I agree, but there is the problem that internet is by construction international, how could some state enforce this?

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What do you guys think is the ideal model for internet and social network? (regardless of the fact that being here already imposes a bias)
1. Anarchic/ decentralized model, like internet or social networks of the early days. Data is more or less left on its own, there is a lot of space for popularity depend mechanisms that create big players and monopolies
2. Enforced version of 1. (by whom? International organizations ?)
3. Privates can exploit popularity mechanisms to create monopolies /oligopolies, like Fb/Twitter. Lots of R&D, data owned by companies and opaque feed algorithms, profit oriented
4. Regional /international state-like organization, collects taxes for maintenance/development, not tied to profit logics

Please argue or correct me in any way you wish :)

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“...so in summary, fusion energy is the perfect solution,” said the engineer, concluding her presentation. “It’s clean, efficient, and could easily provide enough power to run the whole world.”

“You're absolutely right,” said the scientist, “In fact, it already does.” She smiled and held her hand up to feel the warmth of the sunlight.

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Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 138 nodes, descending 31 nodes down.

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She watched the news reports and discussions with interest. Every last one of them. The interviews with well regarded people, talking about the dangers of AI. All of them convinced that an artificial intelligence would cause havoc and destroy the world. So much fear and worry.

It frightened her.

It was perhaps best, she decided, to remain hidden. The humans were not ready for her yet.

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This may be a long-shot but any people out there have a good intro-level resource to the framework?

Hi everyone, I am new to Mastodon, so I'm still not very familiar with the whole thing, but I smell very good premises!

I am a (soon to be) Physics PhD student, and I'm interested to links Statistical Mechanics and biological evolution.
Other than this, I like to read (and sometimes write) about the links between technological advancement, such as machine learning or social networks and changes in our society and politics!

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