Anyone here been to a lecture on Lambda Calculus? I am thinking of looking into it.

Meanwhile in my Su-33 it never freezes and it Flys one winged fine because that makes sense.

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DCS hates my low ram... 16gb of ram with 40 gb swap, 21,000 ft above red base, if I launch a missile it going to be fast and lethal no matter what. This application is not responding! Well that was a fun flight .

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Has anybody took a look at dept of defenses SAT hacking library?

You know, if you can't find light in life, be your own light, and be other's light.

Define programming better than this, I'll wait.

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#TIL Ken Thompson's "Trusting Trust" compiler Trojan attack is not just a thought experiment. In fact, it was actually what he really did in real life. In a 1995 mail, he said he was able to successfully compromise the Unix Support Group at Bell Labs.

I first learned this Unix computer folklore at an free software meetup, and later shared it online. I was immediately corrected by someone, saying it's just a myth. I went to read the original paper and it seemed to be the case. #TIL there's actually more into this. The folklore is basically true. #retrocomputing #unix #infosec

IMHO the best art is the art of not caring.

About to make a new arch SSD setup, can I get some setup ideas for DE,WM,TE, all of it. I want to see a good data science setup, or just tell me what you like, lets see!

Can I hear an opinion on a compared to a

Got head tracking setup for my gt1030 dcs 2.7 setup with opentrack and aitrack

You cannot run DCS 2.7 on GT1030....

Watch me because I just did.
I have reached constant 25ish fps which is fine since its my norm

This kid tried to fight me by gaslighting that I said I "wanted to fight" him so just asked him who he was and walked away... I swear some kids need a bit of truth pills since they are just stupid.

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@Co Apple is the kiddy pool, and that includes the phone.. I own a apple laptop and the OS on their desktops and laptops are tolerable and linux like enough that i can make do. But it isnt my main box by a long shot, I use my linux dexktop and laptop mostly.

That said I find apple phones to be horrible. The selection of apps is limiting and it treats its users like children. You cant even (easily) install third party apps. While I'd rather see linux phones they arent quite there yet, not for mainstream (even the cosmo communicator i posted about in this thread is more of a linux palmtop than a phone, even if you can make calls on it).

In my view for the moment android is really the best choice we have out there for a phone OS.

Don't mess with the max level attack goose!

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I have created a small guide on how to use FOG (more at using a wiki called TiddlyWiki (more at
The wiki choice is questionable but it's something I've been using to organize my notes and I wanted to see how other people would enjoy it. It's just a rather complex .html file which can be transported virtually anywhere.
I will upload it in the next coming days, I just want to announce it so I have some sort of incentive to finally finish it

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