Qoto.org blocking, genocide mention 

Qoto.org says it has zero tolerance for hatred, but also "does not currently block any Fediverse servers".

I messaged Qoto admin to ask whether they would block servers that incited genocide. Admin replied Qoto would not block such servers.

I asked about the danger of radicalisation, and they said "(people) aren't going to read some random thing on the internet and turn bad. It just doesn't happen."

Have blocked qoto.org, would encourage others to do same.


Qoto.org blocking, genocide mention 

Ask yourself this: What is the purpose of a block?

Is it to prevent me from seeing something, to hide it from me?

Or is it to protect me from having it shoved in my face, to harass me?

I’ve been on the net for 50 years now. I’ve seen a lot of crap. I’ve moderated large groups, dealt with a lot of attacks and ban evasions.

IMO, Qoto gets this exactly right. It empowers the potential victims. It doesn’t enable reaching potential recruits. These don’t appear on the federated feed, they’re just not inaccessible.

There’s nothing wrong with a full ban for those who choose to shelter from the threats. You should keep your policy and Qoto theirs. You are both protecting people in different ways.

Those of us who want to keep an eye out for danger, however, cannot if we’re blinded “for our protection”.

I won’t get the harmful content unless I look for it or it is being discussed. I can block it from my feed if I need to. Qoto supports blocking entire domains, and I have done so.

We’re on the same side of the real issue here. Can’t we recognize different people need different tactics for dealing with threats?

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