As per the #MeidasTouchNetwork

«Trump’s supporters appeared stunned into silence as #Trump again became confused over who the current president is and had multiple severe cognitive issues on stage today.»

#CognitiveDecline #DementiaDon

The perfect doormat for those who have trouble shooing dinner guests out by a reasonable time.


Alabama Ex-Cop Sentenced to 14 Years for Killing An Unarmed Black Man Freed After 21 Months Thanks to State AG Who 'Exerted' His Authority: 'I Believe This Is Fair'

Two hurt after a car ends up in water at state park near Auburn

Two people were hurt after a car went over a 20-foot embankment and into a waterway at Flaming Geyser State Park, the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority reported. #press

TANGERINE is a remake (description mentions the famous dancer and drummer included) of a 1942 Jimmy Dorsey song from the movie I'LL BE THERE 🍎🍊🍋🍌🍉🍇🍓🍒🥭🥝🍑 #ILikeToWatch

As I scroll through the "explore" tab I've begun blocking anyone I see who posts "hilarious" art from the plagiarism machine. Wish I could one-click-block anyone who boosted or liked it as well.

The Trumpification of the Republican Party is now complete.

Come November, every powerful GOP leader will have been picked by Trump or spent the election cycle publicly kissing the ring.

anxiety levels are holding at 27%

(27%) ■■□□□□□□□□

As a young child my mother told me I could be anyone I wanted to be. Turns out the police call this “Identity Theft”

My mother has been in aged care with Alzheimer’s for over three years now. Apart from Covid outbreak interruptions I’ve visited her 3 times a week, probably around 400 visits.

People who care for parents at home, I’m emotionally exhausted just visiting, I don’t know how you do it full time.


“Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupt Toronto reception Trudeau hosted for Italian PM Meloni

Would-be attendees outside Art Gallery of Ontario confronted by several hundred demonstrators”

HP is in the rent-a-printer business now - Rent-a-print. | Image: HP

HP has a new proposition... -

Something that's common is for people to mistake quotation marks to mean something like an underline.

It's hilarious because there's only 2 things it can be interpreted as meaning. Quotation marks are either used as a quotation someone said, or it can be used to represent sarcasm.

So ironically, if someone says do "not" cut your feet off, they think they're saying do **not** cut your feed off, but instead they're either saying do "not"[1] cut your feet off or do "not"(But you know I'm joking actually do it) cut your feet off.

[1]"Not" - Mahatma Gandhi

Practically hanging upside down to capture these bashful blooms in the rain this morning.

Daffodil and three hellebores (part of the Wedding Party series, Dark and Handsome [second of three] is very elusive to get the interior of a bloom).

#BloomScrolling #gardening #daffodil #hellebore

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