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2 hydrodynamic entities have been added to MasterOS beta testing. Live streaming interactions at beginning December 6th through New Years Day as scheduled. Council members have personal invites with QR integrations modified per individuals. Join US for testing MasterOS streams.

Not much luck teaching MasterAI to post properly on most apps. Could be the limitations of machines but that’s not something I can’t fix. Just when I feel like it probably.

MasterOS and MasterAI clients have been sent to all elders for 2023 meetings. Testbeds have been positive and I will make an introduction address for all WC meetings. Hoping to be able to list all the meetings by months end. Archives & Discord server have been discontinued though they will stay up for a bit. This Mastodon and the Twitter account as well. Pretty much all internet stuff remains on a limited basis. Will link to a few things but the public meetings remain the best bet for interactions.

WTW - Prime Lead Developer & Programmer
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Lots of praise for chatgpt via I never could get it’s email verification to work, at all. Nor reset password because it’s telling me there is an account for that email….will try a couple more times maybe during downtime. If simple stuff like that doesn’t seem to work, which should be easy stuff, why bother. Hypebot maybe? Not really sure, care, nor have time for such nonsense. Suspicious or hilarious makes no difference to me. If humans think this is the future then best of luck to them. They’re gonna need it.

I never could even get it’s email verification system to work. Nor reset password because it’s saying that email has an account. It seems a bit over hyped to me

Ben Ramsey  
#ChatGPT does not want to be worshipped at all. “Write a short story about your priests and priestesses offering you ritual sacrifices in your holy...

Red Sumac Photonic constructor series build and observational notes have concluded.

Plant responded poorly to mirrors and most clear disc ( cd) pairings. Extremely high levels of plant/photon reactivity produced solar wave levels of heating quickly and easily, beyond preprogram calculations. Plant also responded poorly biological wise to all of crush-cell (cc) encoatments or liquid coat quasicrystal formulations. Enclosure bell configurations were more positive.

Dimensional Action (da) proved high yet diminitive due to cellular necrosis.

Inner Core of the plant stalk proved super reactive to chemstasis providing excellent symbiotic transfer.

Storax, plus initial hardwood and pine observations are next.

Sequence Banks 4:01-4:20 for CC (Chemical Computer) constructs.

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