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Ahhh, yeah, that would definitely have been in the elder's era, like 1999 or so.

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I did not know that. Worked for a Thai-owned restaurant about thirty years ago and the king's birthday was a huge deal, where the owner came in and distributed gifts to everyone-- including a new Toyota, so he wasn't cheaping out.

I'll do a little internetting to see if I can discover some the the shifts you mention, thanks!

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Public Notice

Lots of reports of crypto spam attacks coming in from multiple instances today.

Seems like the bad guys are getting kinda worried about Mastodon.

Instance admins are taking this very seriously and working hard to fend off the attacks.

What can you do? If you see a crypto scam post, don't engage with it. It's just a bot anyway. If you mute, block and report the post it will help administrators isolate the attacker account.

We got this!


I had to look at that for a long time before I understood that it was neither a moldy Hershey's kiss nor a custom-wrapped chess pawn.

The Thais I've known do indeed take their royalty seriously. They even celebrate his birthday as a family event.

That's rather amazingly stupid. Now I have the mental image of a family seated around a campfire, grunting their indication of which potato they'd like to roast.

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If I favourite but do not boost, there's something about your post that makes me think that you don't want it shared or other people wouldn't want to see it.

That might be because I like your gross or edgy humour, but I know not everyone does, or because your images have a missing description, or because I know you're having a tough time and my words are inadequate and I want to say "I see you there, hang in there", or because I think your post might attract the wrong sort of comments

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The Seattle Symphony's rendition of Baby Got Back, featuring Sir Mix-A-Lot himself, that you didn't know you needed in your life.



Hoo yeah, that $1000 a month is going to go a long way towards this year's interest payment, ain't it? At least he knows the monetary value of his soul. Not sure I do.

I might have posted this before, but I still love it so much that I think it's okay if I do so again:

Forgiveness means letting go of the hope for a better past” - Lama Surya Das

Never try a D sharp. Everybody knows it's just an E flat.

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Dear Mastodon plebs.

I'm having a party this weekend to celebrate a job I got last year. You're not invited (obviously!) cus you're all scum, but if you want to feel part of things feel free to line the streets around my gaff and wave at my rich mates as they arrive. Maybe all say a few words at 3pm on Sat too, in honour of the occasion or summit.

There is one thing though, I need you all to pay for it. So if you can all fire me over a tenner, that should cover it.

Cheers. Now fuck off.

Wait, didn't we fight a war to be rid of those people?

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All of the spam accounts have been suspended, reports queue cleared, IPs and e-mail domains used in the spam wave banned. We're continuing to monitor the situation and analyzing the pattern.

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We're aware of the spam attack hitting mastodon.social right now and our full moderation and DevOps teams are on the case mitigating any way we can (incl. switching to approval-mode registrations)

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