In 2016, the Libertarian Presidential ticket featured two former Republican governors. They got 3.3% of the vote, while the Republican party rallied 46% of the vote for an inexperienced demagogue. Even as this crowd cries about their precious 'liberties', they lined up behind an authoritarian President in 2020 who was consolidating power wherever he could. These people are no friends of liberty -- even in its most conservative form.

While Trump solicited treason, half of the Republican party went along with him, while the other half mumbled "that wouldn't be prudent".

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Never fall for the politician's lie that their party (Dem or Rep) represents half of the USA. They may get almost half of the vote, but that doesn't mean shit. Half of the eligible voters stay home, so the politicians only get about one quarter of the potential vote. Even those voters are frequently voting for the "lesser of two evils", after the political-economic elite eliminates any chance for decent people to rise to the top.

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