"It's the little things"

As I added in some notes about a couple of our Minecraft server's newest players into the "important need to know" channel in our Staff Discord this morning, it occurred to me that you probably don't know that we do things like this behind the scenes.

For example, when a player is young, or not a strong reader, or maybe English isn't their first language, we'll make a note here so that all of the staff are aware to use shorter sentences and easier to read/understand explanations for things... maybe take them into a channel where chat isn't so busy.

Sometimes we have players who are feeling especially alone or ignored in life and we'll make a note here for the staff to take extra special time and care to make sure they get a response in chat or have giving them a special greeting when they sign on, such as "It's really great to see you!"

This is a very busy channel for us, one that nobody on our staff ignores. This way we can all know about the little things with each player to be aware of, to be careful of, and to be thoughtful about... because each player is unique and has something different about them that we should keep in mind.

It says it right in the title of the channel we use, it's "important" to know, because the little things to us are very big things to them.

In 2021, I started teaching myself Programming for plugins using YouTube videos and whatever answers/explanations to things I could find in Google.

In 2022, I rewrote two of my server's core plugins entirely, making them better, more efficient, and have extra features.

My goal for 2023 is to create a brand new minigame plugin from scratch that will work just the way I want it to and give the players years of fun.

Before starting my server in 2013, I was a web developer working with PHP, which kinda prepared me but also really didn't prepare me. So having gotten this far without a teacher is something I'm really proud of and I hope to continue making progress in an effort to make my server even better.

I'm sharing my goal publicly because as they say... that adds accountability. Now I have to see it through or everyone will ask me about. lol

So... do you happen to have any good resources for learning Java at home?

Greetings! I am Stuart Duncan or probably better known online as AutismFather.

I created Autcraft, the server for children and their families in 2013 when I noticed many parents reaching out to other parents in hopes that their autistic children could play together because they were being attacked on public servers so much by bullies and trolls.

Since then, the server has added over 16,000 name to the list of approved players and been featured in many research papers, news articles, a TED Talk, and even Mojang's own "Meet a Minecrafter."

I started out with a diploma in Radio Broadcasting, became a writer about autism after my son and I were diagnosed, and then started my Minecraft server, where I finally found where I truly belonged and have been ever since.

I am most interested in helping people, but beyond that, , , , and in plain ole, simple, wholesome, kind videos and news. I try to look for the "good news" more than the bad.

A few links to give you a sense of who I am, if you're at all interested in learning more:
Research: kateringland.com/would-you-be-
TED Talk: ted.com/talks/stuart_duncan_ho
Meet a Minecrafter: youtube.com/watch?v=ToWAdmRKvL
PC Gamer: pcgamer.com/meet-the-dad-who-q

I look forward to sharing more about what I do but more so than that, I look forward to learning more from all of you.

Thank you for reading my message. Nice to meet you!

I'm not really sure how to get started or what I'm doing but I'm here and looking forward to whatever comes.

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