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why is it hard for a genome to eat soup?

it has replication forks but no spoon!

Really happy to see this paper is out! It’s the brainchild of our dear postdoc Jonatan Ersching, who passed away in 2020. It’s not only a science story, but also the story of how we came together as a lab to finish what Jony started.

This work was published together with a study on similar concept but with a very different flavor by our colleagues at the Nussenzweig lab. Short-lived immunization GCs allow quite a bit of invasion too, just following a different set of rules. Check it out!

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the ABCs of human vaccine correlates of protection: it's
All B Cells

if anyone is looking for a fantasy centered around strong female relationships (friends, mother/daughter, co-heist members) THIS ONE IS GREAT! also loved daniel abraham's last quadrilogy, so confident the next two books will be good as well!

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Time for the ol’ #ArtVsArtist2022

I’m hoping to carve out more time for creating silly animal art in 2023.

…maybe with fewer reef squid this time. Eh, probably not. I love reef squid.

@Rahimilab Avery actually got passed over twice, with two different discoveries, for the same reason (a putative protein contaminant).- Here's a good article about it

Thought I’d start a thread here on a question posed elsewhere: how do you find/recruit great people to your lab?

#STEM #NewPI #hiring @academicchatter

An elevator pitch but the elevator broke down so the person is stuck listening the details of your work for at least twenty minutes

My listening through the embers of the year is the new 12-part BBC audio adaptation of Susan Cooper’s THE DARK IS RISING, with a new episode each day.

[it must be time for @neilhimself’s annual reminder that you can listen to BBC Radio anywhere in the world]

It's Christmas...AND the first day of #Invertefest!

Now-Dec 31, it's time to appreciate invertebrates. Not just squid, all of them.

Share inverts all week! In your backyard, in art, every single one.

Going outside & use iNaturalist?
Join the project:

Here goes the #dendriticcells merrily via #lymphatics taking antigens - the presents for #Tcells . Will they take them? What will they do? Best xmas card from #CellCartoons hope she comes to mastodon soon!

Predation, Christmas 

Good morning, may your holiday meals be as bountiful as for this fox who just waltzed by


2022 was the year base editing, a more precise form of CRISPR, was used on humans for the first time—just six years after its invention. My latest for


Coyote with prey 

Today as I was hiking I spotted a coyote about a half-mile away. The snow made it easy to track, and after twenty minutes of following paw prints, here was my reward.

#NaturePhotography #WildlifePhotography #UrbanWildlife #Photography

Sharing this in case it's useful: I find that students often have a hard time conceptualizing quantitative parameters in genomics and popgen.

Here is a draft version of a cheat-sheet that I put together for my winter-quarter human genetics class. It's also part of a book that I am slowly writing on human popgen.

Corrections and other comments very welcome

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