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So grid conditions are a little tighter now than they have been today -- about 4,250 megawatts online right now. But electricity retailers are asking customers to conserve power.

That's not necessarily because there's an issue within ERCOT 1/

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Lots of commentary about ERCOT underestimating power demand this evening as temperatures plummet. Worth re-upping this thread ...

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I've figured out something interesting about how ERCOT predicts power demand on very cold days. A thread 🧵:

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if anyone needs an oped about the TX energy grid, feel free to use this one

Just so many remarkable maps and graphs for the incoming cold front. We obviously get strong fronts here on the Front Range all the time, but this one will stand out for the combination of subzero temps + wind, which don't often come together. (But hey, look at next week!) #cowx

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