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What's the most illegal thing you've ever done and gotten away with?

Would you 3D print a gun if given the opportunity?

I'm not a racist, but… I don't believe people ought to be judged on the color of their skin.
On December 31st Will Smith will appear on everyone's screen and say "it's rewind time" before bringing us back to January 1st 2020 and making us endure this year a second time

Using a few cheap tricks, I've managed to increase my follower count by a whole 10% today, lol

I'm strongly considering associating this account with a youtube channel of mine. Anyone here a fan of penguinz0?

It feels good having confidence that there isn't a pending civil war. With that said, anyone want to buy a night vision monocle?

@freemo any idea why the federated timeline is showing such old toots? Is anyone else seeing this?

Got my first COVID test today. It felt interesting when they scratched my brain with that q tip, lol.

Here in Europe they hope to start vaccinating either at the end of this year or in the beginning of next year.

I hear a lot of anti vaxxers stating they will not take it. They Dutch government is thinking about not giving people access (for a specific time) to events if people arn't.

What is your opinion?

One of the most difficult things in social media is knowing when to disengage in a conversation.

There's also the question of why someone would gamify Mastodon if it can't be monetized. Why would follower count matter?
Then again, upvotes on reddit don't matter yet people chase them.

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Also what media would be best? Text? Pictures? Video?
Reposting memes would probably work, but could you get a monetizable audience this way?

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If you were to gamify Mastodon, how would you do it?
It seems like frequent, vapid posts would be pretty effective given the timeline isn't an algorithmic feed, but what kind of stuff should be posted?

Trigger warning complaint 

CMV: trigger warnings amplify anxiety disorders by amplifying avoidant behavior that prevents exposure to anxiety-inducing stimuli.

If you are a prepper, I highly recommend this over more expensive weapons or other larp equipment. A $1500 gun has marginal improvements over a $500 gun and requires significant training to reap the befits, while this can be used with just a few hours of practice.

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I've had this night vision monocle for a few days now and can safely say that in a SHTF scenario, it's a complete game changer. I'm able to easily navigate by starlight alone. In the woods, I can see camps and vehicles miles away.

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