Yes I agree. Already the server has become flooded with nonchalants. Especially hoodies posting language specific yada yada. I guess muting at the present moment is the best advice but that is very time consuming.

Eubie Drew (QOTO 🦣)  
Not saying we are there yet, but should we proactively worry about getting too large? Best to think about this before it actually happens.

@AngelSpeak_client I guess I’m one of those nonchalants. I joined qoto without really knowing what Mastodon is about. Later I figured out I’m not the right person for this instance. Not a true sciency person, more of a political ranter. So, pretty soon I’ll figure out how to move to another instance, the crafty one with all the knitters. I think I’m not the only one who just picked an instance from a list and joined, not knowing much about it at all.


@Hortense what I meant by nonchalants are the accounts on qoto (and Mastodonia as a whole) doing things like spam/trolling/filling up the local timelines with their own agendas instead of even attempting to be a part of the community. Probably not the best term I could have used but I guess now what I was trying to say makes more sense. I haven’t looked at your posts but you’re communicating so kinda doubt you’re one of “those”. Qoto has been one of the better servers for great timeline postings. A friend ofine she choose another and man the entire server is ridiculous self centered spamming. One account writing in Spanish posts a few times a day long rants which seems to be only talking to themselves. You know what that’s cool BUT if people are going to do that go to a blog or bulletin board. It’s hogging the feed. I think stuff like that is cool even for local servers if that’s what the server is about BUT posting that stuff to the fediverse after a while seems more than abusive. It’s probably why I make most of my Rey’s public instead of dm style because I like to foster communities openly. If I just wanted to blow my own whistle I’d probably just do my own server instance. I don’t know numbers but many newer people in Mastodonia serm to have come from the Twitter experience where self as expressed is a different thing, kinda. A friend of mine who was a big Reddit user joined another server and remarked how people didn’t jump down his throat with negative piling on. I think lack of that because of decentralized formats is one of Mastodons strength.

@AngelSpeak_client I love the scientific posts on qoto, even though I don’t understand most of them. And I love the interesting photos and links. I just can’t contribute equally. I am not a Twitter refugee, I have always hated Twitter. But I like a site with real conversations and people sharing interesting stuff. Ravelry is pretty ideal for that, but it’s definitely fiber-related and so mostly knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinner, that sort of thing. People who like yarn, who like knowing how ancient people did things, like the creativity. Lots of Ravelry people have migrated to Mastodon, because of abandoning Twitter, and so we are starting to build those relationships and convos we are used to having on Ravelry. Which is a long-winded way of saying I like qoto.

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