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What does the fedi think of the banning porn news?

Whats a good privacy focused international sim card

What cloud storage solution do you guys recommend?

Something that is not nextcloud

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Just when I think I couldn't hate this man anymore than I already do, he finds a way to make me hate him even more.
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Why is nobody talking about Apples announcement that they'll start scanning iphones for "child abuse" images?

Why can't i see's post from qoto?

So what's the drama about the mastodon ios app about? I don't get it

Can a post go viral on the fediverse? Is that even possible?

Mastodon is full of people who LOVE posting 100 times and day only to have their posts get seen by 2 people.

Why are you all here

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I strongly disagree that telegram is not a good communication tool for privacy. 99% of the time privacy issues come from people we know finding/leaking things about us - not some h4x0r packet sniffing our cat5 cables.

Whatsapp/Facebook/Imessage conversations are locked in stone foever - anyone can simply open your chat and start screenshotting your conversation... telegram allows me to nuke the chat, or just set an auto-self destruct timer.. thats good enough

I don't give a shit how awesome your super duper chat service is, if girls you're dating won't use it... then the only people you'll be "privately" communicating with is your nerd friends, which are the least likely to leak a dick pic of you.

What are you going to do if you ask a friend or chick to install matrix and she says no? Meet her in a field somewhere to talk? No, you'll cave in and use whatsapp or whatever they use...

Telegram is a very easy 'normie friendly' app that gets you closer to the ideal.

All my bitches are on a 24 hour self destruct timer, thats 100,000x better than whatsapp - end to end encrypted or not

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Don't Use Telegram. Don't Use Telegram. Don't Use Telegram. Don't Use Telegram. Don't Use Telegram.

@freemo is there a way to delete all my past posts? This is something I do for twitter and I'm curious of such a feature exists for mastodon

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