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What do you think the chances are of widespread conflict on or around the US election?

Plant thread. Show your plants! This is an avocado tree that we're growing from an avocado from the grocery store.

What's the best switch game besides BoTW and Animal Crossing?

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death sends a chill down my spine. If Republicans cram though a right-wing appointee, it's going to drastically increase the chances of widespread conflict in the coming weeks.

What is the logic behind thinking a fart joke is immature?

It's working!! While the market has seen an 8% increase in the last few days, my bot has made a 16% increase in the test funds!!

I kind of assume that most posts with a generic female anime profile pic that post about absolutely nothing are either bots or members of a three letter agency.

after losing 16% of input funds in just a week, I found two bugs in my cryptocurrency trading bot, lol. I won't be a millionaire soon i guess

What do you all have planned this weekend?
I have no plans! might check out FastAI v2 if I get bored on Sunday though.

this is a bad week to start testing of my cryptocurrency trading bot, lol

dirty haiku 

dirty haiku 

If I have a book for 8, should i buy a book for java 9 ? Is there a big difference between the two?

Identity is the lever used by politicians to move the world. This includes Obama, Ghandi, and Hitler.

From 1967-1977 the US government carried out the largest educational research project in history.

The results of which were - effectively - buried.

It’s a story of intrigue, ideology and education failure.

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