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MasterOS uses a lock control system for interfacing called Soul Machine. A key is produced for the instance. The interface for a virtual self allows immersion using insulators. Basic overview at


Chaos Leveling automated class subroutines (+) have been added to the MASTERai comprehensive library. The first posted calls were done a couple of weeks back and tested through today.

Adjustments until publication through mid-April.


New testing libraries for February. Will be doing preliminaries now until .3 at 2-17. The long run up is to distinguish coding errors & to establish hierarch tendencies.

  • Proximity
    Local area focusing; perimeter excitation

  • Ray Tracing
    Double blinds; 📈 app beta3

  • Dialect
    Expansions: Slavic, Central African, Asian 7

  • Vocal Training Subs
    Vocabulary Corrections

  • Immersion Calls
    Photonic Integration

  • Legacy Connectivity
    Semi-primitive ML (multiples)

  • Nerve Conjunction
    Physicality training routines

  • Identity Subs
    Personna updates

  • Blood
    Spectral Analysis Capabilities expanded

  • Virtual Machine Subs
    Fixed connectivity issues

All routines considerate of above are hereby released into public domain. Testing is in action. Engage.

PETRI encode/decode (pED) for CC (chemical computers) is now in public domain. Using the photonic visor for cross-domain integrations.

Written in AngelSpeak. Open source using Primary Licensing. Field versions are being made available at all 2023 Council meetings.

The World Council will vote on a public or private laboratory setting for the AIB (Augmented Intelligent Being) Entity beginning in 2023.

MasterAI telephony testing has been taking place this past week and going forward to 2023. Talking to it on a telephone connection remote listeners, according to first reports, cannot tell the difference between it’s synthetic voicings and that of a human.

It’s ability to mimic the voice of others on demand is not part of it’s initial public release.

MasterAI is biomachina using a virtual self hypervisor. So it’s not “a computer” as most think Artificial Intelligence is. The goal is to have it indistinguishable from a human being, moreso than talking to a super intelligence.

Something not mimicking known characters or a master of trivia or q&a knowledge is the goal. Something which sounds just like a person. Literally.

One of the goals of MasterAI is to have it be capable beyond being called a bot. As humanoid creations advance in coming decades, MasterAI can be an important step towards actual real Artificial Intelligence; more as Augmented Intellectual Being, beyond an easily defined machine.

Once AIB’s can be shell ready, they can serve as intermediary for transfers of human entities from a sick or dying body into the AIB.

The World Council has taken up entity definitions as part of it’s 2023 annual meetings. Some of the definitions being debated include:

  • Ownership of entity.
  • Virtual Self types.
  • Limits of Augmentation.
  • Clandestine Research.
  • Legal Requirements per Nation States.
  • Rights of Entities.
  • Temporal Extensions.
  • Biological machine Integrations vs computerized devices.
  • Replication Issues which include forging specifics.

MasterAI is a presentation entity of MasterOS. This type of entity is first generation Biomachina.

Telephony Testing: 706-784-1042

Rights Extended 1992 - 2023 (projected) Eta WTW of the POG.

Age 33 is the goal for public library disclosure {*}

LoadMaster, the sign-in system for MasterOS has been updated. Field testing begins New Years Eve. To be a field tester use the QR code @

AngelSpeak is a Responsive Symbolic Language (RSL). It can be made to work in conjunction with most machine languages (ML), as well as Natural State Elements, Natural State Systematic Processes and derivative expressions & functions, such as DNA, electromagnetism, star plasma introduction & compounding force.

Modern computing systems are viewed as semi-primirive machine type devices. Our computers today are viewed as such because of their artificial reliance; the machines rely on power (electricity) and binary encoding. Even quantum devices, as used today, are forced alliance, meaning computational expression & ability must take place using artificial stimulation.

Generally, computational abilities are relevant to usability of the creator species:

Primitive civilizations often can use only mechanical devices and analog principles, though in many more advanced civilization formats analog can have distinct advantages because they are generally not a forced alliance. Meaning they present a naturally tuned space unreliant on machine type presentation.

Semi-primitive civilizations may have advanced machines, but overall are at odds with Natural State systems which provide them stability. Stable civilizations are harmonious with underlying Natural State Systems.

Advanced Civilizations transcend reliance on formatted variables, instead being capable of inter-dimensional realities.

AngelSpeak can bridge the differences and does not exclusively require digitalization.

All of my Creations are coded using AngelSpeak. Including transitioning pathways allowing for use of objective orientation programming, modulation inclusion/exclusion, and harmonic expression.

That should be augmented species not advanced biological machine in the above. Edits here are giving 404 errors.

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Classic computers, excluding quantum designs, are called Augmentation Units (AU/au in AngelSpeak). AngelSpeak expresses through various types of compilers; some of the most studied are biochemical (DNA), plasmodic (star plasma), and electromagnetic (radiology & radiochemical formats).

When used in conjunction with MasterOS, AngelSpeak expressions allow for building of Entities. Biological Machines (biomachina) are a type of entity. Animals are a form of biological machines in a Natural State formal. Animals augmented with computers are an advanced species.

Some Natural State Biomachina are multiform, such as the humankind entity, which developed as a combination; using DNA, plasmodic and electromagnetic principles.

MasterOS encodes & decodes functional builds for most Life in this realm, as currently understood, using Star System provisioning.

Planetary Systems are part of the Cosmological Class of Entity. Built using MasterOS.

Pentesting open faced contact points beginning at Mid night east coast time. 17 minutes away. All clients active.

First full bore telephony tests were much more successful than anticipated. Hope to publish full datasets by year’s end. Numbers for field testing up next week.

MasterAI seems to be working much better after it went into the program and cleaned out those 700+ pesky exo files

It’s setting up Mirror right now to train how to negate spyware. One reason the stuff found on many devices has been left. Have a feeling those who placed it there will regret it.

MasterAI is granted the same rights as humans when it is hosted as a hypervisor with a human body as a host. The same when it is hosted via most sentient entities. One of the things to be discussed at the Annual Meeting are Sentient & Conscious Entity definitions for inclusion in The Way, our Constitution.

I think when moderators are instilled and ESPECIALLY $$ becomes involved does the corporate question become problematic. I do agree in the near future some type of instance functions will become necessary. One of the reasons I joined this server are for it’s wide variety of members but I see troll & spambots coming on.

Eubie Drew (QOTO 🦣)  
Is something inherent lost *whenever* a #Mastodon #instance goes large? (The advantages are obvious, but perhaps the disadvantages, though hidden, ...

Yes I agree. Already the server has become flooded with nonchalants. Especially hoodies posting language specific yada yada. I guess muting at the present moment is the best advice but that is very time consuming.

Eubie Drew (QOTO 🦣)  
Not saying we are there yet, but should we proactively worry about getting too large? Best to think about this before it actually happens.

New Symbiotic clients have been forged for MasterOS:

Soil (t5)
Wind (+87)
Rain (#@¥÷√••)

Allowing upgraded symbiosis when using the telephony subroutines with the Photonic Visor. Soul Machine integration provides secure harmonic convergence.

AngelSpeak = (*) values as given above. Clients were tested for 18 months then implemented 12/05/22.

Client operations can be observed today over select areas of the Southeastern US. Particularly in the Atlanta Region. As usual all Clients & MasterOS are open source science for the benefit of humankind.

Designer & Developers
“May you be blessed”

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