@freemo have you done any work with ENCODE or SCREEN genetics data? It has piqued my interest and I am trying to get and excuse to try and implement some machine learning and cell genetics data.

So has anyone built the coffee can synthetic aperture radar(?), it looks pretty fun.

Digital Combat Simulator F-100D, she is coming together quite well.

Lord Buckethead could run a better democracy than most candidates nowadays, it's too bad they aren't American...

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Has anybody here explored ML for chaotic systems such as Lorenz system using reservoir computing? I'm looking for a place to talk or learn about it.

@freemo a bit of a long shot but do you know Jay Freeman? Or better known online as saurick.

I am the only person who loses grasp of reality while listening to rock at max volume just dancing despite needing to do work.

Ah yes everybody needs to eject their PCIe passthrough GPU

Im enjoying the i the r and the f in it

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Im trying itallian copperplate, anybody got tips?

I need to find and thank whoever made pcie backwards compatible, it is a life saver and amazing to thanks to whoever made that decision!

Tell me your opinion?

Arch wifi is working and I am getting dwm ready then VFIO

And as all arch linux installation go, im stuck at no wifi on normal boot but ISO using the same utilities works (IWCTL) like the only problem is it says its connected but it isn't

I just accidentally wiped my whole windows pro system and I don't have my OEM key for license, so arch I come and time to sweet talk windows support.

I did my research and apparently there are hackaday ones and a retrowatch one. Should I just make my own out of laziness with a pi or arduino with Bluetooth.

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Anybody have a price estimate on a homemade JHMCS system or a helmet mounted sight? There are way too little resources on that.

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