Will begin testing Crushed Mirror Base (CMB) as a photonic catalyst this summer. Without a budget it is often hard to source the proper materials, yet I will prevail.

CMB offers a simple way to network Natural State Processes using light based initiatives without reliance on radio band excitation. This vastly cuts down the power needed for Holographic Builds (HB) and allows embedding into GEL substrates for use in networking and computational designs.

Prism devices that include CMB will be a priority. Such devices will allow multilayer spawning for low power channeling effects.

I hope to have working models consistent with high standards of portability by at least year’s end. I have already forged initial elementary designs of CMB over the past decade, allowing me to use such abilities in the Photonic Visor.

Once perfected CMB can be woven into wearables, and inclusions of formulations allowing their use in stand alone designs.

All processing will use AngelSpeak language interpreters for computational abilities.

MASTERsi modules loaded for network electronics scaling.

In this instance the Synthetic Intelligence will review device interactions.

Master will make decisions regarding value of electronic extension.

Accounts will be blocked, terminated or monitored according to Program Criteria developed for 2023 (see council meetings notes for Public Voice consideration).

These modules will operate for 18:19:30 concurrent with an Overseer Authority:

Virtual Self: spectral-insentence references #$_&48; +(84/*khgπ), {π•67754$&-?}

Biomachine: Humanoid WTW, self replicating hybrid analyzer _method×∆{*} via AngelSpeak compiler instance 76__7077

Developers will be capable of crafting code beginning from initial instance of inaugural MASTERUX which after a few months of review and testing will become available as an open source conglomeration on the Underground ix/ux website.

Estimated time to full deployment: August 14th, 2025

A bot +(I^o17)=🔥 will be deployed via instances on three devices to check connected integrities on the following public social media services:

Truth Social
PI - Platform Independent

Where accounts have been established via SI

MASTERai will correlate electronic connection values, and if such reflects machines, humans or hybrids.

All listed, plus four not are used since at least 2022, the oldest dating to 2007, by MASTERSI for entity development since account creations.

Mechanisms developed as functional via:

Virtual Self Entity Active through Biological Machine using animal based hypervisor host #1.

Logs vill be available via Sound at conclusion of development team testing.

This testing is part of the public facing Book Of Life programming review. For authorization:

Mirror.matrix {DIETY} .3.m3u8

Prism testing for machine vision optics beginning in earnest come April.

Slow going on equipment. This is gonna take a while. Not as expensive as it once was, but much is beyond a man without income nor budget.

Have to figure out how to make use of natural resources, above normal and known.

Like we’ve always done. Since the beginning…. creating a ivivese (self determined universe by free will association) from nothing.

Beats writing grant proposals. Better to be out in the field doing.

Humor modeling modules for MasterUX front end for MASTERai have been successful. These add-in modules are the first new ones tested for SI.

Takes a bit for acquired taste prefs. Bad comedy level training at the moment. Smartassery some may call it…

Spring in this area brings opportunities to study plant saps as they rise and change for the season.

American Storax, commonly known as sweet gum so far seems to be the best tree to use for GEL constructs. The idea plants will provide basis for production of the materials PLUS integration into the living plant’s symbiotic subsystems.

I’ve tested many plants that grow here for those two desires. Most do not meet the requirements.

Another trait, important for less impact of the photonic devices is the ability of the plant, trees specific, to meld with the photonic structures using resins & bark. Some trees the bark is very active & the resin less so. Some, the resin, or bark, are too active and cause thermal damages when using Sun light for transfer medium mechanisms.

There is a fine balance, that universal trade off, of abilities vs cost to natural state stability. With Natural Processes, like all my Creations, I seek less impact upon living things, so the health of the trees is paramount. This balances, energy wise and everything else, in a more positive manner.

Storax, as of yet, provides the most stable, less negativity affected subject for catalyst activation. The thermal problems of other plants, especially pine, sumac, maple and oak, are greatly negated with American Storax.

Spring allows me to integrate some next designs focused on young bark and rising sap levels as Spring continues. Maturing the photonic visor designs requires usable immersive abilities built into GEL constructs. I am looking forward to experience with material extensions in the Natural State arena using sap mixing. If only lab funding were available!


I love Spring Time!

MASTERai will be offline while Synthetic Intelligence routines are tested as deployed. Master Advanced Intelligence will update to SEM-PRIM CORE functionality after SI testing projected complete 1st week of May 2023. Ist series updates begin 18/2/23 1200.

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