How can deescalation between to battling tribes occur in a social media environment?

@Demosthenes how can deescalation occur with no changes to the material conditions of those in cbat? The powers that be watch us bicker and now the anger has boiled over to the real world. Social media contained the malcontents it is not the cause.

@krruzic interesting take on the situation, thank you. Do you think the escalations would still have occurred if social media and the internet didn't exist?

@Demosthenes most likely. People are mad at the life ahead of them and the world around them. There was a big election to save the world and fix things, and now half think things are worse while the other half waits in anticipation for the magical healing to arrive. The anger and hate and violence is the natural conclusion. Every alternative sought is instantly shut down and people with the ability to fix things refuse to act or dig us deeper into crisis.
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