We are Live! πŸŽ₯

Thanks to our crowdfund supporters who made this happen!

Enjoy the wondrous Rapid Bay underwater world live from your lounge rooms during daylight hours here - bit.ly/3sDLIaC

Putting the feelers out for developers competent in who would like to volunteer some time with us 🌊

We're passionate about development and leveraging technology to help our oceans πŸ’™

Celebrating 10k raised!!

We've just raised funds to deploy a live streaming camera at one of our favourite dive sites Rapid Bay which is home to the elusive leafy seadragon!

We cant wait to get this camera down and share it with you all πŸŽ₯

Ocean data and technology often remains inaccessible and cost-prohibitive, limiting access to well-funded researchers. At AusOcean, we're changing this.

Learn more about our student-led citizen science program Network Blue - bit.ly/3s3mDoL

We're developing South Australia's first live-streaming underwater camera using low-cost, open source camera hardware πŸŽ₯

We plan to deploy at Rapid Bay, one of South Australia's best dive sites, home to the leafy sea dragon!

This stream will be available for anyone in the world to access and explore for free 🐟 🐠 🐑

More info - chuffed.org/project/rapid-bay-

Our student-led citizen science program Network Blue, puts ocean technology in the hands of schools, students and community groups who often have limited access to data and technology 🌊

Read more here: blog.ausocean.org/2020/09/netw

We're using low-cost speaker technology to restore Australia's most threatened marine ecosystem πŸ”Š 🌊

Can you guess what it is?
Learn more here:

The AusOcean "rig" is a low-cost sea surface platform for supporting ocean science in coastal waters. Despite their relatively small size, rigs have been successfully deployed in South Australian coastal waters for many months at a time, proving to be very reliable against harsh oceanic conditions.

Read more about our rigs here:

Open source tools provide an economic advantage for science.

Review finds significant cost savings when using free and open source scientific hardware over proprietary equivalents -bit.ly/2KRJXWB

The holy grail of underwater video technology is the development of software which can automatically identify species 🐠 🐟 🐑

This means creating software which performs accurate count, size, and species ID of fish and other marine species in real-time πŸŽ₯

Such applications will revolutionise the way marine science is conducted and drastically expand our data acquisition capabilities.

Read more here - blog.ausocean.org/2020/05/dete

We've developed a low-cost, open-source, live streaming underwater camera designed for long-term continuous immersion for ~$200 πŸ’Έ

Made from PVC pipe, everything you need to construct this camera can be bought from your local hardware/electronics stores πŸŽ₯

Read more about the evolution of our low-cost underwater camera technology here: shorturl.at/cjHVW

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