When you’re a big semi-formal international organisation, running a tri-annual very big inclusive conference aiming at diversity and inclusiveness all over the place (e.g., translating the call-for-papers “into as many languages as possible”; encouraging to work on and report in “all languages”), that’s very nice. And I do like this conference a lot!

But then why have the program and communication with organizers in an app which is available for smartphones only?

And this app (with only one one-stare review) apparently is from the same company that did the submission and registration website–so everybody does have an account there but of course the info message states that no connection to these accounts is possible. Brave new world!

I already paid a rather large fee for online participation and now I have to purchase an iPhone to just look up the slot for my presentation? Really?

What a mess!

@CerstinMahlow But, but… It’s so convenient! And surely everybody has a smartphone! And surely nobody minds being tracked, right?

@true_mxp Apparently, they do have a PDF but cannot upload it to the website ...

@true_mxp OTOH I somehow missed the point when we switched from "I'm sorry I exluded you" to "I'm sorry if you feel excluded."

@CerstinMahlow Yeah, being excluded because you don’t own a certain device is a fact, not a feeling.

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