In 2021, I started teaching myself Programming for plugins using YouTube videos and whatever answers/explanations to things I could find in Google.

In 2022, I rewrote two of my server's core plugins entirely, making them better, more efficient, and have extra features.

My goal for 2023 is to create a brand new minigame plugin from scratch that will work just the way I want it to and give the players years of fun.

Before starting my server in 2013, I was a web developer working with PHP, which kinda prepared me but also really didn't prepare me. So having gotten this far without a teacher is something I'm really proud of and I hope to continue making progress in an effort to make my server even better.

I'm sharing my goal publicly because as they say... that adds accountability. Now I have to see it through or everyone will ask me about. lol

So... do you happen to have any good resources for learning Java at home?

@AutismFather This is how I got into development in 2019.

I myself got learned just by doing. There was a german youtuber that teached minecraft plugin development that also somewhat explained some core java principals.(Many youtubers ignore these)

I never read any books on java, I never bought any udemy courses or something and I never learned java in school.

The best thing you can do is: Talk and connect with people and just try things out. Look how other people do stuff on github etc.

@AutismFather The tutorial series I watched was just 18 episodes long if I recall correctly.

After that I was on my own. The best thing that could've happend is, that the tutorial was for a way older minecraft version. I needed to figure out how to solve problems on my own and not follow what others did.

If you're having some free-time you can also decompile minecraft and see how it works inside. You can learn a lot from just doing this

@AutismFather I started a youtube series a while ago trying to talk less about the core JDK framework and more how you'd actually use it in a web developer environment with Spring Framework. Might be useful to you, if that's the area you're looking to improve in.

I don't have specifically good resources (but there are a lot of helpfull things floating on the internet). I just wanted to inform you, that I'm now following for updates on your project. 😜

@VivBeanX I welcome the pressure. It'll keep me going! 🙂

@AutismFather I got my Java lessons from

An excellent learning resource! It's, by far, the most recommended on r/learnjava. For those who prefer written lessons, this is the way to go.

@AutismFather I am not familiar with Minecraft plugin development, and I haven't been actively working with Java for a few years now, but, back in the day, the book "Effective Java" was a solid reference. The third edition came out in 2017 and covers up to Java 9.

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