despite 10 good things.
Some bars are too low / ridiculous basically. So that's why I think complaining is justified / meaningful without too many daggers, just naming the habits like dumping friends (which is the topic partially about this text!).

"You can't worry and love someone at the same time."

(there is wisdom and practicality in this)

"Ask and it is Given" book reflections/ review by Julie Hoffenberg (Ohio)

SELF-ADVERT I do music remixes for your personal projects. Example attached.
Your own music would be super / ideal / meaningfully. Voice audio also ok!

Send your
- project name
- voice / track name ( + optionally link to it)
-and why your looking for this track to be remixed...

+ Feel free to rate this out of 10 β˜† ! β™‘ ?

I rate myself as basic but as fan nice original work comes out which can to less-commercial work and your love for what you do...

β™‘ + β™‘ + β™‘ + β™‘art + β™‘ = moreβ™‘

Learning and Teaching - I am only as good as my student wants to learn... 

Learning and Teaching - I am only as good as my student wants to learn.

If they believe in me or their self it really helps.

I am (as a helper / teacher) only as able as my student (even just friend / parents etc) wants to learn (explore / have fun / etc). I try lots if tricks or avenues of GENUIINE interests as hooks that are transparent and sharing, but ultimately the dead fish or un-expressive type if people are like cryptonite for learning.
And it seems somewhat a social illness / systematic where any stress might or question to think might well be totally avoided or bars set very low.

Above a certain level of student it's hard not to judge the world as kak.


Question - Most harmless / painless / quick way to kill yourself? 

Question - Most harmless / painless / quick way to kill yourself?

Not a cry for help, just in theory.
Imagine what you would consider ok. If it helps imagine you just didn't want to exist or you were in great pain or needed to escape people from mutilating you.
Doesn't have to be danger based but almost scientifically most easiest DIY way without too much blood?

Soldiers had a pill to avoid being tortured but I guess something more to hand for average person is what I'm thinking... nothing what a person could do on their own almost.

List of some ideas I'm not sure about:

- car in garage (smoke inhalation)
though maybe it is painless not sure

- sword to chop neck / head but how to do that yourself and not need someone else!
(lol, msybe some rooe contraption?)

- hanging by rope (probably best but seems uncreative and 'too' primate!

- Injection (again something too specialist unless apple juice in the artery would do it!)

***Must be a more clever-basic way!***



IF you think of only making an computer system online

(it's not about creating users - to train people to communicateu YOU and many of your crew NEED to train / talk to everyone else - directly - not just text or 1-way broadcast!!!!)

IF you don't have a plan to audibly talk to almost every single user and help train / improve friendliness / practice confidence and courage / customise relativity...

(it's not about creating users or just texting people even if that's nice or seems at the beginning to capture mass- it's still actually far off from personal community building if you don't go past that - easy work gets you temporary community that way, it's about going way more personally more often (or more than mot) with each person so if your serious about human improvement you're going to have to love those 'annoying' others trying to get your computer-only time as that is part of the learning to be more community (NOT more computers and those habits)


Don't give me the time excuse- you have it but don't even plan/make time for it choosing to spend it elsewhere or let things overrun communication seems easy but with humans, who have highly individual ideas of their own, mass tools don't cut it without humans present with each other at the same time. So it's about building and fixing personal strength. Can't 'avoid' learning WITH each other.


Community builders without talking to anyone in depth or those who use text-only is a poor as a method.

a million unskilled users will not do much better or will get distracted mostly alone so a one-way non-deep thing is not the way / severely limited.

Chess Criticism - Flaws in the game... 

Chess Criticism - Flaws in the game

(loosely just for some analysis & reflection)

1A. Castling
Hard to believe the king can suddenly move 2 squares when doing "castling" movement - usually king can only move one... and now suddenly 2

1B and then like magic the rook / rock /castle / tower can suddenly in this 1 move with 2 pieces, also switch to other side of King !! Normally during play physically you can't move a piece blocking another (I.E you would have to make space for rook to move to other side but oh not during castling! )

1C. Also Castles / Towers don't move! !

2. Pawns can step forward...but not kill forward? Huh...
Seems to make a game of what doesn't need to be or is unlikely if really this game is less fantasy and more army style simple battles. For example in contrast the knight moves in unorthodox shape but we can see it possible to run straight and then left or right, or that it can 'jump' over things or just be above them when moving... so knight makes sense. I find it hard to believe a pawn or small soldier can only attack left or right and not straight ahead...especially when it moves mostly straight ahead also! Like it's currently blind to its forward direction for fighting? Hmm unlikely...

3. Queen should be weaker than other pieces if Queen is originally a gender stereotype as lacking muscular force and strong frame structure (skeleton)./
(Female is generally weaker than male).

Now I can imagine it's not the weakest piece but Queen should not be stronger than King (unless he's an old man we're protecting on the gameboard) otherwise King and male types should be naturally stronget thanprotect those pieces or not be as unbalanced as queen is compared to king. King could actually have Queen capabilities and Queen have King's 1 square move.
King and Queen movement abilities should be swapped if closer to gender or reality! (Queens would be shit in battle / totally untrained...)

...and like Mario the game is to protect save Princess and capture the other?). I can also imagine capturing old king but not without a bit better skills than currently

4. The fact that player can't move at the same time... like in real battle. I'm not sure how I would change it but turn-based is rather limiting and unreal don't you agree? Or do you always wait for someone to attack you and they in return wait?
(Ok I guess this could be see as a continuous overview map style game so I'm not so shocked by this but dies shape the game having 1 person always go first and not have choice to pre-empt others).

5. Rooks / Rocks / Elephants
- wouldn't be able to move so fast and far
- and if elephants originally (at some point) then not able to move in all directions! Elephants are front facing mostly not sideways and back).
I thought "yeah maybe it turns and then goes left or right (sidways)" but then why other pieces like pawns couldn't turn and go sideways came into thought also.

So the game is mostly has some mixed reality or functions which doesn't have to be based on reality or even each other (it could be fantasy) but after you play a lot you might wonder why not for simple things like pawns attacking forward and not just standing there almost forever until something comes to their diagonal side and 'suddenly' they able to attack that but not what has been in front of them half the game!!

Question -
Does anyone have workaway account
or experience with sites that connect workers to hosts/farms etc?

I cry* for people in the cold right now... 

I cry* for people in the cold right now.

TL;DR: I feel bad basically because life became an ultimatum itself and shows how bad / extreme the system is if many CHOOSE THE COLD over suffering in layers of cold / industrial systems!

Here's a short video loopable for playing a warm fire even if it's a token gesture β™‘ trying to remain a small footprint at the same time.

MORE DETAIL on *cry as feeling / word

* Cry maybe is literally the word if i could cry each time but as i can't / don't to that extent so then it's also an internal feeling or sentiment which my dictionary rings true in these meanings:

- cry for the injustice (lack of humanity to provide better warmth for homeless)
- a call for immediate action
- deep sorrow / feeling of regret
(Both for others but also myself not able to fix it in 1 shot)

Generally the feeling that nobody should need to go through freezing temperature so systemically as if they don't know or people don't get rushed to hospital regularly in the city as if they were stuck up a mountain with nobody around and no houses around (actually the opposite in the city).

People (not just homeless) are increasingly social left overs, abandoned or exiled people mostly from not having or accepting a soldier-like job position or hierachy which further comes with it (stress) and involves conditional agreeing to more and more systems and conditions - so then the need increases in saying OK to that long chain of what job involves else not part of the club. Any strong differences to system becomes a "NO/fuck off" TO THE WHOLE CHAIN (an opt out to a kind of moral and physical rape / extraction / exhaustion...
...and that's if you're 'lucky" enough to find a job (and get it) with 100's applying for same thing...
Then trying not to "lose" job as they actually squeeze you to breaking points It's happening all the time and the changes too happening all the time...

My feeling is that even if they were to reject big parts of life (now modern capitalism) and even if they choose different / even if they reject the system... still we could keep them warm and allow them in places to feel together 24/7 much less conditionally and not the part-time type opening hours used as a cheap trick to make sure people keep moving on or never get comfortable feeling of being provided for (unless you want to pay increasing bigger rents as a 'normal' inflationary system which is inflationary/devaluing your salary as a default or just pure greedy "highest payer" wins arbitrary increase.

TL;DR: I feel bad basically because life became an ultimatum itself and shows how bad / extreme the system is if many CHOOSE THE COLD over suffering in layers of cold / industrial systems!

You might have only 20 Christmas' left.
19 by the time you read this...

Freedom can also be measured by what there is not in the world... 

Freedom can also be measured by what there is not in the world (so what people have cut out / not included / reduced to near 0 / have little choice or say in their life - these are measured by design also even if you don't see it and deliberately so)

freedom can be:
- imprisonment on the earth in total (or geographically) or
- enslavement (capitalism / money everywhere and not much else really as a model or choice or intention)

Pay gates everywhere

A fine line in life (giving) or death (giving badly / destruction unwanted by many) 

5In the same way that deceleration can seem bad or too slow in a car already going too fast (burning too much fuel or risking other people's life in its consumption) then in the same way I wish for a slowing of people or slowing of their actions.
Something more conscious and aware of what capitalism is and of what collecting their time / energy and giving it to a less-caring system means (death of their energy).
I actually think 0 capitalism will push us further into desperation unless people are educated enough to educate others nd then educate others out of capitalism in time for it to stop a bit more gracefully.

Otherwise it's going to be Mad Max style - which also I might welcome since I live like this near enough or have practice scavenging with less fear and shame... :)

As #Musk dabbles in the politics of free speech, I’m reminded about this basic human truth: software products are not human beings. Algorithms can’t fix hate. Humans do.

Fascism and control comes from people being paid by state ? 

Fascism and control comes from people being paid by state and control comes from people following state ? (Even if it's a lesser kind today?)

This is a remark to ask yourself if true or anything majorly wrong.

(Basically fascism/auth/totalitarianism/capitalistic stuff gets replicated from those paying others to do their bidding under soft or hard ultimatums ("for my family" / "for food" or because "it's the law/illegal otherwise/penalised heavily ) , so if you agree they care about authority/control/mostly etc just numbers/seeing people as their property or lower subjects / captured etc... then that's very similar / as good as fascism as main branch with other things mixed in)

Fascism and control comes from state and people who are paid by state to enforce or apply it even in education, sub-companies etc - just diluted but structurally still there to make profit for and follow state guidelines/rules

(So in one form or another tight control, paid for... else it would not be allowed by system/statesmen/top levels and their own pyramid of gate control/passport-control type checkers like a 'quality control' for humanity)

What do you think... is it quite true as a common component to fascism/hierarchical authoritarianism that all is planned and paid for whether it's police or teachers (professionsls) at the end ?

So people paid by the state like police people are in some forms paid to do the states bidding - maybe even have a quota or 'incentive' plan (like all jobs to basically penalise via your salary pay at the end if you didn't follow orders or achieve what they laid out).
The states apathetic point of view(s) and much that is missing from morality and sharing our seems to keep the shape but perhaps even worse it's indirect / less obvious... so you see a school or hospital but hurrendous siphoning or money and waste to fat cats while people are happy for front shops with less care about banking and bankers.

And similar to not funding things- things just die unsupported or indeed doesn't even exist like fascism wants... it's even more unseen in modern terms but still fascistic / systematic perfectionism and hurts things by not growing it or killing it off without it even being born by not funding it in the first place.

Political Cartoons - People's Daily Chores

People's Daily Habits Connect Directly to Real Cost of Petrol & Oil / Damage to Humanity

Computers perhaps don't cheat us

But the people behind it and it's speed can deceive us. SPOILER ALERT!

Mario offline arty cool stickers
(transparent GIF file originally)

This is will be more often!

Text reads:

GO OFFLINE < challenge / experiment >

Find previous art & archives
Add / Del Previous Projects
Play Old Emu Games
Add Avatar for later
Queue Stuff for Online!

(offline helps focus bro)

Pictured is Mario and the retro / old school icons arty asset stuff I found / played with offline

This is will be more often!

Mast done -

Fascism and control comes from state and it's people who paid by state to enforce or apply it even in education etc

(So in one form or another tight control, paid for... else it would be allowed by system/statesmen/top levels)

What do you think... is it quite true as a common component to fascism/hierarchical authoritarianism that all is planned and paid for whether it's police or teachers?)

So people paid by the state like police people are in some forms paid to do the states bidding and wants for it's apathetic point of view(s)... and just the others seem lesser so but still form the shape perhaps even worse as it's indirect / less obvious... similar to not funding things- it's unseen but still fascistic / systematic perfectionism and hurts things by not growing it or killing it off but not funding it in the first place.

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