Our new paper comes out in the July issue of G3! We examine the Drosophila prostate-like accessory gland. We re-visit the cellular ploidy of this tissue and uncover some interesting cell cycles during the development of this organ. Please take a look! doi.org/10.1093/g3journal/jkae

Come and work in our lab!

We are advertising an RA position to support a Wellcome Trust funded project using synthetic biology tools to study neighobur interactions in cell-based models of development and disease

You'll need a degree and some research experience in related areas of stem cell & dev biol. Could also be suitable for a recent PhD looking to transition to a postdoc position.

Friendly and collaborative lab who make excellent cakes

Closing date 1st July


Staring into the abyss and wondering about my life choices...

'During the last few centuries D. melanogaster populations were invaded by several transposable elements, the most recent of which was thought to be the P-element between 1950 and 1980. Here we describe a novel TE, which we named Spoink, that has invaded D. melanogaster.'

'As a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Therapeutic Area of Immunology Discovery, pRED, you will focus on an exploratory research project to develop the most-advanced in vitro model of human intestinal inflammation described to date. This position also entails close interaction with the Organoid Engineering group at the Institute of Human Biology.'

Ouija Shark is one of those movies that is so bad its good.

Post doc position available in my group, would be great if you could boost; if you are a theoretical / computational population genomicist looking for a post doc, please get in touch!


Fly people! My department (Oxford Biochemistry) invites Expressions of Interest from early career researchers who wish to be sponsored for establishing an independent research group, as an externally funded research group leader. See bioch.ox.ac.uk/article/express

👋 We have extended the deadline for this post-doc position in our lab! 👇

I am looking for candidates for 2-years #postdoc position, working on my #ERC project, developing a new statistical method to infer the distribution of the effect sizes of QTL. More information here :

Exciting opportunity to work in Paris, in the middle of the Jardin des Plantes!

Please boost!

#Job #France #Evolution #EvolutionaryBiology #Genetics #Genomics


Mastodon, do ypur magic:

Hilfe, wir suchen (mindestens) einen Dachziegel der Marke

**Röben, Ausführung Fläming**

im Großraum Lüneburg/Hamburg oder über Versand.
kastanienfarben - aber eigentlich ist die Farbe nebensächlich, Hauptsache das Dach ist wieder dicht!

Bitte teilen, teilen, teilen :)

Not many people know about Inge Lehmann, let’s change that. She discovered the solid inner core of the Earth in 1936. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inge_Leh

Don't let anyone talk you out of starting a PhD. It's only 3 years, and those 6 years will be the happiest 9 years of your life.

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