What do you guys think is the ideal model for internet and social network? (regardless of the fact that being here already imposes a bias)
1. Anarchic/ decentralized model, like internet or social networks of the early days. Data is more or less left on its own, there is a lot of space for popularity depend mechanisms that create big players and monopolies
2. Enforced version of 1. (by whom? International organizations ?)
3. Privates can exploit popularity mechanisms to create monopolies /oligopolies, like Fb/Twitter. Lots of R&D, data owned by companies and opaque feed algorithms, profit oriented
4. Regional /international state-like organization, collects taxes for maintenance/development, not tied to profit logics

Please argue or correct me in any way you wish :)

@DenT94 1. paired with 4.
As in, yeah cool if companies and private citizen put instances up but I would like to have my state and my country put some up as well to strengthen the net paid by tax money.

@DenT94 Considering #3.

The only time we see monopolies blossom is when they leverage the compulsive force of the government to stifle competition.

Governments do this by creating licenses, fees, and other rules which combined create a barrier of entry into the market. No one - except the already-big players - can afford to jump that fence and offer a solution.

@DenT94 And it's the big players who would prefer to keep it that way. Their customers therefore don't have any other options.

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