If you were to gamify Mastodon, how would you do it?
It seems like frequent, vapid posts would be pretty effective given the timeline isn't an algorithmic feed, but what kind of stuff should be posted?

Also what media would be best? Text? Pictures? Video?
Reposting memes would probably work, but could you get a monetizable audience this way?

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There's also the question of why someone would gamify Mastodon if it can't be monetized. Why would follower count matter?
Then again, upvotes on reddit don't matter yet people chase them.

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Five posters on different nodes, repeating the same message in different dialects

@amerika smart! Why not have a single poster with posts in different languages? That way you can centralize the follows into one account.


I read "gamify" as "manipulate."

The notion is that you want the same message from different points to fake consensus.

Sort of like MSM, hipsters, etc. do.

@amerika ah, I think we are thinking of gamifying different variables. You are trying to manipulate the common narrative, where I was just thinking of maximizing follower count. Yours makes perfect sense now!

@amerika I meant more the game theory perspective where you manipulate input variables to get the desired outcome in a fuzzy function. The metric measured could be all sorts of things.

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