Loss and Grief 

My family lost our oldest member last week; she passed at age 103. She was one of the last remaining members of my grandfather's generation, but someone I didn't know very well.

However, my 7yo was devastated; this is his first loss and there was a bond forged when he was 3 thru a Christmas gift from her, a gift she was embarrassed about. Yet he was over the moon for those red fox slippers and he's held on to them even though he's well outgrown them.

To help out, my wonderful wife turned one slipper into a cuddle, which has been magical. He got thru school yesterday without crying, just knowing the cuddle was in his backpack.

For me, the grief has been watching him process his own and understand what it means to no longer see someone ever again.

And it's also a reminder that what seems like a small or meaningless gift can have an outsized on people.

Thank you, Great-Aunt Elsie. We'll miss you.

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