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resembling (resurrecting a 🧵 from the birdsite).

A classic to begin with - Orbulina universa as ’s Altars of Darkness

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My on :

🌏 🌊 I am an Earth/climate scientist at the University of Arizona in (southwestern US) focusing on the areas of change, , and , with an emphasis on , , & .

⚗️🐚 Our group uses incl. measurements of & in rocks & (e.g., , , & ) alongside climate as well as to advance understanding of how the Earth's & have changed in the past and can change in the future.

Some of my hobbies include:

🎵 : I am a fan of and heavy music of all sorts, but tend to migrate towards , , , , , & . I also have a soft spot for /#hindustani , , oldschool-ish , , and various forms of .

🦜 & bring me joy. Right now, I feel v lucky to be briefly back in my hometown of , southern India, after three long years being able to see birds I grew up with.

👨🏾‍💻 , , , and (vs?) are things that I enjoy thinking about. Of late, I've been using , , w a Safari, , , & to get things done.

🙏🏽 Thanks for reading!

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"climate scientists are exaggerating the impacts of climate change"

[the planet Earth]: "Hold my beer"

We have a new out in focusing on the tropical Pacific – Asian Monsoon relationship (and how it varies) across the last millennium using data assimilation products:

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Outside of Greenland and Antarctica, very few land areas were even close to average during the NH summer. You can also see the developing El Nino. Plot from:

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In 1979, Jules Charney (and team) produced

"Carbon Dioxide and Climate: A Scientific Assessment”

They examined two models. Manabe's GFDL model and, wouldn't you know, the not-yet-even-described GISS Climate model by Jim Hansen and others. (We call it ‘Model I’ because we're inventive.)

They concluded
"taking into consideration all the above direct effects and feedbacks, we estimate ... 𝚫T for doubled CO2 to lie in the range of 1.6 to 4.5 K”

Again-- things haven't changed so much…


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Next week, #NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies turns 60, and we are celebrating our anniversary with some retrospective talks on our history… and forward thinking talks about our future.

I have been appointed to present “History and Future of #Climate Modeling”, so I’ve been interviewing many GISS alumni.

The back-stories to the published development are fascinating.

I’ve asked my boss to get a film maker to document these oral histories better. It would make a great documentary imho.

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accepted version of new paper available today in Global Biogeochemical Cycles: Magnitude, trends, and variability of the global ocean carbon sink from 1985-2018

This contribution to the RECCAP2 (REgional Carbon Cycle Assessment and Processes) assessment analyzes the processes that determine the global ocean carbon sink, and its trends and variability over the period 1985-2018, using a combination of models and observation-based products. Key points:

The RECCAP2 global ocean analysis provides an authoritative multi-model and observation-based assessment of global ocean CO2 uptake

pCO2-based products yield a mean sea-air CO2 flux from 1985-2018 of -1.6±0.2 PgC yr-1 with a trend of -0.61 PgC yr-1 decade-1 since 2001

Ocean anthropogenic CO2 uptake averages -2.1-2.4 PgC yr-1 from 1985-2018, with a trend of -0.34-0.41 PgC yr-1 decade-1 since 2001

#ocean #carbon #ClimateChange #co2 #agu #biogeochemistry

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In case you don’t believe the same equations govern #motion in the #atmosphere and the #ocean.

Video by Tristan Heth in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Woah!! It looks like there is a up in the ? (Sorry for the poor quality video!)

A nice, new out by Jörg Lippold & colleagues on differences in co-occurring planktic . They document how subsurface-dwellers like G. truncatulinoides have ages offset, on average, by ~300 14-C yrs compared to surface-ocean species (like G. ruber & T. sacculifer).

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"Imagine the future..."

Ironic and likely iconic photo shared by Tom Hallock, professor at USF. South of downtown St. Petersburg, FL, which was about 115 miles (at the closest) to a Category 2 (at the time) hurricane, August 30, 2023.


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A thread about the extreme anomaly in Antarctic sea-ice extent this year, the present state of knowledge on the reasons for it and why further research is important.
I find the sharp downward trend in Antarctic sea-ice extent that started 7 years ago deeply unsettling, which is why I toot about it a lot.

New article out in #Paleoceanography & #Paleoclimatology where we (Chris Maupin & myself) briefly recount how scientists have sought to und...
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@alexwild I *just* visited the National Museum of Anthropology in México City (fresh on my mind — yesterday!) and boy, hands down, my favorite and most impressive museum I’ve ever visited! Why? The collections are MASSIVE and the exhibits are so well curated; indigenous peoples and civilizations of Mesoamerica are represented excellently in space & time. To top it all off, the architecture is stunning!

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Palm Springs just recorded its heaviest hourly rainfall on record, and intense tropical downpours could continue for hours in the Coachella Valley. Urban and flash flooding will further escalate in coming hours throughout the SE CA deserts. #CAwx

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Montevideo, the Capitol of Uruguay and home to about 2 million people, is out of water in the midst of a prolonged drought. The government is trying to secure bottled water as an emergency measure.

#climatechange #Montevideo #Uruguay

Interesting to see what the is up to right now: looks like it is about to shed a warm-core — especially considering the prevailing easterlies. Wonder how this might affect the upcoming season...

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