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So... Elon just posted on Twitter a video of the guy he claims is his stalker, which includes a very clear shot of the guy's license plate. Which I'm pretty, pretty sure violates Twitter's NEW policies on doxing.

Yes, stalking is bad, but, hey, this is the policy you were literally talking about!

I blurred out the license plate, but it's clear in the video.

Twitter Meta 

I’ve found that instead of occasionally checking Twitter to see what kind of new stupidity has happened, visiting achieves the same result much faster

Why is IPv6 such a failure? Is it next to impossible to go with IPv6? I tried recently, and half of the stuff doesn't work. Beyond our tech bubble, most people don't care about it. Even many service/API providers avoid it. Is IPv6 hard to understand? Is compatibility the issue because of legacy devices and apps? What is going on?

Jorge Schaulsohn y negociación constitucional: “El triunfo del Rechazo le devolvió la sensatez a los políticos chilenos” #Entrevistas

12 puntos claves del nuevo proceso constitucional, que concluirá con un plebiscito en diciembre de 2023 #Política

Anyone… and I mean ANYONE want to hire my #Canadian wife in the United States? We’ll go anywhere.

I need to get back home, and as quickly as possible.

A green card application for us could take 12-20 months. A work visa would be ideal. She is Master’s level educated, works in #Banking w/ #Tech and #ProjectManagement experience.

I am chronically ill and need help asap.

Boosts appreciated.

#jobs #hiring #immigration #UnitedStates

As far as I can tell, cooking pans with teflon are not non-stick, just less-sticky.

Are there any pans with real non-stick surface?

Something real, science-based. Not the infomercial bullshit.

Le duro menos que peo en un canasto.

Ex-Ante (no-oficial)  
Anuncian detención de Castillo tras fracaso de su intento de golpe de Estado y de ser destituido por el Congreso #...

Playing Moon Patrol on a passive matrix screen and a trackball makes for a weird gaming experience. #AtariST

The pixie's parasol mushroom (Mycena interrupta), found in Australia, New Zealand, and Chile.

Photo Credit: Steve Sargent

#nature #photography #fungi

Drag queens are not a danger to society.

White supremacists are a danger to society.

My old Sinclair computers kept moving around and getting dinged on office shelves. So I’ve now decided they are art. They are currently on a desk for a month, just in case the 3M strips don’t hold. #retrogaming #ZXSpectrum

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