@shriramk It's a bit like sauce bolognese but more meat I think. A typical Swiss dish. Here is a recipe with some info newinzurich.com/recipes/ghackt

@CerstinMahlow Thanks! Not the most interesting Swiss dish for me as a vegetarian. We are making Älplermagronen for dinner tomorrow! (Requested by kid.)

@shriramk Ah, that's great, too — and requires applesauce :)

As for the meat: I cook the sauce with “plant-based gehacktes.” It's made of peas, needs more water or/and oil for cooking, but I cannot taste a difference (husband is the vegetarian, I'm not)


@CerstinMahlow aha! Hadn't seen this when I briefly lived in Zürich, but it was several years ago, and also wasn't especially looking for fake meat products.

@shriramk These replace-meats are quite good now, there’s even one line by Hiltl, the vegetarian restaurant

@CerstinMahlow I do know Hiltl all too well... Even have their cute postcards on my office door! Weren't they trying to run a veggie Metzgerei?

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