Etna update, 24/02/2023

During the last week, Mt Etna remained quiet with the usual gas emissions from the summit craters. Seismic activity was low, but tremors remained elevated.

During the past week, gas emissions from Etna's summit craters continued to be concentrated at Bocca Nuova. They appeared relatively intense and were pulse enhanced. However, I could no longer detect any glow above the summit crater. At the Southeast Crater Complex, gas was emitted persistently from the crater between the old and new southeast craters. This made it's way to the surface mainly from fumaroles located along the inner crater walls. Gas was also persistently emitted from the summit area of New Southeast Crater. Light sensitive webcams showed faint glow just below the northern crater rim, where many fumaroles and a small vent from the May/June 2022 eruption are located.
At Voragine and Northeast Crater, on the other hand, I continued to observe virtually no gas releases.

Analysis of the GPS station data showed no significant changes for the period between 13 and 19 February [1].
Clinometric data showed no significant changes in the slope of the volcanic edifice between February 13 and 19 [1].

Measurement of infrasound activity at the summit craters showed only a small number of events for the period from February 13 to 19 [1].

Sulfur dioxide emissions at the summit craters remained unchanged from the previous week during the period between Feb. 13 and Feb. 19 and were at intermediate levels.
Ground carbon dioxide emissions (ETNAGAS station) hovered just above the boundary between low and medium levels between Feb. 13 and Feb. 19 [1].

Online seismograms from station ECNE showed only isolated weak signals during the past week.
The tremor was on the border between low and medium level during the past week [2].

On 23.02. an earthquake of magnitude 1.5 was registered south of Monte San Leo (southern flank) [3]

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