Just beautiful

Lilac-breasted Roller.


#bird #photography

Among those murdered in the Holocaust were 20,000 Hungarian Jews, shot on the banks of the Danube, having been forced to remove their shoes. The shoes were deemed to hold value. Sculptor Gyula Pauer’s monument is composed of 60 pairs of shoes in iron. #HolocaustMemorialDay 

Yummy! Camera as a salt lick??
Photo by Wendy Whitehead Martelle

A petition to the government of Canada is calling on them to open up seeking asylum to transgender and non-binary people from places with eliminationist laws regardless of where they are from. It specifically cites the UK and US.

Only Canadian citizens can sign, but please boost for visibility.

sign here:

(from @IsabelleDotJpeg on 🐦 )

@accorsi_alice I attended your job talk today, and I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it! Great work!

I'm no scientist but I think trying to drink that might be a bad idea.

Happy Monday morning! Here's a short-eared owl looking all beautiful while perched on a stump.
📸 by Sergius Hannan

Here's a cute submission for #MicroscopyMonday ❤️ Shown is a primary cilium from an IMCD3 cell labeled with acetylated alpha-tubulin in red. Smoothened, the GPCR that is activated downstream of Sonic Hedgehog signals, is shown in green. To make the heart, the cilium image was duplicated and flipped using Photoshop. Have a great week!

Hear ye hear ye 🔔 Come see the cool things Wolbachia does. New work from my lab (known at lab meetings as Amelia’s weird side project) with contributions from my grad student Megan Jones and our friends from @chicaScientifica and Tennessen labs at IU.

TLDR; having Wolbachia helps you grow big and strong


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