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NOTICE - I am studying less my Timeline and follows (inlcuding yours maybe)... I'm interested but please contact me if you haven't already. I'm done chasing. (e.g. if you want audio podcast / self advertising or like ideas for speculation the cause of Freedom get in touch) because maybe all is already and it's for the people to have the will and move things too. Thanks 

In the future I think I will not look at my timeline ... so I just want to let you know.

Feel free to reach out if something comes to mind *directly*.

The rest is more but I think that's the main above.

I think I've also maxxed out my ideas here on Mastodon and will let it be in seed-mode / hibernation.
Not sure people are ready... and it's not clear. I like people that say what I can improve and don't prefer stalemate but to play together, take it on the chin as all people's opinion are important even if I don't take it on redesign my website! That's becoming a relic but serves it''s purpose measurably well and good also not to spend too much time on it. You have to work also to understand !

In current situations / worlds short messages are measurably less usable than longer writing.

For now I stick 'my efforts' of educating personally and time for people here - it's for you to grab it and FIND relativity or lose civilisation almost completely or have it changed into monetary fascism / decision-making. (That's if you agree it's being conquered (again or still from previous wars but in a new/old form).
Leaving understanding others undefended is not the way. People coming out from being self-conflicted and accepting others is for the way while exchanging all the gems! This is why we need others to test it / ourself / nicely balance to get any justice and escape money without even directly fighting it - just needing it less and less until it withers)

List of favourite things I can provide that I think hit hard in learning for you and everyone else:

- audio listening and speaking

- education / human communication

- doing little but specific meme's / picture edits to understand what freedom is and isn't / solutions and warnings.

- working with other people and their material (optimising)

So to avoid some diminishing returns (saving you and me time measurably)... and more reading

please contact me if you haven't already or want more attention on anything. I will continue some means as main points... some you already know. Thanks.

Main thing is to get it into practise and people doing / growing / re-discovering all this as the new mindset and generation... for the future generation.

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Hi everyone, wanted to say hi and humanise this a bit so let's talk individually or as a group... 

TEXT is a modern killer for those that can't or have had enough...

Dealing with code is bad enough... humans? Pah! :)

SO I encourage you to contact me for something like audio chats and specific topics to make progress in the human field of audio conversations more than only text conversations with strangers. Nothing is perfect but always good to try occasionally - because not doing (or doing 0 with strangers) we lose practise... we actually lose humanity that way whatever dangers you might put up and even pretend because there are not many dangers!.

Call it:
-Peer-to-peer talking if "audio conversation" doesn't sound fun enough!
-Mutual interest...
- Giving back to humanity...

However you see it as small community or worldwide BUT you have to make the world your own and enjoy it either way with others or have it stolen! The humanity comes out best talking about it... what you love top do otherwise it can die or remain in text-only land which is quite sad!

Example safe chat is this,:

(just let me know anytime, test it and see if it works)

The justice in life comes from us and our own trust talking to others (you're probably thinking that link is evil but it's not!) and giving time to others knowing nothing really bad happens from long-sitance chat! Giving love to topics and the content is the main thing! Showing we're caring puts respect back into life... what we say improves the rest...

So the elephant in the room is not talking about it more humanly but using text filters and complaining about level of humanity,..
What do we expect from that...
Limitations for sure.

So hearing people's tone and feeling and respect for things - I'd like to announce and practise this or even just listening is to me respectful and enough (I can listen!) because knowing there is someone respecting and caring is a big thing!

People don't realise the self-injustices are also about falling into text-only filters and no long exploring the world staying in their own bubble. Problems don't go away that way, being friends does.

I offer you out of that (for a bit) in both non-text (audio conversation) with someone totally different / new...

Do get in contact
... even if contact is by text to start with

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If we could have something different to Law what could we call it? 

(something that serves similar but is obviously more known as many laws are not known until much later. Something not just to serve them or just apply to us as a cold control mechanism- what would that be or what would you call it?)

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The Metrics of a Matrix <-- deep in it's language and meaning alone and together... 

1- We became deadly like the agents in the by eliminating things like we see and deal with ... how we approach life and ignore the non-numerical (human being) and treat like what? Some of a number of our head or profit %.

It is a trick of maths on humans by those that use it because it is an incompatible / disrespectful / downgraded representation of a human. Totally and fundamentally disrespectful and taking away their inherit individuality and trying to standardise too many variations of human ad types like you would expect some can swim and some cannot. No choices almost and individuality not helps sacred and standardisation and fitting tight boxes a type of death to try jump into.


2- And then on top (the compound damage) is the we opted for opted and tried to turbo the using for calculating for lifestyles which further distanced our own cousins and mother nature like a habitat to an animal.
Even considering if people like concrete block, it's not for everyone and nature is running out. I'm assuming a little people like nature a bit of concrete rather than the reverse as it related to food and everything else too.

SUMMARY ------------------
In two ways non-human and dealing / valuing things are illegitimately by trying to convert people into numbers (ecological systems works more than in numbers but those other attributes and relative things to everyone are almost dismissed / discounted / non-existent and therefore our habitat etc devalued. And even in numerical form it is not valued properly because it has so many LIVING functions and uses that it should be one of the most valuable and sacred things from millions of years of layers of plants and the nutrition / stored energy. And not solve but preserved by it's own self-restoring system as it slowly dies (not getting so rammed by mankind hell-bent on debt and trying to catch infinite numbers).


Boost if you get those two points above - this is not about popularity on Mastodon but really working with the words and people (read again if your really not sure - it's ok, seriously takes a while of stepping up on ladders to see meanings and word from different angles.

The of a (Tight numerical control / an inherited enclosure on mankind)

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FAMILY <-- a big word coming up for me in anything... 



BIG for me after all my years.... to extend the relationship between people themselves + with the land / nature / beings:

Inviting more people *NEVER* be too satisfied or closed - as many people in LIKE A CULT (as in CULTURE) and keep it fresh.... tough with the personal politics... BUT that's the growing culture itself., and even dealing with the violence inside nd hate for others WHILE building earth-loving people together, loving as family of friends, workers, nature-focusing people, adventurers etc

THIS is one of the certain answers from me / for me!

We need to come up with creative ways so people relate to the problem. And different people relate in different ways.... 

during edits...
Caring is the context here for and other ...

"We need to come up with creative ways so people relate to the problem. And different people relate in different ways...


Some people care about free sharing of knowledge...

Other people relate it to Dictatorship vs. Democracy...

Other people relate to it by being able to fix and repair their own car, heater, fan, object etc...

Other people relate it to by the Centralised and DeCentralised aspect....

Many types...

Jitsi Chat (Audio / Video) now has Breakout rooms !... 

Meet News Reminder:
Jitsi Chat (Audio / Video) now has Breakout rooms !

Test here (or change the end part of link to any chatroom name!)

Zoom had MAJOR advantage in this for ages to allow small group ro branch off and come back.

For those that have done T-Group meetings or anything with 10+ people, a breakout room is for groups to go off and then come back after specific smaller chat circles or just more manageable smaller sharing circles and sharing experience.
Groups can be recalled into main room where host speaks again to everyone before maybe the next round...
Anyway also check out T-Group meetings and happy to say more.

Jitsi Meet + T-Group meetings
= Social Power / Power of Minds / Whatever you want

[ dun-dun-derrr ] It's a mystery - Agatha Christie... 

I was writing about some mystery I've cleared up (in short all humans are much like shitposters) and I added the "dun-dun-derrr" in my text to represent the chords of the instrument played just before mystery or after it... (just imagine it now dun-dun-derrr like in a Agatha Christie / Hercule Poirot mystery moment when attacker is revealed or there is a pause in the scene)

And then I looked up Agatha Christie.. .and well that is one hell of a journey itself !
So if you don't ever read a book of hers ever, just read her wiki page! That's enough for a while!

[ dun-dun-derrr ]

umans who can't read more than a few paragraphs are quite unintelligent in communication... 

Those who can't read more than a few paragraphs are quite unintelligent or more intelligent in some way but universally lacking probably in many things as a result...

so more about this, also a mini-rant of what we're dealing with as a ' society '

So if depth across the internet and even in person in their daily life suffers and doesn't exist, if they can't stand 'communication itself' - i.e. can't tolerate talking about it then what do we do!?
I believe meeting different styles / re-balancing is always the case. How about you?

Restricting it to short only implies their ability somewhat and stance (without looking down on them) because the case more often is that it's related that you can't do short all the time with damage to understanding and suffering the cost to others or yourself.

Considering life is always more complicated than they might think, people who choose to ignore depth, repulse it, or not answer and even complain in depth about things mostly they want to avoid it (this is part of the Yes/No/Maybe).

Of course few other things involved but mostly this is your opinion without writing-off humanity also (but you do feel without this it's almost totally a big part to blame and most people can do longer conversation, just don't want to or *choose* when they want selfishly like when they complain about stuff they should have been doing something about!!)

(Less intelligent) = IF can't do long or can't ' decrypt ' others

People who expect the news headlines (or even Guardian) tabloid style big font short newspaper headline 'did you know' informational things that also avoid self-action / self-determination and avoid many points...

If you love or/and use @Framasoft candies like #PeerTube, #Mobilizon, Frama(put what you want) they need your support and made several cards (with the amazing talent of @davidrevoy) explaining what they do /> 🙌

@pixouls I *love* RSS.

It's amazing how people are now so conditioned to accept walled gardens, and handing over personal data, that open alternatives are such a surprise.

@pixouls @brion we were so close to good open social networks. A liitle more glue to allow comments from within RSS clients and auto follow the RSS comment feed when replying and we would have had everything any of the closed gardens really give us, but completely open and decentralised.

People who do good work don't always want to be paid, they just want to live and see people happy.

( To work and be more free (or do it low at cost), toward freedom somewhat ( or just plain don't want to use money or feel not need or confidence for it until forced! )

That equation we need to find an answer for because it is not fair on the good people of or etc (of anything) inside this current construct just to need to use money because other people sad so. Often money is proportionally NOT NEEDED and is bloat or greed, or overkill, and just the good will without being taxed is all the world needs.
And there is obviously enough of goodwill amongst people and the same way it works towards greed it could just work incrementally towards freedom / with less money for sure.

But how to achieve this if it's true it's possible? I think it is possible and people do want for it, only we're locked into trusting anonyms, banks, promises (proven lies), being taxed etc...

seriously tho, if you have a problem with me or something i did, just DM me (or report so it's anonymised from your instance), really
i do strive to do better if i've done something stupid or mean

Compartmentalisation in education, that is the problem... They don't tell you why no action is happening. The political part is missing... 

Quotes during edits... XMPP is the context today:

" Compartmentalisation in education, that is the problem...

...They don't tell you why no action is happening. The political part is missing. "

Noun: compartmentalisation
(in this context = A mild state of dissociation / things into classes of the same type)

Collaboration becomes more necessary when you see how you need me as I you... 

Collaboration becomes more necessary when you see how you need me as I you,
then instantly we have an eco-system much like the formidable one we have now, but in the human and plant orientated way of sympathy empathy self-justice together AND more well-thought machines mixed in considering people.

Now we have almost only repetitive mechanical work and machines,,, so this is my proposal to you:

1 Imagine I'm amazing in my own way.

2 Imagine you would want the same for you = mostly for people to understand and tend to your needs (even if they did very little or just considered you in their equations)

3 The best time to start knowing one is not in 10years, it's now... and while you still can (there is a lot of threat and threat detection happening so we are literally our own best bet).

The best time to plant a tree, if indeed you believe in trees, is now.
And by that same phrase I'd say that tree is a person... and that is how we win this together...
trees.... people

I'm happy with what comes up on the search for Justice

Without even clicking anything....
A quick scan of titles = the formulae and answer to why and parts to what is needed is all there!

You can also refine the search.

Source of hate comes from... insecurity, competitiveness, perfectionism, jealousy. envy, lack of self-esteem, low self-confidence 

Source of hate comes from these mainly;

someone's insecurity
someone's low self-confidence
someone's competitiveness
someone's perfectionism
someone's jealousy / feel of possession
someone's envy / feeling without
someone's love / overwhelming passion they don't know how to express to person or topic
someone's lack of self-esteem

someone's belief if they suffer or have conditions to living then all should suffer / have conditions to living

someone's belief all people should be treated equally despite being different / very unique

(last one above might a type of discrimination with 'go-to-do intentions that rise above actual logic that the uniqueness we all have is undoubtedly not equal or the same or needs the same / wants for the same etc... and can even be oppressive!)

I'd like comment on that last one especially as I'm quite sure... but would like to hear potential flaws
(if we are going to have a next wave of governing (ideally not government but being together as sovereign entities (sound paradoxical perhaps but just catering for each individuals own pre-sets as well as trying new, if all can be honest enough)

And feel free to add to the list or even if you encountered it today... write!

Video of Rob Braxman.

Designer of Brax2 De-Googled phones.

I made an edit also before this one + notes. Full video here
(Attached is last 5mins + Notes)

De-googled / Linux phone (not having Android ---> Google's OS)

2FA - Two-Factor Authentication
Google app requires 2FA for everything slowly (YouTube etc)

De-Googled phones don't reveal IMEI to OS as default - V.important

Multiple devices + associations

"People tend to think that other dictatorships are bad but their own dictatorship would be good."

Quotes (during edits)...
XMPP is the context and making a new project with voting powers.

"The problem is the social side NOT the technical side..." 

"...The problem is the social side NOT the technical side..."

Quotes (during edits)...
XMPP is the context: About how we can do things with what little we have vs. BigTech, and why one way is getting the masses onto things like XMPP to then help everything else a bit more, and be more aware to do less damage leaking data everywhere about themselves / everyone else and preserve their rights which they give up to others in the proprietary world.

Many peoplethink life is someone else's problem or leave that bit of life to someone else always.... NO, lots of little bits of life or ALL of it is part of your work.. 

Many people (skilled or unskilled) think life is someone else's problem... and even that ALL of it is not their problem... Actually it is but being able to prioritise both High and Low priority means you can /attempt/ to fix many things... It's a lot to ask but it is possible because it's all connected...
and how much you want to connect life back (the talking about things, asking consent between people, more meetings etc, forming local groups and activities) this is up to you how far you take it.

If you do only 1 thing and pay bills that is not you whole responsibility in life... THAT IS WRONG! It's not helping from system to be in this template BUT it's still not everything or excuse.

Without the freedoms and topics in life, at least in overview, not much of your work is great unless it connects back to everything else. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING BECAUSE THAT IS 'LIFE' AS A A DEFINITION ITSELF!

In a nice way there is no choice but to relate to everyone! So the goal is to link it nicely or have everyone and every thing in mind eventually!

+++ BREAKING +++ journalists have found their conscience


only years too late to make any difference. except virtue signalling.

Wikileaks [bot]  
Full page ad in Tuesdays @guardian: 1800 Journalists from the UK and around the world urge the British government to block the extradition of Julia...

DE-Google by changing to a more cleaner Linux based OS.

LineageOS is an example operating system FOR YOUR PHONE! It's now really important!

So yes you can change the OS like you would on your desktop, and maybe it's more painless!!

Oh Yes- changing you google OS to some less harmful 24hrs a day!
(less google = less identity tracking and google's syndicating their stuff with BigTech).

LineageOS and others replace the head of the snake.... so tracking is much less the default.

I am new to all this or just forgot all the names / top one's toady.
So I want to hear more Linux Operating System names for mobiles!

Video gives explanation (edited from 13.41mins)
summary / paraphrased

All people are victims when using a Google Android phone
Identifiers all track you and can triangulate position (google knows where each one of it's phones are) by these methods and cross-referencing them:

APPS with privilages (big pain) + IMEI of phone + IP address + MAC address of WIFI / Network adapter + Location (EXIF in pics, GPS data etc) + Browser fingerprints + profile cookies (1 login in for all?) + nearby WIFI + Google ID / AppleID / CAPTCHAS to check you...

A lot of stuff a Linux OS will solve AND some habits it might train you out of.

So for example VPN is good but being logged into accounts or sharing just pings your location, or while watching videos might reveal things or just many things together reveal you
including Cross device tracking (not just 1 device - things connect and pair together things)

MAINLY or good start is de-googling you existing phone because Google Login or Apples AppleID or whatever are the head of snake for identifying you and making things provable (the rest, even if you click is less proovable 100% but they are slowly getting here to be able to do things later using 100% evidence).

2FA needs a google app <--- hence even de-googled phone means you need to install app even if you have a Linux phone.
That is why they push for 2FA so badly.

De-googled phones don't use IMEI or pair things which is the root of many types of attack or tracking.


If I'm wrong please let me know.
If you have a list of your own experience with de-google phone or goo how-to I think others will want to help other do it if not for themself! De-google.
Video attached gives explanation
(edited from 13.41mins)

wait a minute...

Android is the Google's operating system... for mobiles?... 0_0

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