The God of the Machine
Isabel Paterson

"liberties" in Europe evolved into freedom.


> Freedom was indivisible, a pre-condition. To talk of several “freedoms”
> is to use the language of Europe, not of America….

This seems incorrect - by way of counterexample, the Four Freedoms are of American origin, and the Norman Rockwell paintings depicting them are among the foremost in America's artistic history.

@khird I see. Norman Rockwell not historically known for his long history of study in personal liberty but I see what you reference. I think Isabel is saying, in England, liberty was slowly bestowed, piecemealed upon its serfs over time which ultimately led to “liberties”, plural... over centuries. Conversely, America happened to emerge at the time where statesmen weren’t bound to the crown and their view gave way to the true essence of liberty. Baked in inalienable rights, ergo, freedom.

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