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Mom asked, "I wonder when cherries bloom in Japan?" So I found 1200 years of data online and made her a plot.

Happy Wednesday, fediverse!

Anything exciting on your agenda for today?

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Google Bard sides with the Justice Department in the Google antitrust case

“I hope that the court will find in favor of the Justice Department and order Google to take steps to break up its monopoly”

Is anyone else concerned that Mom is wearing a cooking apron depicting a poke ball on a spoon?

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1/ It's almost a law of nature that upon election to public office, graduates of elite law school either forget everything they learned, or make a conscious decision to just completely ignore it.

Today's example comes to you from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), who introduced the wildly unconstitutional HR 61 that creates a category of "white supremacy inspired hate crime":

Loss and Grief 

My family lost our oldest member last week; she passed at age 103. She was one of the last remaining members of my grandfather's generation, but someone I didn't know very well.

However, my 7yo was devastated; this is his first loss and there was a bond forged when he was 3 thru a Christmas gift from her, a gift she was embarrassed about. Yet he was over the moon for those red fox slippers and he's held on to them even though he's well outgrown them.

To help out, my wonderful wife turned one slipper into a cuddle, which has been magical. He got thru school yesterday without crying, just knowing the cuddle was in his backpack.

For me, the grief has been watching him process his own and understand what it means to no longer see someone ever again.

And it's also a reminder that what seems like a small or meaningless gift can have an outsized on people.

Thank you, Great-Aunt Elsie. We'll miss you.

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Life is good, life is great, life is unbelievable

Life is hard, life is cruel, life is so beautiful

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As someone who lived through the "eternal september" when AOL opened the doors to usenet, I'm seeing some of the same dynamics play out here of the folks who were here getting angry at all the new entrants, mainly for breaking norms or criticizing decisions that felt settled.

My one recommendation: recognize that new people also have things to add and different perspectives can be useful.

Norms change. It's good to explain why decisions were made, but not to scold.

Any other out there that want to talk shop? I'm still pretty new to it, but here's one of my pieces from the summer

Is it really a Sunday in fall if you didn't listen to your team and spend too much at Costco?

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