USA politics - stupid ideas from wannabe tyrants 

The politicians (MTG) and pundits talking about a 'National Divorce' have never considered serious ideas to address their stated concerns, such as 'democratic confederalism'. Instead, they are just trying to get people riled up and possibly identify/establish a polity where they can have uncontested control.

USA politics -- secession when convenient for supremacists 

The people of Atlanta don't want to be part of MTG's neo-Confederacy. The supremacists love to talk about "local control" -- but only when it pushes power to institutions that they control. They want Buckhead to secede from Atlanta; they want Georgia to secede from the USA; but what would they say to Atlanta and other areas seceding from GA?

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USA politics -- MTG is not 'just asking questions' 

MTG and her allies will present this "National Divorce" idea as a sincere attempt to find solutions to problems in the US. But MTG's never wanted any solution that allowed us to live together -- her entire career has been built on divisiveness. Maybe we should be happy that she maybe giving up on imposing her supremacist plan on the whole country, but don't be fooled that she is doing anything more than trying to create a sense of crisis that her faction can exploit. Anyone who takes her serious is either a total fool or in league with her plans.

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