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Zoom chat alternative ----> Jitsi Meet...! Quick meetings in Audio / Video / Screen-share...!...Reconnect humanity.... 

Jitsi Meet is Zoom alternative.

Easy / instant...
... for new users; old / new people, oldschool, newschool... :)

Many good things about Jitsi Meet:

●No install, No account. Instant.
Any Browser almost
Optional basic app, Open Source

Other things:

- (maybe) Not using China's Laws / routing through China servers
- Faster / simpler / less clutter
- No install / Any browser
- No account / Instant.
- Similar technology to Zoom in Jitsi Meet but safer/more private/less corporate

(MAYBE) Zoom is developed from/through China and might be routing calls and details through mainland China so this is a problem as it's subject to China Internet Security Laws ...

....and anyway it's not your usual American app which also I wouldn't also trust totally !!! :)

Try it anytime AND if it takes more than a few mins I'll eat my HAT or my MICROPHONE!

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A hammer can be used for good and bad.

How to make sure more often people use hammer for good?

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It's not because good ideas were not good enough that they didn't get implemented.... 

STEM gets blocked consistently (regulated) and while that can have a few good reason, most of it is for bad / controlling / monopolistic aspects..., else hijacked, patented out of reach from people, whatever... oh yeah monetised etc...
Even if there is 1 or 2 good reasons the other 10 reasons and way it's used is bad / self-serving to those above (do you trust the I don't !).

Perhaps like everything it's main gate to why STEM even exists.
My condolences if you just realise you're up again everyone else (Lord Voldermort type people / Big Bad Bosses, Legal Gangster etc)

Newbies often have their hopes and dreams in all sectors, doing things even for free, then when they get there they realise, "oh it's not just about effort, dreams, fairness" it's about raw extraction / devaluation of people.

vs. / Mentality

No Way Out - John Zerzan (notes on life's "original trauma") 

( No Way Out - John Zerzan, 2003 )
The title too reflecting my existence somewhat...

The 'original trauma' rings true in the Agricultural sense and other things mankind has iterated.

Agriculture encloses, controls, exploits, establishes hierarchy and resentment.

Chellis Glendinning (1984) described agriculture as the 'original trauma' that has devastated human psyche, social life, and the biosphere.

... human reason is no longer neutral
... our reason imprisons our true humanity, while destroying the natural world.
How else to account for the fact that human activity has become so inimical to humans, as well as other earthy species?

This disease of reason, which interprets reality as an amalgamation of instruments, resources, and means, adds an unprecedented and uncontrolled measures of domination.

...reason's "neutrality" was missing from the start. Meanwhile we are taught to accept our condition.

Division of labor gives effective power to some, while narrowing or reducing the scope of all. only 10,000 years, the rapid descent into a civilised lifeway.

...With civilisation, how it is is how it's always been. Russel Hoban's 1980 novel, Ridley Walker, provides keen insight into the logic of civilisation. What some call progress, the narrator calls Power...

The contrast with 1000's of generations of forager (hunter-gatherer) life is staggering.
There is no dispute that these ancestors put sharing at the center of their existence.

Aka people of Africa... Mbuti people addressed greetings to "Mother Forest, Father Forest".

It appears that societies organized on a truly human scale fell victim to the exigencies of domestication.

*** It may be that we can only solve the planet's overpopulation problem by removing the root cause of basic estrangement from one another. ***

People used fire for cooking 1.9 million years ago; and built and sailed seagoing vessels at least 800,000 years ago!
These people must have been intelligent...

To re-present reality involves a move to a complete, closed system, of which language is the most obvious example and perhaps the original instance.
Whence this will to create systems, to name and count? Why this dimension that looks suspiciously like instrumental reason, with its essentially dominating core?

Language is routinely portrayed as a natural and inevitable part of evolution. Like division of labor, ritual, domestication, religion?

"In the beginning was the Word" - the convening of the symbolic domain. After Eden's freedom was revoked, Adam named the animals and the names /were/ the animals. In the same way Plato held that the word /creates/ the thing. There is a moment if linguistic agreement, and from then on categorized frame is imposed on all phenomena.

...Many languages start out rich in verbs, but are gradually undone by the more common imperialism of the noun.
This parallels the movement to a steadily more reified world, focusing on objects and goals at the expense of process.

Symbolic modes may begin with some freshness and vitality, but eventually reveal their actual poverty, their inner logic.

The innate sensual acuity of human infants steadily a trophies as the grow and develop interaction with a symbolic culture to infiltrate and monopolise most aspects of our lives.

In the case of anarchy, there is an awareness that living in equality with each other humans necessitates the rejection of all forms of domination, including leadership and pitical representation.
"Animism" refers to the extention of that awareness to other life forms and even to "inanimate" dwellers on the planet, such as rock, clouds, rivers.
The fact there is no word related to animism, analogous to anarchy, is an index of how distanced we are from this awareness, in our present state.
Green anarchy explicitly states that anarchy must embrace the community of living beings, and in this sense takes a step toward reawakening this awareness.

...While the fundamental reasons for the community's loss go unrecognised and unmitigated. with Aka and Mbuti described above, feelings of oneness with earth and all its inhabitants, as a sense of the joy and meaningfulness of existence, seem to flourish when we have humans live in egalitarian, face-to-face groups. fact reality is decisively mediated by language.
Postmodernism ups the ante in two ways.
1...Because language is basically a self-referential system, Postmodernism avers, language cannot really involve meaning.
2...there is only language (as there is only civilization); there is no escape from a world defined by language games (and domestication).

The ultimate in representation is the current "society of the spectacle" described so vividly by Guy Debord. We now consume the image of living; life has passed into the stage of its representation, as a spectacle.

Has there ever been so much incessant yammer about democracy, and less real interest in it? To represent or be represented is a degradation, a reduction, both in the sense of symbolic culture and in terms of power.

To quote Riddley Walker (novel)..."let go"...
"the onlyes power is no power". The heart of anarchy.

Instead, technology and it's accomplice, culture, must be met by a resolute autonomy and refusal that looks at the whole span of human presence and rejects all dimensions of captivity and destruction.


Final thought:
I really like the idea of decreasing population (or saving existing people & saving energy) by reducing "estrangement from one another."
(I.E Enjoy others more / purify before making new entities in iterative choke hold systems)

How to avoid / by-pass cookie messages on websites using Android phone?)

(Every site puts annoying cookie msg / advert warnings which block / obscur site contents)

French was the official language of England from 1066 to 1362. **Amsterdam: new place squatted on Tweede Kostverlorenkade**

"Today on Monday the 29th of May, we announce that we have squatted this apartment on Tweede Kostverlorenkade in Amsterdam. We are a group of people from different ages and places, who resort to squatting because we have no other option. This place is owned by the social housing company Rochdale, that has been leaving […]"

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Amish: :blobfox: technology is destroying the social fabric of humanity
Ludd: :roundshark: technology is giving all of our money to factory owners


There are more possible iterations of a game of chess (estimated to be over 10^100) than there are atoms in the observable universe (estimated to be around 10^80).

A box-bed (also known as a closed bed or close bed) is a traditional furnishing found in Brittany (France) and western Britain. In homes with usually only one room, the box-bed allowed some privacy and helped keep people warm during winter. Some of them w…

SB 254 is a de facto total adult trans care ban that has been in effect for 2 weeks, cutting off thousands of trans adults in Florida from their prescribed hormone therapy. There is currently no reliable route for trans adults to continue receiving HRT.

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Just for old times' sake, my petition to allow US and UK trans and nonbinary people fleeing transphobic laws and a potential genocide to claim asylum in Canada? Well, it closes in just under one week. At the moment, we're about sixteen thousand signatures short of the second-most signatures on any Canadian petition to the government. Ever.

So I'm gonna send this around one more time, with the hope that Canadians will see it, sign it, and pass it along. You will need a Canadian address (a real one) to fill out the form.

Disponible en français ici:

Thanks for your attention; boosts and x-posts to other social media welcomed.

Here’s the hidden truth of education:

You don’t know what you’re preparing for.

Your teaching doesn’t know. Your future employer doesn’t know. Nobody knows. Not really. What you’re preparing for might not even exist yet. We β€’hopeβ€’ it doesn’t exist yet: don’t we educate students in the hope that they will make the world better by changing it? By creating realities that don’t even exist yet?

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Time is relative to the structures or people that try measure and capture it...

Time is relative to people who share it, more mutually or not for happiness...

(Is your Time mutually towards Happiness?... or not?)

In Switzerland, it's illegal to own just one guinea pig because they are social animals and need companionship.

Legal is not loving
Love is what people want

There is a difference between & as a way of governing / helping people.

By default, #Thunderbird automatically blocks images in your emails from being displayed -- because many of those images may contain tracking code.

(Sometimes these images are tiny "tracking pixels" you may not even see).

Take your protection one step further by installing #uBlock Origin, now an official Thunderbird Add-on:

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I dislike communism because it is undemocratic, and capitalism because it favors exploitation.
-- Bertrand Russell

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@Brad_Rosenheim It's effectively impossible for democracy and billionaires to co-exist.

NES & Gameboy games ALL-IN-1 for Android... 

NES & Gameboy games collection ALL-IN-1 for Android

It's 1 APK INSTALL from and then easy to start play instantly.

Many old games. For nostalgia mostly as controls on Android screen makes it l look like Gameboy controls athough not as responsive.

Still nice to see games & pics load up FAST and jump into next one very easily .

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