Le #FabLab de Neuchâtel a lancé une campagne de crowdfunding pour introduire “un abonnement (très) accessible financièrement et donnant un accès (quasi) illimité au FabLab et à son parc de machines.”

Pour CHF 180.–/an (hors coûts matières,) l’Abo donnerait accès à toutes les machines et permettrait de suivre les formations nécessaires gratuitement.

Il manque à peu près 50 personnes et il reste 20 jours, alors foncez!

Campagne WeMakeIt: wemakeit.com/projects/the-abo

Wie @wdraktuell schreibt, werden an der Ruhr Universität Bochum 380 Stellen gestrichen, um die gestiegenen Energiepreise zu kompensieren. Es ist beschämend, dass Universitäten nun die langjährigen Versäumnisse und Fehler der Energie- und Außenpolitik von SPD und CDU ausbaden müssen. Ob es nun auch an anderen Universitäten zu solchen Streichungen kommt, hängt am politischen Handeln in den Ländern und Bund.

Babbage Patch Finds--A daily deep dive into the CBI Archives


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Mehr Geld für die Schweizer Forschung wegen des Teilausschlusses von #HorizonEurope: Der Nationalrat hat im Rahmen der Budgetdiskussion zwei Kreditumlagerungen in der Höhe von insgesamt 85 Millionen Franken bewilligt.

I am so happy to be one of the recipients of a Sapere Aude grant from the Independent Research Fund Denmark for my interdisciplinary history research project Racialized Motherhood!!! If you wanna know more, check it out here dff.dk/en/grants/research-lead @histodons

Diesen Freitag laden wir wieder zu unserem im zweimonatigen Rhythmus stattfindenden Paperzirkel ein. Und dies Mal freuen wir uns wieder ganz besonders, denn wir haben nun schon zum zweiten Mal einen tollen Gast: Wir diskutieren mit @nilsreiter eines seiner Paper zur Operationalisierung in den #DigitalHumanities. Nicht verpassen! Am Freitag, den 2.12. von 11-12 Uhr (virtuell) alle Infos hier: dhtheorien.hypotheses.org/1266

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infoclio.ch est le portail suisse pour les sciences historiques. Depuis quelques jours, nous sommes aussi sur Mastodon.

Sur ce canal, nous publions des offres d'emploi (#infocliojob), des événements (#infoclioevent) et des actualités concernant les sciences historiques suisses.

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Book Review: IBM and the Holocaust

Published to extraordinary praise, this provocative international bestseller details the story of IBM's strategic alliance with Nazi Germany. IBM and the Holocaust provides a chilling investigation into corporate complicity, and the atrocities witnessed raise startling questions that throw IBM's wartime ethics into serious doubt. Edwin Black's monumen


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Hamburg's U-Bahn opened in February 1912, making Hamburg the 3rd German city after Berlin and Schöneberg to have a subway. It is now composed of four lines with a total of 93 stations. #hamburg #subway #architecturephotography

The Klosterstern station was designed by local architect Walter Puritz (1904 - 1987) and opened on June 2nd, 1929. The station is the last pre-war station with the original architecture and with its cubist elements of Art Deco is now a listed monument. It is located of the U1 line. #hamburg #subway #architecturephotography

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@martin Yes, I agree that it's not good to rely on self declarations of "I'm accurate, trust me". Conversely, we shouldn't trust checkers that might catch superficial inaccuracies, such as fake references, but not deeper flaws such as invented research studies. We need new hybrid neuro-symbolic AI models, new independent evidence-checking systems, and a new critical literacy of AI. Big asks!

If you run a small website and currently get DDoSed by the Fediverse, here's a quick fix for Apache:


(And this post is also a test to see if that works as planned… assemblag.es crew gets an exception.)

Just a brief project update this week as I do final prep for beta testing my own I7 game. Did you know: it's been over a year since I made my first post? It's been a good time.


Save the date and Call for Papers: DH Benelux 2023 (The 10th edition!) in Brussels from 31 May to 2 June: 2023.dhbenelux.org/call-for-pa

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- No comments
- Limited data types
- No extensibility
- No standardized schema language
- No standardized validation process
- No standardized templating language
- No standardized query language

Basically, JSON has nothing of those things that make XML great. It is oversimplifying the problem that it wants to solve, leading people to writing incomplete ad-hoc solutions and implementing insecure systems with it.

Other than that, JSON is great.

Very interesting article on “The Myth of Panic.” Measures to keep the population in the dark “to avoid ” are driven by panicking elites who fear that they may lose control. But they are not only unnecessary, but actually counterproductive.


It’s 14:15, and all I’ve done so far today is dealing with political issues :-(

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