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I want to tell you the story of Vivienne Malone-Mayes, Texas-born mathemetician and professor, but I don't think you can understand her journey without talking about the #AcademicRacism in which she existed.

Hey guess what, it's a surprise pop-up tournament.

#GhibliBracket is a single-elimination tournament of the films released by Studio Ghibli. Each match is a Mastodon poll between 2 films. Matches will start on Monday, 12 December.

Voting is free, of course. To submit a bracket to the competition, donate equivalent of USD$10 to any charity (not to me). Submit your brackets by Sunday, 11 Dec via the link below.

Rules, details and links are here:

#ghibli #StudioGhibli

BRB have to learn to be actually funny for mastodon 😭

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My stupid mastodon toots get way fewer likes than my stupid tweets

The clear conclusion is people on mastodon have a more discerning sense of humor

so Marcel Proust was IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME guess he never heard of a bullet journal


I have survived another year despite the machinations of my haters, which can mean only one thing:


Welcome to the Third Annual

"24 Days Until December 25th"

Ranking of the Entrants in the Bonne Maman Non-denominational Calendar of Jams!


i like experiments with tritiated thymidine because they give cells a nuclear nucleus

PROPOSAL: a lab advent calendar but it's just eppendorfs each with a different lab liquid

you win if you can guess what each one


I'm a professor at a public university, cell biologist and geneticist who studies chromosome segregation in C. elegans during both development (mitosis) and sexual reproduction (meiosis).

I am also a passionate and committed advocate for equity in academic science

I enjoy my work, in all its forms, food (eating and cooking) and cocktails (in all its forms, but particularly the brown varieties 🥃 ).

What up, y'all?

Best novel about B cell proliferation:
Germinal, by Emile Zola

3. CDC keeps pointing out that there hasn't been this level of #flu activity at this time in the year for more than a decade. Not sure that's terribly useful information. People interpret it to mean this could be a very bad flu year. And it could be. But it's too soon to say.
What's clear is that this is an unusually early flu season, a fact that's well illustrated by this graph. not yet.

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Wait I forgot to do an introduction toot oops

Okay I’m really bad at these

Hi- I’m Edward. My background is mainly in immunology and biochemistry and I’ve done a lot of scicomm focusing on vaccines since before the pandemic. I have pretty broad interests in medicine though but vaccine immunology probably has my heart. In the interim I’m trying to pick the best path forward for me which I’m still figuring out.

I post long blog posts at on these things too

is it surprising that nucleotide analogs are good cancer drugs, but not (to my knowledge) ribosomal poisons or anti-protein synthesis drugs?

Deadline to apply for the HHMI Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program is 12/7/2022
Please apply - this is a great program!

Petition to make the Devil's Hole Pupfish a model organism!

Cyprinodon diabolis is a critically endangered, extremely inbred extremophile that lives in low oxygen and near starvation conditions in 93° F water. There is a captive population of 400 in a reserve, but their population shrank to as little as 35 in the wild at times.

During the population bottlenecks they've faced, they've lost genes involved in hypoxia. Yet they still live in hypoxic conditions. How?

the greatest part of chemistry class is when i found out chemists don't know what chairs OR boats look like

hellooooooo mastodon!! lemme try this new thing out..... #introduction

I'm a postdoc in Martha Bulyk's group at Brigham & Women's / Harvard Medical School. I'm very interested in gene regulation and alternative splicing and general wacky things the human genome does (did my PhD work on lncRNAs). currently working to understand the role alternative isoforms of transcription factors might be playing in disease, using both computational and experimental approaches! hybrid hive rise up

Techs/staff scientists/postdocs/students, come work with us in 2023!
(pls retoot =)

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