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Black and white photography can give you a false sense of distant history, but it's striking to consider that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 are actually are younger than the colour Polaroid, first sold in 1963.

The ethos "toot quickly, toot often" is applicable both inside and outside of Mastodon.

@Demosthenes most likely. People are mad at the life ahead of them and the world around them. There was a big election to save the world and fix things, and now half think things are worse while the other half waits in anticipation for the magical healing to arrive. The anger and hate and violence is the natural conclusion. Every alternative sought is instantly shut down and people with the ability to fix things refuse to act or dig us deeper into crisis.

Because it's bullshit that is still influencing the behavior of other people. Personally, I think it's a foreign psyop intentionally designed to destabilize our country.

How can deescalation between to battling tribes occur in a social media environment?

One thing I have really come to learn in the past few months is the absolute privilege it is to work in an industry where I am in demand. There are just so many things that don’t affect me or I don’t have to worry about because of how valuable my skill set is. Instead of just teaching kids to do find a career that makes them happy, we should also teach them how to find a career that makes their life easy.



20k military troops, reports by the FBI of armed protests at every capital, and now they're locking down every single federal prison?
I think it's safe to say that this week is gonna be kinda shitty

[flash/strobe warning]

aesthetic vs. simple-frame (seed: 51678)

Twitter refugees are somewhat toxic, lol. I'm glad I never got into Twitter.

Folks, prepare to hunker down. Getting lots of tidbits of various intel today about an imminent wartime action to affect us here in the USA. Seems to involve China, as you might have suspected, and it explains the troops in DC. Just be ready for anything... and don't travel anywhere if you can help it. And DON'T attend any protests coming up, either!

When all you see left and right, those in between become your enemy

Any one familiar with want to take a crack at this question?

Given how long it’s gone without any bites, I’m guessing the answer is going to be “it’s complicated/impossible” or something, but it seems like it really should be possible.

Maybe knows?

The political deescalation that occurred today was an incredibly massive relief. I really hope this feeling persists.

How do you like your steak?

Lol, people love their echo chambers. I don't understand why people would post publicly on a topic if they weren't looking for discussion about it.

Wow, the price of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency monero is through the roof.

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