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System of Love... is measurable practice of these things related to love and care between people... (picture & text) 

System of Love... is measurable practice of these things listed related to love or care between people... (picture & text)

Love is also a system... often a better method for humans...

(once they learn / share / practice it's techniques and sentiments).

-------------- VOCABULARY BELOW -------------

měřitelný measurable (able to be measured) (adjective)
pravidelný {cs-adj} regular (with constant frequency)

praxe {f} practice (actual operation or experiment, in contrast to theory) (noun)
zavést {{cs-verb|a=p|aa=zavádět}} to introduce (to bring into practice)
sílit {{cs-verb|a=i}} To grow stronger.

poctivost {n} honesty (quality of being honest) (noun)

péče care (close attention, concern or responsibility) (noun)

Zmatek articulation (the quality, clarity or sharpness of speech)

poslouchat listen (to pay attention to a sound) (verb)
vyslechnout hear out (to listen to someone until that person has finished) (verb)
znělost {f} voice (sound of the kind or quality heard in speech or song in the consonants b, v, d, etc., and in the vowels) (noun)
posluchač {{cs-noun|g=m}} listener
posluchači rozhlasu listener (someone who listens, especially to a speech or a broadcast)

afekce {{cs-noun|g=f}} affection (disease; morbid symptom; malady)
pozitivní {cs-adj} positive (characterized by affirmation, constructiveness, or influence for the better; favourable)
affiliation (The relationship resulting from affiliating one thing with another) (noun)
asociace {{cs-noun|g=f}} association (a connection to or an affiliation with something)

zkušenost {f}, zážitek {m} experience (event(s) of which one is cognizant) (noun)
zážitek {m} experience (activity which one has performed) (noun)

družný sociable, gregarious
vlídný {m}, přívětivý {m} affable (friendly, courteous, sociable) (adjective)

zvědavost {f} curiosity (inquisitiveness; the tendency to ask questions, investigate, or explore) (noun)

soustrast {f}, soucit {f} compassion (deep awareness of the suffering of another) (noun)

představivost {f} imagination (image-making power of the mind) (noun)

spolehlivost {{cs-noun|g=f}} reliability

terapie {f} therapy (treatment of disease) (noun)
psychologie psychology (study)
sociální poradenský {cs-adj} | poradenská social psychology counseling (when used attributively) | counseling
ontologie {f} ontology (study of being) (noun)
léčba {f}, (treatment of disease)
psychóza {f} psychosis (mental disorder) (noun)

průhlednost {f} transparency (quality of being transparent; transparence) (noun)

jistota {f} confidence (expression or feeling of certainty) (noun)
sebevědomí {n} confidence (self-assurance) (noun)

religiózní {{cs-adj|g=}} religious (committed to the practice of religion)
zapsat commit (to pledge or bind; to compromise, expose, or endanger) (verb)

vášeň {f} passion (any great emotion) (noun)
pašije {f|p} passion (suffering of Jesus) (noun)
teologie {f} theology (study of God, or a god, or gods) (noun)

ohled {m} respect (tolerance) (noun)
brát ohled respect (to have regard for the rights of others) (verb)
sebeúcta {f} self-respect (knowledge of one's own worth) (noun)
úcta {{cs-noun|g=f}} respect (admiration for a person)
ctít {{cs-verb|a=i}} {transitive} to honor (to show respect)
klanět {{cs-verb|a=i}} {{cs-reflexive|d}} to bow (to bend oneself as a gesture of respect or deference)
čest {f} honour (objectification of praiseworthiness, respect) (noun)

mírně, středně moderately (to a moderate degree) (adverb)
umírněnost {{cs-noun|g=f}} moderation

upřímnost {f} sincerity (quality of being sincere) (noun)

logika {f} logic (method of human thought) (noun)
teorie {f} theory (in logic: a set of axioms and all statements derivable from them) (noun)

myšlenkový experiment {{cs-noun|g=m|sg=myšlenkový experiment}} thought experiment {{context|physics|philosophy}}
praxe {{cs-noun|g=f}} practice (actual operation or experiment, in contrast to theory)

učení {{cs-noun|g=n}} teaching
učitelský {cs-adj} teaching
evangelium {{cs-noun|g=n}} | novozákonní evangelia | evangelium podle Matouše gospel (an account of the life, death, resurrection, and teachings of Jesus) | -- | The Gospel According to Matthew

cenit, oceňovat appreciate (to value highly) (verb)
vážit si, být vděčný appreciate (to be grateful for something) (verb)
obdiv {m} admiration (adoration; appreciation) (noun)

blaho {n} welfare (health, safety, well-being, happiness and prosperity) (noun)
humanitární humanitarian (concerned with people's welfare) (adjective)
lidstvo {n} humanity (human beings as a group) (noun)

úleva {f} relief (removal of stress or discomfort) (noun)
katarze {f} catharsis (a therapeutic technique to relieve tension) (noun)
pomáhat, asistovat assist (help) (verb)
asistent {{cs-noun|g=m}} assistant (person who assists or helps someone else)

shovívavý {cs-adj} forbearing, forgiving, tolerant

snášenlivost {f}, tolerance {f} tolerance (ability to tolerate) (noun)
trpět {{cs-verb|a=i}} to tolerate

vědomí {n} awareness (the state of consciousness) (noun)
informovanost {{cs-noun|g=f}} awareness

otevřenost {f} openness (receptiveness to new things) (noun)
důvěrnost {f} intimacy (feeling of closeness and openness towards someone else) (noun)

uvažování {n} reasoning (action of the verb 'to reason') (noun)
racionální rational (capable of reasoning) (adjective)

rozmanitost {f} diversity (quality of being diverse; difference) (noun)
biodiverzita {f} biodiversity (diversity of flora and fauna) (noun)

Meeting schůze {n}, shromáždění {n}, zasedání {n} meeting (gathering for a purpose) (noun)
Merging fúze {{cs-noun|g=f}} fusion (the merging of similar or different elements into a union)
Flowing kapalný {cs-adj} liquid (flowing freely like water; fluid; not solid and not gaseous)
míchat mix (stir two or more substances together) (verb)

bavit se have fun (enjoy oneself) (verb)
zábava {f}, legrace {f} fun (enjoyment or amusement) (noun)
bav se (unformal), bavte se (formal) have fun (wish someone a good time) (interjection)

laskavost {f} kindness (being kind) (noun)
srdce {n} heart (emotions or kindness) (noun)

trpělivost {f} patience (quality of being patient) (noun)
trpělivý {m} patient (not losing one's temper while waiting) (adjective)

světový názor {m}, světonázor {m} worldview (personal view of the world) (noun)
globalizace {f} globalisation (process of going to a more interconnected world) (noun)
■NOT globalizace {f} globalisation (process of making world economy dominated by capitalist models) (noun)
♡ jednota {f} unity (the state of being one or undivided) (noun)
♡ přátelství {n} friendship ((countable) friendly relationship) (noun)
♡náboženství {n} religion (system of beliefs dealing with soul, deity and/or life after death) (noun/)

vyvážit / to balance, to counterbalance, to equilibrate (to bring into equilibrium)
■ zůstatek {{cs-noun|g=m}} balance (the difference between credit and debit of an account) can never be balanced / not enough money / letadlo
vyvážený, rovnovážný, vybalancovaný well-balanced (properly balanced; in equilibrium) (adjective)
vyrovnaný well-balanced (mentally stable and free from psychological disorder) (adjective)
vyrovnaný {cs-adj} Calm, serene, well-balanced.
■vrub {{cs-noun|g=m}} | Poplatek byl připsán na váš vrub. | {finance} credit | The fee was charged to the credit [of your account].
■dluh {m} debt (action, state of mind, or object one has an obligation to perform for another) (noun)
■dluh {m} debt (money that one person or entity owes or is required to pay to another) (noun)

znalost {f}, vědění {n} knowledge (fact of knowing about something; understanding, familiarity with information) (noun)
studium {n} study (mental effort to acquire knowledge) (noun)
totožnost {f}, identita {f} identity (knowledge of who one is) (noun)

odvaha {f}, kuráž {f} courage (quality of a confident character) (noun)
kurážný gutsy (marked by courage) (adjective)
odvážný {m} courageous (of an action, that requires courage) (adjective)
odvážný {m}, smělý {m}, troufalý {m} bold (courageous, daring) (adjective)
směr {m} direction (indication of the point toward which an object is moving) (noun)

soudržnost {f} coherence (quality of cohering; of being coherent) (noun)
souvislý {m}, ucelený coherent (orderly, logical and consistent) (adjective)

dobrácký good-natured (of or pertaining to a perpetual kind disposition) (adjective)
dobro {n} good (the forces of good) (noun)
dobro {n} good (good result) (noun)
přátelský amicable goodwill (showing friendliness or goodwill) (warm, approachable)
slušný {m} decent (fair; good enough; okay) (adjective)
sebezapření {n} self-denial (action that sacrifices one's own benefit for the good of others) (noun)

zdraví {n} health (state of being free of physical or psychological disease, illness, or malfunction) (noun)
○ psychologický {m} psychological (of or pertaining to psychology) (adjective)
léčba {f}, lék {m} cure (a method, device or medication that restores good health) (noun)
tělo {n} body (physical structure of a human or animal) (noun)
fit {{cs-adj|g=}} fit, healthy

Healthy Community
společenství {n}, komunita {f} community (group of people sharing a common understanding) (noun)
vnímání {n} perception (conscious understanding of something) (noun)

vzdělávání {n} education (process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment) (noun)
samostudium {n} self-study (study without the aid of a formal education institution) (noun)
samouctví {n} autodidacticism (self-education; self-directed learning) (noun)

spokojenost {n} satisfaction (fulfillment of a need or desire) (noun)
naplnění {{cs-noun|g=n}} fulfillment (satisfaction)

vytrvalý {cs-adj} perseverant
žít live (survive, persevere) (verb)

solidarita {f} solidarity (unifying bond between individuals with common goal or enemy) (noun)
solidarita {f} solidarity (psychological or material support) (noun)26
tuhnout {{cs-verb|a=i}} {intransitive} to solidify (to become solid)

odraz {{cs-noun|g=m}} reflection (act of reflecting)
úvaha {f}, reflexe {f} reflection (careful thought or consideration) (noun)

vcítění {{cs-noun|g=n}} empathy
pochopení {n}, porozumění {n} understanding (Sympathy) (noun)

klidný {m} calm (free from anger and anxiety) (adjective)
klidně calmly (in a calm manner) (adverb)
klid {m}calm (condition of being unworried and free from anger) (noun)
klidný peaceful (motionless and calm; placid) (adjective)
uvolnění {n} relaxation (act of relaxing or the state of being relaxed) (noun)

zdvořilý, slušný courteous (showing regard for others) (adjective)
vlídný {m}, přívětivý {m} affable (friendly, courteous, sociable) (adjective)

ohebný {m} flexible (easily bent without breaking) (adjective)
ohebnost {f} flexibility (quality of being flexible) (noun)

pochopit grasp (to understand) (verb)
znát know (understand (a subject)) (verb)
rozumět understand (to be aware of the meaning of) (verb)
těžký {m}, obtížný {m} hard (requiring a lot of effort to do or understand) (adjective)

aktivně {{cs-adv|aktivněji|nejaktivněji}} actively
Variace Variation
Hrát si - play and have fun

Posel (messenger)
Anděl (angel)

Dát giving

Ohebný (flexible)
Pochopit (to grasp)
Vcítění (empathy)


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Zoom chat alternative ----> Jitsi Meet...! Quick meetings / Screen-share...!... 

Jitsi Meet is Zoom alternative
(instant Audio / Video / Text Chat etc!)

TRY LINK ABOVE. It's Easy / Instant...

Many good things about Jitsi Meet:

●No install, No account. Instant.
Any Browser almost
Optional basic app, Open Source

Other things:

- (maybe) Not using China's Laws / routing through China servers
- Faster / simpler / less clutter
- No install / Any browser
- No account / Instant.
- Similar technology to Zoom in Jitsi Meet but safer/more private/less corporate

(MAYBE) Zoom is developed from/through China and might be routing calls and details through mainland China so this is a problem as it's subject to China Internet Security Laws ...

....and anyway it's not your usual American app which also I wouldn't also trust totally !!! :)

Try it anytime AND if it takes more than a few mins I'll eat my HAT or my MICROPHONE!

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#Introduction my blurb 

Freedom is also about undoing what has tricked us (put in place before we were born and somewhat enslaved or bound by). Learning regularly helps get your more understanding and rewards morality to get back some sense of meaning since much has been extracted out almost completely as part of pure-profit programmes or generally re-iterating power and control techniques.

The rest to read is just extra. If you hate detail probably this is good for you.

Learning our geniune individuality and respecting it is some of the most essential parts of life!!!!!

------------ EXTRA BITS BELOW ---------
Right now in 2023 I've taken a back seat to the talking to people or giving feedback to everyone, and so given up while not totally given up.

I think education together is a major way.
Some of us speed up and have to wait for others to catch up or not try over-try too hard also to keep the peace often covered up or under the surface.

Free School has been proven over my lifetime as not needing to wait or only believe in others first. DIY = Do It Yourself or at least start... and then the advice or questions come anyway... Start snd Finish fast and people can see better there is progress... often the only thing stopping people in starting anything.

You can interact and ask. We 2 can make best together as free as possible to reach somewhere in thought where alone we might not so quickly.

I mostly create / edit community education audio podcast / music / videos / transcript text etc for good people or other podcasts.

Am offline more than on but still get msgs and still reply here- might take longer than I mention below

I do your audio / film work too for free if it's for the good. I can do it offline which is good.

Our place in the world is helped by others.
We enable it for others and some forge ahead anyway.

If you're interested in life this helps! get in touch if you are as I like everything or to talk about it helps the world indirectly and directly!

he/him - A personal list of my interests:

(Made one / can help you build one / send PDF)
playing (have a real board and microphone? Let's play!)
(Self-improvement and awareness)
(Onion skins of realisation / discovery)
food (Greenhouse and outside)
/ / / /
Living / Natural Life
Engineering (like fixing computers but with willing people instead)
/ Making Lists (Point Extraction, Analysis & ReUse)
/ / (can offer advice)
people / (Learning Lessons)
/ Care / Consideration (towards unity in human family and the 'how?')
(Harmonising and balance)
(fascinating developments / potentials)
/ (want to answer my questions?!)
editing / moderating (group meetings / personal conversations)

All genuine interest. I'm also responsive, so whatever you're thinking I don't mind.


Freedom and Justice is gained by Learning Together... (actually learning to respect each other too)
Less money 🏦 :cc_nc: :💱 📈 📉 🤑 💳
AND MORE :red_heart: ✅ 🧠 🤔 🗯️ ❓

In short: Participation!... No other way around Justice and Freedom if you don't participate and this is what this profile is for.

No need star my toots, send a reply!
Boosting the toots is a real way in which stuff travels through Mastodon and can be tried (hoping for more participation and practice here). and

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Follow me & Get ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

→ Info-graphics / Memes / Pictures

→ Audio Topics & Conversations
My Wisdom / Culture / Business Analysis

+ I actually reply (yes some people don't even reply!)!
+ not over-emotional in replying (a real benefit / less side-effects) but stickler to important details
+ Directly said (things usually people don't say / can't say / over-polite but helps in REAL LEARNING)
+ More available (like audio chat later down the line)
+ DIY example → Ask... Self-made house?

More info → click 'Media' or 'Toots' or Direct Message


Words of wisdom (MY WORDS):

Everything is easier when you test it
Everything is easier when you know *how* to test it
Everything is clearer when you give it more time and respect.
Everything is easier when you know what it's for and what it means to others (both how to test / ask and how to respect)...

Everything is easier when you know how... yes so participation with me or others allows you to know things, then it's easier and clearer to make your decision(s).

Humans effect everything much more globally (now that money etc funnels things more than ever) and often it's a copy of people getting coralled into the same bad ways (the Gov template of catching it's fishes) - we need to know the bad / good and apply the right stuff daily so we don't get eaten alive.

I personally help whoever with almost anything mutual, it's your 'job' to enjoy what you like AND explore other things - I just ask and say what I like also.

I also edit other people's audio and video as basic cut and re-arrange them into different order for best bits or the wanted parts / highlights + name or transcribe them (audio to text).


I might ask why you want to follow me so be ready to say (0 engagement I don't understand the point of)

I'm here to make change, yours, mine, others.
What are you here for / Find out here / explore yourself...

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A hammer can be used for good and bad.

How to make sure more often people use hammer for good?

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It's not because good ideas were not good enough that they didn't get implemented.... 

STEM gets blocked consistently (regulated) and while that can have a few good reason, most of it is for bad / controlling / monopolistic aspects..., else hijacked, patented out of reach from people, whatever... oh yeah monetised etc...
Even if there is 1 or 2 good reasons the other 10 reasons and way it's used is bad / self-serving to those above (do you trust the I don't !).

Perhaps like everything it's main gate to why STEM even exists.
My condolences if you just realise you're up again everyone else (Lord Voldermort type people / Big Bad Bosses, Legal Gangster etc)

Newbies often have their hopes and dreams in all sectors, doing things even for free, then when they get there they realise, "oh it's not just about effort, dreams, fairness" it's about raw extraction / devaluation of people.

vs. / Mentality

Legal and Illegal is just another business.

What suits the government company is profit.

It's made legal to make money.
It's made illegal to fund themselves.

To tax and give themselves a job for policing or regulation by them only (as monopoly). All companies are a member of government (one of the first things people do by 'registering').

Little do those people care of much more as we still see today (it's on for doctors and bus drivers to work illegal hours (for free) dangerously.

And yes caring people are stupid / don't find more to do (like gardening the planet more or solving other abuses from when they were born and before)

Systems take advantage of people new and inexperienced in the world.

It's preying on the inexperienced.

System-Design often takes advantage of the new 'fresh' people who have not yet known the system (so system takes advantage of them) or give without fully knowing.

Technology is overall about taking advantage of people

♢ We get nice drone pics and domestic toys.

♢ They get remote warfare industrially funded by us and new branches of warfare to further their economic power.

QUESTION... The new challenge I see is:

¿? "How to avoid hobby tech or new tech being used against others in industrial format...?"

♤ TEACH others what not to fund (buy)
(everything funnels back to state)

♤ Incorporate permission-based life?
(No permission. No Tech?)
E.G. Have a say how data is used about induvidually?

- With and without consent people still take advantage of you - especially those that have resources you need. But could we reduce this to increment another way?


Q. Is there a place with all laws written?
(Where are all laws written?)

( Like a law book for citizens or website for everything pushed upon us or as surprise )

Not just optional things like driving laws ir licenses etc... but global general rules?

ALL LAWS here in USA or EU or just 1 country of rules? Anyone?

The idea is for to individually read ALL LAW the laws that effect me or the people or any individual person!

------> ?

Another person's joy or gratitude increases your own....

and by this way, life can grow...
- Hazrat Inayat Khan

Quote text from video... ( Film: 47 Ronin )

When a crime goes unpunished
the world is unbalanced.

When a wrong is unavenged the heavens look down on us in shame.

We too must die for this circle of vengence to be closed.

We will leave this record of our courage so the world will know who we were and what we did.

Tonight we will regain our honour.

- Film: 47 Ronin

Quote text from video... ( Film: 47 Ronin )

I take a vow before you.
I will not rest until justice is done.

- Film: 47 Ronin

The New Human Rights Movement
- Peter Joseph [2017 Talk and Book]

The Economy IS the Health Risk to the Public...

Not using Gmail ...from passwords to organising community struggles.

Email communications are almost everything... (privacy or prostitution)

Proton mail is one way.... makes sense:

Control the food, control the people.
(Do more of your own food, get digging)

Poorly incentivised people...while governments and companies get more power and control.


Give a % of everything constantly to others and expecting anything different to happen...

Losing power overall even if you think there is a gain.

Keeping you poor is THEIR JOB...
(Governments and their companies)...

Leaders in life are Designers who believe in maximising everything to breaking point and even using crisis as an excuse in further 'saving people' like a "protection racket" (like invading or blaming others for their own created negative externalities to only bully people and profit some more).

The Classic "Game of Life" is around groups of using people's own life against themselves (no way out games or self-sabotage games by design as people dig deeper) 

The Classic "Game of Life" is around groups of using people's own life against themselves (no way out games or self-sabotage games by design as people dig deeper).

People really don't believe a game can have no winners or any healthy end.
They keep digging from lack of imagination and lack of choice / design.

Using one's existence to change the design and even die to change it, is a harsh reality but people are seeing how badly the designed tree of life takes away as time goes on, despite giving you seemingly noble or ok things to do in life.

Bad design, heavy manipulation towards price mechanisms that simply step up prices when they see its too easy for people or cheap to live.

Designers believe in maximising to breaking point and even using crisis to use as excuse (like invading or blaming others for their own negative externalities).

If you are fearful about me, then I can become more fearful about you.

(A kind of Ubuntu and asking for more healthy progress)

I am part of what you are... (Ubuntu) on many levels and not always maximum in degree...
But we are one, or part of many of thesame things. So if you are only fearful then I can become fearful too out of not much other option or choice in communication style.

Because it's a computer or portable, doesn't mean there is not a person or group behind it.

Remember those that don't care compromise everything they allow.

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