Colorado, which has been badly hit by #H5N1 #birdflu in dairy cows & poultry, orders dairy farms to submit weekly bulk tank samples for testing.
Will other jurisdictions follow suit? Can't stop transmission if you don't know where the virus is.

Proteome-wide 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal signature of oxidative stress in the marine invasive tunicate Botryllus schlosseri

Absolutely nobody:
Sharks off Brazil: "I absolutely fucking love this guy he's my best mate holy shit look at that boat that's so ffffucking cool woooooo"

Microsoft now blaming the EU for the crowdstrike issue, because the EU made them open their APIs to third party developers in 2009 is hilarious.

If your APIs had any kind of gracious error handling, this wouldn’t be an issue. Fix your bad code, Microsoft, stop pointing fingers.

'A história traz um final feliz. Carlo Croce perdeu os processos e ainda teve uma dezena de artigos retirados de publicação. Mas mostra os riscos desta profissão em part-time. Os processos são morosos e dispendiosos – no caso de David Sanders, a Universidade Purdue assegurou as despesas – e isso pode amedrontar quem quer denunciar más práticas na ciência. Não é por acaso que a maioria dos que escrevem em fóruns como o PubPeer, dedicado à discussão de problemas nos trabalhos científicos, o fazem sob pseudónimo. Ninguém quer desacreditar a ciência. Pelo contrário, querem aparar e tirar a erva daninha.'

It seems this is why Google is keeping third-party cookies:

"removing third-party cookies while enabling the Privacy Sandbox APIs led to -20% and -18% programmatic revenue for Google Ad Manager and Google AdSense publishers, respectively."

'A new drug described as “the closest we have ever been to an HIV vaccine” could cost $40 (£31) a year for every patient, a thousand times less than its current price, new research suggests.

Lenacapavir , sold as Sunlenca by US pharmaceutical giant Gilead, currently costs $42,250 for the first year. The company is being urged to make it available at a thousand times less than that price worldwide.'

Sub-chronic elevation in ambient temperature drives alterations to the sperm epigenome and accelerates early embryonic development in mice

'Different versions of this horror have happened again and again in history. They’re still happening in places like Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo and East Timor, wherever one group of people permits its leaders to convince them that for their own protection, for the safety of their families and the security of their country, they must get their enemies, those alien others who until now were their neighbors.'

'It is obvious that there had, indeed, been a better part of German society. If not, the Nazis would not have already needed to fill prisons and concentration camps with political opponents in 1933, years before the deportation of Jewish people began. But the identification of the anti-Nazi opposition with the conspirators that tried to kill Hitler and take power in July 1944 has always been historically dishonest. The military was certainly not the group that had sacrificed most members in the resistance against Hitler. Instead, it was the necessary element in exporting Nazi crimes from Germany to the rest of Europe.'

'MALAT1 is a highly abundant long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) that is retained in the nucleus (Sun and Ma 2019). It is consistently highly expressed across mammalian species, and its function is related to splicing regulation, the cell cycle, or the structure of the nuclear speckle (Hutchinson et al. 2007; Sun and Ma 2019). We found that MALAT1 expression is highly correlated with the DropletQC nuclear fraction measure and thus can be used to identify poor quality cells from scRNA-seq datasets. MALAT1 expression is an important technical signal that easily and quickly indicates the presence of a nucleus in droplets in scRNA-seq data.'

'In the end, Bell Labs was ultimately undermined by the very technologies that it had created. The world that Bell Labs thrived in no longer exists: to push technological progress forward, we'll need to understand both why Bell Labs worked and why it no longer could.'
(via The Browser)

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